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OB Beer hosts ‘CASS Light Bubble Party at Walkerhill RiverparkAt 7:30 pm Sat. Aug. 9, 2014 thru 1:30 am Sun Aug. 10

OB Beer is hosting a ‘CASS Light Bubble Party’ at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Riverpark in Seoul on Sat. Aug. 8, 2014 from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am the following day. The Party features Jay Park, ‘Hot sexy girls RJ Dancers,’ Ssangdu Macha (duumvirate), Star DJ’s DJ UNKLE, SODA, Baryonyx and FRANTS.

▲A lucky handsome guy is surfing on ‘CASS beer cans’ admid cheering cuties.

CEO Chang In-soo of the Oriental Brewery Company said, “CASS Light, the representative brand name of premium beer in Korea, will really cool down the sultry summer night of Seoul at the Bubble Party.”

The organizers are installing super large bubble makers that are in the shape of the CASS Light beer can.

CEO Chang said that the CASS Light Bubble Party takes place at Korea’s largest hotel swimming pool at the Walkerhill Riverpark.

The OB party organizers are installing two super large bubble makers, one on the left side of the stage and one on the other side. They will ‘shoot’ bubbles in such a way that the guests feel as if they were having a bubble bath.

It is the first time such a bubble party has ever been held at the Walkerhill River Park.

▲A CASS AD photo

Korea’s first-generation DJs, such as UNKLE, SODA, Baryonyx and Frants, will present sensuous deejaying and Korea’s top-notch hip-hop musicians, Jay Park and Ssangdu Macha, will present varied performances.

The CASS Light Bubble Party will also feature ‘hot water games’ such as an ‘LED Lighting Ball’ and an ‘Aqua Trampolining’ with a large logo sign of CASS Light. It is designed to further disseminate the brand name of CASS Light that leads the trends.

An OB spokesman said, “There are a lot of people wanting to have their summer vacation in the middle of Seoul City and who are seeking an exotic, out-of-the-way event. For such consumers, we have a ‘tailor-made’ one for them, namely the CASS Light Bubble Party.” He said that OB will continue to explore ways to carry out colorful marketing events to provide the consumers with OB’s brand image that is ahead.

To take part in the CASS Light Bubble Party, the guests can make a reservation with Social Commerce, Kupang or Interpark. They can also purchase tickets at the Walkerhill Riverpark.

Calories of CASS Light are only 27kcal per 100ml, which are 33% lower than those of regular beer. CASS Light was matured for three days in a minus-four-degree temperature, which produces a taste that is simple and yet sublime.

▲A CASS AD photo

▲A CASS beer Ad photo

▲Another CASS beear AD photo

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