Easter Celebrations at Millennium Seoul Hilton
Easter Celebrations at Millennium Seoul Hilton
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Millennium Seoul Hilton is hosting various activities and events to help you and your family and friends celebrate the Easter holiday!

Cilantro Deli will offer various specialty Easter breads and sweets from March 29 to April 2, 2018. The offerings will include bunny-shaped bread, chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, Easter Simnel cake, carrot and raisin bread, Easter chocolate mousse, Easter Bunny “Kringle” (Danish Easter treat), and Tsoureki (Bulgarian Easter bread). Other offerings on sale will include vibrant bunches of fresh green asparagus, home-smoked salmon, and homemade lamb sausages. Purchase these Easter treats as gifts or enjoy them at home in your own celebrations. Items range in price from KW7,000 to KW40,000.

Cilantro Deli will also offer pre-cooked and prepared Easter Lunch Hampers, ready to be enjoyed on the go, at a park, or at your home or office. The hampers will offer enough food for 4 persons and will include: Easter bunny bread rolls and butter; green asparagus with prawns and smoked salmon in a dill vinaigrette; braised Easter lamb shank with potato hash, mushrooms and spinach; and a whole rhubarb and strawberry pie for dessert. The hampers are available for KW350,000 and must be ordered 48 hours in advance.

Café 395, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, will host an Easter-themed buffet for lunch/brunch on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. The already expansive buffet will be enhanced with Easter delights including BBQ whole lamb, garlic and lemon chicken on a spit, asparagus, and smoked salmon. The breads section will feature an international selection of Easter breads including hot cross buns (Great Britain), Kringle Easter bunny (Denmark), Tsoureki (Bulgaria), and much more. Other treats include chocolate Easter eggs, carrot and raisin bread, and chocolate mousse, just to name a few. The buffet is priced at KW94,000 per person (KW56,000 for children aged 12 and under).

Easter Celebrations at Millennium Seoul Hilton

There will also be several fun activities available in the hotel lobby from 11am to 3pm on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. Offered free of charge, and fun for everyone, the activities include a 60-second Easter egg hunt challenge, Easter egg coloring, and an Easter photo zone. Additionally, Milton, the hotel’s loveable mascot, will be walking around and available for photo ops with guests!

Il Ponte, the hotel’s popular Italian restaurant, will offer a special dining concept that is perfect for an Easter celebration with family or a group of friends. The 11-course “sharing concept” menu will encourage a family-style meal where guests can enjoy a communal dining experience with their loved ones. The table will be presented with 3 different types of appetizer-type food, 2 different pasta dishes, and 3 main entrées that are served with vegetables, rice, or potatoes. Your table can pass around the plates and share the food whilst enjoying each other’s company, conversation, and the energetic ambience of the restaurant. For dessert, tables will be served with 2 kinds of fruit/dessert dishes. The price for this special meal is KW88,000 per person.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Cilantro Deli at (02) 317-3064, Cafe 395 at (02) 317-3062, or Il Ponte at (02) 317-3270. All prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

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