Spring Picnic Package Signals Spring at Millennium Seoul Hilton
Spring Picnic Package Signals Spring at Millennium Seoul Hilton
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Millennium Seoul Hilton is offering a special room package for Seoul urbanites to enjoy spring. This special package is available from March 23rd to May 31st.

The package includes one-night accommodation in a deluxe city-view room, and comes with a picnic lunch packed in a cooler bag, which you can enjoy on picturesque Mt. Namsan amongst the blossoming trees or in the comforts of your own hotel room. The picnic will include: one panini sandwich, one club sandwich, one caesar salad, one fruit pack, three chocolate-dipped strawberries, one carrot cake, a bottle of orange juice, a small bottle (375ml) of red wine, and two bottles of water.

Be sure to stroll under the romantic spring trees and flowers surrounding the hotel grounds during your stay. They provide the perfect backdrop to your photos. In fact, Millennium Seoul Hilton will also print out 10 photos from your mobile phone so that you can have keepsakes from your cherry blossom getaway!

Spring Picnic Package

For an additional KW40,000, Spring Picnic Package guests can enjoy a grand buffet breakfast for two at Café 395.

All package guests will have complimentary internet access, two bottles of drinking water in the room, and access to the fitness center and swimming pool on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

Packages are only available to Korean citizens or foreigners who have an alien registration card. The package price of KW260,000 is based on double occupancy, and is subject to 11% VAT and 10% service charge.

Millennium Seoul Hilton is fortunate to be located adjacent to the Seollo 7017 walking paths, an ambitious project that reclaimed large elevated roads and remodelled them into pedestrian-friendly walkways abound with lush greenery and resting areas. Take advantage of this opportunity to conveniently enjoy the fresh perspective of Seoul from this unique walking path. Millennium Seoul Hilton enables access to the walkway directly from the hotel via a passageway to the Daewoo Building located next door, which has a direct entryway to the Seollo 7017 walking paths.

For reservations or enquiries, please call (02) 317-3000.

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