Pyeongchang-themed cocktails showcased
Pyeongchang-themed cocktails showcased
  • Kim Su-a
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As the world turns its eyes toward Pyeongchang this winter, Millennium Seoul Hilton will be showcasing three special cocktails that capture the spirit of Gangwon Province. The cocktails will be available at Oak Room, the hotel’s English-style bar, and at Café 395, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant until February 25. All three alcoholic cocktails are priced at KW10,000 each.

Pyeongchang-themed cocktail

The first cocktail is called “Hobi” in reference to the tiger. The base is a natural mushroom liquor, a traditional drink of Gangwon Province. The “Hobi” is garnished with a dried persimmon, as a nod to the popular Korean folktale, “The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon”.
The second cocktail available is the “Banbi”. It takes its name from the half moon bear. The base is a liquor from Pyeongchang, and has a deep dark red-black color, reminiscent of Korea’s bears.
The third cocktail available is the “Solbi”, and is inspired by the pine trees that are characteristic of the Gangwon Province. This cocktail is made with a popular pine flavoured beverage and is mixed with refreshing lemon juice.
Millennium Seoul Hilton’s head sommelier, Seo Won Seon, said, “This winter, we wanted to create beverages that brought to life the spirit of Gangwon Province After a lot of careful consideration, we used storytelling and narrative elements to evoke the spirit and emotion of Pyeongchang and its surrounding areas. We hope you enjoy them.”
For reservations or enquiries, please call Oak Room at (02) 317-3234 or Café 395 at (02) 317-3062.

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