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Tanzania opens resident embassy in Seoul on Jan. 31 on the 25th diplomatic anniversaryForeign Minister Mahiga of Tanzania vows efforts to strengthen economic, trade relations

By Kalangari Rwehumbiza, The Korea Post correspondent

The official Opening of Tanzania Embassy's in South Korea on Jan. 31 was accompanied by another big event of diplomatic ties between two countries which is 25 years of diplomatic relations. Special guests were the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Augustine Mahiga of Tanzania who promised to strengthen the economic and trade relations between Tanzania and South Korea so that both sides will benefit from it.

Foreign Ministers Augustine P. Mahiga of Tanzania (left) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha of Korea had an official meeting on Jan. 31, 2018, and discussed the progress between two countries’ relations and ways to advance the bilateral relations, economic and trade cooperation in Korea and the situation in Africa.

Minister Mahiga completed his three-day visit where he spent the last day in contact with various institutions in Korea for the discussion of development goals, for example, the Exim Bank of Korea, as well as other private companies that are committed to implementing various development projects in Tanzania.

He added saying that the 25th anniversary of the relationship between two countries was based on the solid foundation of diplomatic relations where these countries were strengthening themselves as independent states. Minister Mahiga said: "Now it is time for economic growth to see the private sector participating in the development of the economy, and the Tanzanians have come to Korea to learn more about technology, engineering, and even architecture. This is a productive relationship with our nations.”

Moreover, he explained that President Magufuli's agenda for manufacturing industries cannot be achieved without having basic infrastructures such as sufficient electricity generation and the growth of the transport industry and communication where South Korea is involved in the industrial development agenda.

Minister Mahiga (left) speaks with CEO Chang Yeong Hun of Exim Bank of Korea. The two met at the Bank's office in Seoul during a three-day of state visit in Korea
Photo shows Foreign Minister Mahiga of Tanzania (third from right) with his delegates at a negotiation meeting with Vice Chairman Jundong Kim of Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga of Tanzania is flanked on the left by Vice Chairman Jundong Kim of KCCI and Ambassador Matilda Msuka of Tanzania on the right.

Then the second main event, Tanzania opened its embassy in Seoul on that day. The opening event of the diplomatic mission happened at the Yongsan district and it was attended by many guests, including former United Nations Secretary General His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Tanzanian Foreign Minister His excellency Dr. Augustine Mahiga and Korean First Vice Foreign Minister His excellency Lim Sung-nam including many other people from different areas.

Sign board of the Tanzanian Embassy in Yongsan District in Seoul
Ambassador Matilda Masuka of Tanzania in Seoul (left) welcomes and express gratitude to the guests who attended the official opening of the Tanzanian Embassy in Seoul on Jan. 31, 2018.

“The Tanzanian community is very excited today,” said Tanzanian Ambassador Matilda S. Masuka. The event went on to request a minute of silence in tribute to the late Nara Kim, a Korean volunteer who passed away on Jan. 13 after contracting malaria in Tanzania. Kim had worked in the country for 10 years helping children and orphans and serving rural communities through World Share Tanzania

A joint picture taken after the Tanzanian and South Korean Ministers officially launched the Tanzanian Embassy’s office building on Jan. 31, 2018. Photo shows, from left, Director General Park Young min of the Department of Africa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), African Embassy Leader & Ambassador of Ivory Coats Silvester Really, former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations, Minister of Foreign Affairs Augustine Mahiga of Tanzania, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Lim Sung-Nam, Ambassador Madam Matilda Masuka of Tanzania in Seoul, and Ambassador Salim Alharthy of Oman in Seoul (concurrently Dean of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps).
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Lim Sung-nam (behind rostrum) speaks on behalf of the Korean Government during the official opening of the Tanzaniav Embassy in Seoul. He expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Government of Tanzania to promote the economic and other relations between the two countries. “Today, Tanzania has become the 15th sub-Saharan country to have a permanent mission in Korea. Today’s event reflects the firm determination of the Tanzanian government to further strengthen its ties with Korea,” said Lim Sung-Nam. “Our government has kept our eyes on Tanzania’s potential for growth and our stronger bilateral relations. Tanzania is one of our priority countries for official development assistance since 2015, and the scale of the assistance is among the largest going toward African countries.”
Photo shows, from left, Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Tanzanian Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga, Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-Nam, Ambassador Mohammad Salim Alharthy of Oman (dean of the SDC).
Former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations makes a congratulatory address on the occasion of the opening of the resident Tanzanian Embassy in Seoul. Ban, known as Tanzania's close friend, congratulated the Tanzanian Government to succeed in enforcing Tanzania's flag in Korea after 25 years of good diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.
Tanzanian Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga. He said: “Tanzania considers the Korea Republic as its second-generation diplomatic partner since independence. The bilateral relations are largely focused on economic cooperation. Korea has become a country of our choice in development partnership. Korea offers not only capital and technology, but a model for posturing ourselves in the international community. Tanzanian President John Magufuli has defined his clarion call to free the country from corruption. He also said that Korea’s development aid will be used effectively to foster development. Tanzania did not prepare the national team to come and play the Winter Olympics this year because our climate is too warm. But we can bring that warmth to Korea and our bilateral relations.

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