‘Viet Nam’s football could reap more success in the future’
‘Viet Nam’s football could reap more success in the future’
  • Hwi Won
  • 승인 2018.02.13 15:40
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Says Vietnamese U23 National Team Coach Park Hang-seo:

Vietnam’s football teams could achieve more success at the regional and international arena, said the Vietnam U23 national team coach Park Hang-seo in an exchange programme with hundreds of Vietnamese students in South Korea on February 11 ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year, the most important traditional festival in Vietnam.

The Korean received a raucous applauses while entering the Obama Hall of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

He said he was now in the South Korea but felt like staying in Vietnam thanks to the warm welcome from Vietnamese people here.

The head coach affirmed his hope to contribute more to Vietnamese football, promoting relations between Vietnam and the South Korea.

He was confident that Vietnam could reap more success at both regional and global football competitions in the future.

Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu of Viet Nam in Seoul (9th from right, second row from the rear) shows a fist sign of cheering with the members of the Vietnamese team.

The atmosphere in Vietnam during the team’s run to the final of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U23 Championship was similar to that of the South Korea on the occasion of World Cup 2002, he said, adding that the achievement of the Vietnamese football team was a source of great pride for him.

In reply to Vietnamese Ambassador to the South Korea Nguyen Vu Tu’s question, he said before each match, he and his football players always huddle together and shout “One! Two! Three! Fighting!”

Park described his relations with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) as “fate” when the two sides signed a contract. Similarities in life and in culture between the two nations have helped him quickly understand Vietnamese footballers, he noted.

Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu of Viet Nam in Seoul is seen at far right while Vietnamese U23 National Team Coach Park Hang-seo, second from left, speaks at the meeting.

He advised Vietnamese players to keep their feet on the ground. This is not the peak of Vietnam’s football, so footballers need to improve their skills and have more enthusiasm to go further, he noted.

Sharing his experiences in Vietnam after leading the national football team from late October 2017, the 59-year-old said he loves Vietnamese food, particularly “pho” and “bun cha”.

He expressed his deep gratitude to Vietnamese people, especially the Vietnamese community in the South Korea, for their warm sentiments to him and the U23 team.

He said he was very happy to make a small contribution to enhancing ties between Vietnam and the South Korea, and vowed to exert more efforts to make football become one of the fields that contribute greatly to the development of bilateral relations.

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