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Hana Micron to implant DNA of Korean semiconductor industry in BrazilBrazil cites Hana Micron for successful business operation for Korea, Brazil

Last month Ambassador of Brazil H.E. Mr. Luis Fernando Serra, among Korean companies successfully working in the Brazilian market, expressed his deep gratitude to Hana Micron. This is due to the fact that Hana Micron managed to lay the basis for the Brazilian semiconductor industry by implementing Korean technology – one of the best in the world.

Hana Micron (CEO H.C. Han), established in 2001, is a semiconductor packaging and testing company, that has formed partnerships with world's top semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. Hana Micron has expanded to overseas markets, and in 2009 it started to secure base in Latin America opening company's representation in Brazil, which has unlimited growth potential among emerging economies.

CEO Han H.C of Hana Micron

Success stories of Hana Micron and Korea-Brazil cooperation

Hana Micron established HT Micron, a Brazilian subsidiary in 2009 in São Leopold, southern Brazil. HT Micron has been selected by the Brazilian Government via PADIS program (Semiconductor Technology Development Support Program) to develop the semiconductor industry in the country.

HT Micron has full support of Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Communications (MCTIC) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MDIC). In response, HT Micron has also been actively engaged in semiconductor research and development projects, training of professional manpower through industry-academia cooperation, supporting internship programs and student exchange in cooperation with the Embassy of Brazil in Korea. The company received an appreciation plaque from the Brazilian Embassy in Korea in 2014.

Company's CEO Mr. Han said, "We have received much attention from the Brazilian government as a representative example of cooperation between Korea and Brazil. In 2014, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff attended the opening ceremony of HT Micron plant. Whenever official Brazilian delegations visit Korea, they visit our plant for benchmarking purposes."

Brazil's HT Micron has been supplying DRAM semiconductor products for PCs and notebooks . In 2015, the DRAM business expanded into DRAM for consumer electronics such as smart TVs. Last year, the biggest change in the Brazilian business was entering the mobile sector. This year the company is preparing to expand into non-memory products. Chairman Han expects this year to reach the best performance since company's foundation.

Foreground from left: Former Korean Ambassador Koo Bon-Woo to Brazil, former President Dilma Vana Rousseff of Brazil, President Marcelo Aquino Wilson Engelmann of Unisinos Univeristy, President Chang-Ho Choi of Hana Micron in the ceremony of HT in 2014.

'World’s first' technologies to be supplied during PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Hana Micron is an international innovator in many fields. In 2015, the company began mass production of modules for flexible medical devices for the first time in history. This is a technology that makes the semiconductor chips flexible so that they can be used in medical devices.

Hana Micron first applied this technology in dentistry. Flexible Module – bending oral sensors developed by the company follow the shape of human teeth that enhances patient’s comfort, while ensuring functionality and reliability, similar to that of existing straight-line products.

Due to its durability, resistance to external impact and low mass-production cost, flexible chip package technology can be applied in various fields, such as flexible displays and intelligent automobiles.

In 2009 Hana Micron commercialized world’s first 8-layer stacked SIP (System in package) Type USB Flash Drive. This is a technology that dramatically reduces the size of USBs.

At the moment Hana Micron is carrying out the task of developing high-speed thermal compression bonding technology of less than 6 sec/chip for 20um ultra-fine pitch mobile package as part of the technology development project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Fine pitch bonding technology enables better and faster performing smart devices that can be applied in various areas including personal smart devices, computers, notebooks and smart TVs, set-top boxes, networks, automobile, medical and military fields.

In addition, Hana Micron recently cooperated with KT to supply its technology for short-range wireless communication at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Hana Micron – a role model in high employment level of disabled people.

Hana Micron contributes to job creation both in Korea and in Brazil, employing about 150 local employees in Brazil and over 900 people in Korea. The company is a leader in the employment of people with disabilities.

The employment rate of people with disabilities is consistently maintained above the mandatory level. Currently 26 people with disabilities work at Hana Micron. 18 of them are severely disabled. Company does not spare human and material support such as private parking facilities and sign language interpreters to ensure a more comfortable, discrimination-free working environment for employees with special needs.

Hana Micron signed an MOU with Chungju Sacred Heart School for the Deaf, an MOU with Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, donated semiconductor-related facilities to Daejeon Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training, hired professional lecturers and provided 3 months customized education programs.

Mr. Han says, "It can be said that creating a company, its values, technologies and competitive advantage, starts with people, which is why we have to invest in people and cultivate their talents. "

The company is planning to continue its development and expansion in the domestic Brazilian market, as well as collaborating with global IT companies.

Most difficult time for Hana Micron was during the Brazilian economic crisis of 2015-2016 accompanied by the political instability, when many global companies withdrew from Brazil and a lot of Brazilian companies collapsed. Despite that, the company managed to find its niche and gain prosperity. Hana Micron’s CEO mentioned that while entering the Brazilian market, the company received greater support from the local Brazilian Government, rather then from the Korean Government and would like to request more governmental support for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand their business overseas.

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