Sarang Plus Hospital operates Robotic Joint Surgical Training Center
Sarang Plus Hospital operates Robotic Joint Surgical Training Center
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Targeting at patients from Russia, CIS countries

Sarang (Love) Plus Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of joint and spinal diseases and rehabilitation therapy, is seeking to strengthen overseas marketing activity focused on Russia, Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

Director Kook Hee-kyun of Sarang Plus Hospital and the high-tech RoboDoc (Robot+Doctor) equipment.

A hospital official said, "We have organized an international medical service team early this year in order to promote our rehabilitation therapy overseas, as well as the excellent medical skills of Sarang Plus Hospital." “We understand that while the recovery of patients in Russia and CIS countries, who had undergone surgery, is being delayed due to their poor rehabilitation facilities, Sarang Plus Hospital is ready to help them, equipped with high-tech rehabilitation devices that meet the peculiarities of joint and spinal diseases,” he said. CIS is an alliance of former Soviet republics formed in December 1991

Director Kuk Hee-kyun of Sarang Plus Hospital is consulting a patient in Kazakhstan.

The hospital operates a Rehabilitation Center. It is divided into five categories: shoulder and arm rehabilitation, knee and low limb rehabilitation, spine rehabilitation, rehabilitation after injuries from sports activities, and rehabilitation clinics for body type and growth (scoliosis). The center provides customized services by specialists. The center, which has state-of-the-art equipment, provides specialized programs and 1:1 customized programs. In March this year, Sarang Plus Hospital have sponsored medical counseling for about 100 patients in two cities of Kazakhstan as a result of its active overseas marketing. In April, the hospital is planning to hold medical consultation sessions in Russia.

Robotic-ATT (Antalgic-Trak), a new treatment for low back and neck pain.

Sarang Plus Hospital Director Kook Hee-kyun said: We are pleased to be able to demonstrate medical skills and standards of the Republic of Korea to overseas patients. We will try to attract more patients from overseas by providing them with valuable medical service and full care for all patients visiting our hospital in the coming months.”

Sarang Plus Hospital is the first of its kind in the Seoul area to be designated as a Robotic Joint Surgical Training Center. As interest in artificial joint surgery is rising overseas, the hospital will seek to pass its high-tech surgery methods on to medical doctors of Russia and CIS countries.

DRX, a new technique using zero-gravity principles to aid the smooth supply of blood and nutrients

The robotic artificial joint ensures accurate surgery using the high-tech RoboDoc (Robot+Doctor). The advantages of robotic artificial joints are elaborate and fast operations, the application of minimally invasive surgery to relieve pain and reduce the effects of cosmetic surgery, reduce side effects and complications, and the ability to walk more quickly after surgery and to extend the lifespan of conventional artificial joints by five and 10 years.

Sarang Plus Hospital received the first international medical training center qualification from Clexo, an artificial joint surgery robot manufacturer, in September last year. According to the hospital, robotic artificial joint surgery is an advantage of insertion of artificial joints by accurate angle measurement. In addition, patient-customized surgery is possible according to the shape of the individual's bones, and the bones and joints of the patient are realized as “3D stereoscopic images” with the robot, so that the artificial joint insertion angle and the bone cutting surface can be calculated. The hospital explained that it is possible to perform an accurate operation that minimizes the cutting surface of the bone and preserves the bone as much as possible.

"The number of overseas medical staff visiting Korea to learn surgical procedures for domestic artificial joints is increasing,” said Kook Hee-kyun, the hospital director. “This means that the proficiency and skills of Korean knee joint surgery are at a global level.” He added, "By designating the robot joint artificial joint surgery training center, it will be a good opportunity to promote Korea's excellent robotic artificial joint surgery skills to foreign medical staff.”

3D Newton, a non-invasive disc therapy that enables bone and muscle correction.

Kook Hee-kyun, an orthopedic surgeon, has more than 10,000 experiences in artificial joint surgery and won the 33rd Boryeong Medical Service Award in 2017. He has provided medical services to the needy at home and abroad.

Evgenia, who runs a marketing agency in Kazakhstan, said: “I am very pleased to be able to work with the Sarang Plus Hospital, which has such outstanding medical staff and high-tech medical devices. I am also proud of the fact that the hospital could give hope to Kazakhstan patients who suffer from joint and spinal diseases through its medical advice sessions for them.

The Seoul-based Sarang Plus Hospital provides customized one-stop services to patients, including operation for joint and spinal diseases, non-surgical clinics and rehabilitation treatments.

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