INU extends scholarships to foreign students
INU extends scholarships to foreign students
  • Kim Su-a
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Starting this year

Starting this year, foreign students enrolled at Incheon National University (INU), will get scholarships from honorary consuls in Korea in the framework of international partnerships.

In this regard, INU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Corps of 148 Honorary Consuls in Korea on January 17, 2018. The signing was made between INU President Cho Dong-sung and Kim Yoon-shik, honorary consul of Madagascar, who serves as dean of Korean honorary consuls corps.

The scholarships, which will take effect in September this year, will be made available for foreign students for up to four years, regardless of their nationality, gender, race and religion. They will be only required to meet the enrollment requirements laid out by honorary consuls.

The Korean honorary consul corps are appointed by 148 countries across the globe. In addition to Dean Kim Yun-seek, the unique group includes CS Research and Consulting Chairman Shin Pyung-jai, Chairman Lee Chung-gu of Unix Electronics, Chairman Koo Ja-doo of LB Investment, Chairman Joo Jin-woo of Sajo Industries.

The MOU signing ceremony between CHCK and the Incheon National University for extending scholarships to students of 140 representing countries.

Incheon National University President Cho Dong-Sung has served as a Finnish honorary consul since 2004, appointed by the government of Finland to the consular position.

During the MOU-signing ceremony, Kim Yoon-shik, dean of the Korean honorary consul corps, noted that most of the 148 countries represented in the scholarship system are developing countries. “Now it is time for Korea to provide developing countries with valuable opportunities for education as we have received higher education in advanced countries like the United States and European nations.”

Incheon National University President Cho has exerted maximum efforts to boost the presence of foreign students in his school. His goal is to raise the number of foreign students studying in INU from 600 to 6,000 which represent 30% of total student enrollments. “We will make strenuous efforts to develop into a major university in Hong Kong or Singapore which is ranked within 100 globally,” he declared.

INU President Cho said Korean students will get valuable cultural experiences as they study together with students with diverse backgrounds coming from 148 foreign countries. Presently, 46 foreign national flags are raised, representing the number of 46 countries representing their countries. “Ultimately, we aim to raise the number of national flags presented on our campus to 237,” he added.

“INU’s vibrant multicultural campus exposes students to diverse ideas and global perspectives,” President Choi said. “At INU, students and faculty from all parts of the world, connect and engage in learning and research through our global network. It is one of our top priorities to recruit international students and scholars.”

“We are passionate about providing you with an education of uncompromising quality and opportunity, said INU President Cho.”Our commitment to academic excellence is paired with an unrelenting devotion to innovative research, global education and offering our students real-world internship experiences. INU is a place to study and learn, but it is also a supportive environment to follow your passion, grow and as our slogan says, be INspired.

Now, INU stands in the new and young international city of Songdo which is also known as the New Songdo City, located in IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone). In 2010, INU merged with Incheon City College to expand capacity and open more curricula. The university now operates two campuses at Songdo, main campus, and also at Dohwa-dong, satellite campus.

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