‘Russian helicopters are world-known for high performance, other merits’
‘Russian helicopters are world-known for high performance, other merits’
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Says CEO Kim Soo-un of RH Forcus

Russian helicopters are world-known for their high performance characteristics, capability of flying a wide range of missions, as well as their next-generation equipment and systems and high levels of safety. Russian helicopters are widely presented in the Republic of Korea, serving variety of purposes: fire- fighting, search and rescue operations, special missions carried out by Korean national police and commercial purposes.

CEO Kim Soo-un of RH Focus

Russian Helicopters is a helicopter design and manufacturing company headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The company designs and manufactures civilian and military helicopters. Company's principal shareholder is Oboronprom. It is the world's 24th-largest defense contractor measured by 2012 defense revenues, and the second-largest based in Russia.
Currently there are 62 units of Russian Helicopters operated in Korea. Multipurpose Mi-172s and Ka-32s produced by Russian Helicopters are the most popular models. These helicopters are designed for cargo transportation, medical evacuation, search and rescue operations, can be used in the oil and gas sector and for corporate purposes – construction and assembly.
These models can operate in a wide range of climate and geographic conditions – from -50°С to +45°С, they can be operated from an airbase, oil platform and unprepared ground areas.

RH Focus Corporation is an official dealer of Russian helicopters in Korea

Apart from Korea, various modifications of these multipurpose helicopters are also operated in Austria, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Switzerland and other countries.
RH Focus Corporation is an official dealer of Russian Helicopters in Korea that is entitled to implement a full range of aftersales service works for Russian-made helicopters in Korea.
RH Focus Corporation consists of experts in aircrafts. Their best properties are the differentiated technology and professionalism accumulated from the logistic supply services for the 62 units of Russian large-size helicopters (Ka-32, Mi-172) that they supplied to Forest Aviation Headquarters, Korea Coast Guard, Republic of Korea Air force, Korean National Police Agency, City & Province Fire Services, Korea National Park Service and civilian aviation operators for last 24 years since they first imported the Kamov helicopter to Korea in 1993.

Headquarters building of RH Focus located in Seoul

Company’s business domain ranges from helicopter and helicopter parts sales to consulting and solution providing for the overall aviation business.
RH Focus Corporation provides helicopters supply and maintenance support, assembly and A/S support, technical development and installation of optional equipment, technical documentation support, certified MRO in collaboration with manufacturer’s technical representatives, modernization and upgrade as well as education and technical support.
In order to provide the ultimate safety and quality, RH Focus Corporation newly established the aviation maintenance technology center (R&D Center). The company also provides on-time service on customers’ demand by having the foreign helicopter-manufacturing specialists and providing core parts such as engine and gearbox at Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Division in Cheong-ju to improve logistics supply system. Company’s main customers are: Forest Aviation Headquarters, Ministry of Public Safety and Security, Korean National Police Agency, Defence Acquisition Program Administration, Republic of Korea Air Force, Republic of Korea National 119 Rescue Headquarters, Ulsan Fire Department, Gyeongbuk Fire Headquarters, Daegu Fire and Safety Department, Gyeonggi-do Fire Services, Korea National Park Service, UI Helicopter and others.
RH Focus Corporation’s CEO, Mr. Soo Un Kim says that despite company’s young age, the team of highly qualified professionals does its best to provide highest level of customers’ satisfaction.
Russian Helicopters is one of Russia’s leading helicopter designers and manufacturers. The holding consists of five helicopter plants - Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise; three design offices – Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov Design Bureau, VR-Technologies; enterprises producing components – Reductor-PM and Stupino Machine Production Plant; helicopter repair plants and a company providing aftersales service in Russia and overseas.
Performance and technology of helicopters produced by the holding are being continuously developed.
Russian Helicopters and RH Focus Corporation signed an MOU stating the creation of the service center providing aftersales service for Ka and Mi helicopter models in accordance with Russian Helicopter standards on the territory of the Republic of Korea.
Alexander Mikheev, director general of Russian Helicopters holding expressed his confidence that cooperation with Korean RH Focus Corporation will provide customers in Korea with professional aftersales service and strengthen the positions of Russian Helicopters in Korea.

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