Greetings of the Mayor of Yangpyeong County
Greetings of the Mayor of Yangpyeong County
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Dear 106,000 citizens of the Yangpyeong County! My warmest greetings! I always respect you and love you all!
I am inaugurated as the 7th-term Mayor of the Yangpyeong County thanks to your valuable selection of me at the June-4 local elections.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the citizens of the Yangpyeong County for their unreserved support and assistance given me to stand where I am now. I am very happy to be elected for the third time, and I am all the happier to be given the opportunity to do my level best to serve the citizens of the County better for the development of the County and promotion of safety of the people in the next four years?as well as to eliminate whatever room there might have existed for improvement in the process of my service for the past seven years.

I give my promise to try to achieve the above to the best of my ability.
In that sense, I would say that this meeting today is not so much my inaugural celebration as an occasion when I directly start my service for the people by visiting them, especially the senior citizens, retarded persons and other people needing assistance, in the villages and townships to provide them with my service.

Looking 100 years ahead to the future, I will do my utmost to make Yangpyeong the best and happiest place to live in--by fulfilling one by one all the tasks, which I have promised to do. I will do so in the order of the feasible ones first with a view to fulfilling them all before the expiration of the tenure of office as your mayor.

Also through transparent administration and true care for the livelihood of the people, I promise to implement my plans and meet the challenges for the better future of the young people as well as for the senior citizens, women and children. I will think only of the development of Yangpyeong.

I will be the mayor of the citizens of the County who think only of the citizens and will try to realize the ideals carrying into action beginning with those on right on our hand. I love you all the citizens!

Now I would like to take an oath before the citizens to renew my determination to do the following as the mayor of the Yangpyeong County.

I solemnly declare that as the mayor of the Yangpyeong County I will to my utmost to faithfully carry out all my duties and responsibilities, observe all the laws and do my best to promote the welfare, and develop the local community--as well as implement the policies of the state (Central Government).
July 1, 2014

Mayor Kim Sun-kyo of the Yangpyeong County

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