The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

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President Moon returns from trip to Vietnam, UAE

President Moon Jae-in returned home Wednesday following his trip to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for talks on ways to improve South Korea's bilateral relations with the countries.The two-nation tour began Thursday when Moon headed to Vietnam for a bilateral summit with his Vietnamese counterpart, Tran Dai Quang.The two leaders noted their countries' relationship has steadily improved since the countries established diplomatic ties in 1992.They agreed it was time for the bilateral relationship to move onto the next stage, vowing efforts to further upgrade the countries' strategic cooperative partnership by expanding and deepening exchanges between their central and local governments, parliaments, political parties and social organizations.

Trump's threat to withdraw from Paris Agreement 'shortsighted,' 'irresponsible': ex-UN chief Ban

Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday slammed President Donald Trump's threat to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on fighting climate change, saying he will consider writing to the president as the new chairman of an international green growth organization based in Seoul."I have been voicing very strong concerns on various occasions, particularly when he announced that he would withdraw from the Paris Agreement," he said in a press conference marking his inauguration as the chairman of the council of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in Seoul. He took on the position a month earlier."My message has been clear that this is politically shortsighted and economically irresponsible as the leader of the richest, most powerful and most responsible country in the world," Ban noted.

N.K. confirms its leader visited China, held summit with Xi

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has visited China at the invitation by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and they had their first summit, state media said Wednesday.The North's leader made an "unofficial" visit to China from Sunday to Wednesday, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju and Choe Ryong-hae, a ranking party official, according to the North's state-run radio station.It marked Kim's first foreign trip since he took office in late 2011.His first summit with Xi came as Kim plans to meet the leaders of South Korea and the United States in the coming months and relations between the North and China have been strayed over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.



Presidential Office Confirms Kim Jong-un's Visit to China

Seoul confirmed on Wednesday that the high-level North Korean official who visited China from Sunday was leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea also announced that Kim made an unofficial visit to China from Sunday to Wednesday at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kim crossed the Sinuiju-Dandong border on a special train on Sunday and arrived in Beijing on Monday. He left the Chinese capital Tuesday afternoon. A senior presidential official said Kim's train returned to North Korean territory Wednesday morning.

CCTV: Kim Jong-un Holds Summit with Xi in Beijing

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited China for a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.The report Wednesday said that Kim visited China from Sunday to Tuesday at Xi's invitation and held summit talks in Beijing.It added that the North Korean delegation included Kim's wife Ri Sol-ju, Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho and other officials. In the summit, Xi and Kim reportedly agreed on bilateral cooperation and friendship and agreed to work to settle peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. Before the summit, the two leaders inspected the honor guard and had dinner along with their wives.

S. Korea's Per Capita GNI Set to Surpass $30,000

The South Korean economy grew over three percent last year, and the per capita gross national income(GNI) approached 30-thousand dollars. According to preliminary data by the Bank of Korea(BOK) on Wednesday, the economy expanded three-point-one percent last year, up two-point-nine percent from the previous year. The country's per capita GNI came to 29-thousand-745 dollars last year, up seven-and-a-half percent from a year earlier. The growth marks the highest gain in six years. The per capita GNI, which topped the 20-thousand dollar mark in 2006, is certain to surpass the 30-thousand dollar mark this year, if the economy grows over three percent and there are no severe fluctuations in the won-dollar exchange rates.


Yonhap (

Internal deals take up 16 pct of big firms' board agendas

Inter-unit transactions of South Korea's business groups accounted for nearly 16 percent of the agenda items for large companies' board meetings in 2017, a market tracker said Wednesday.According to CEO Score, transactions among affiliates took up 15.8 percent of the 5,955 agenda items presented for last year's board meetings of 243 listed companies belonging to 57 conglomerates.Items related to business and management reached the largest 1,686 cases, or 28.3 percent of the total. Financing and lending came next with 1,046 cases (17.6 percent), followed by personnel issues with 1,039 (17.4 percent).Hyundai Motor Group posted the highest portion of internal deals to total agenda items with 40.2 percent. Issues related to the group's cross-unit deals numbered 94, compared with the total 234 agenda items.

S. Korean economy grows 3.1 pct in 2017

The South Korean economy expanded a three-year high of 3.1 percent in 2017 on growth in construction and facility investment, with the real gross national income (GNI) per capita closing in on the US$30,000 level, the central bank said Wednesday.The revised 2017 reading by the Bank of Korea (BOK) is on par with its earlier estimate of 3.1 percent released in January. It marked a slight improvement from 2016, when Asia's fourth-largest economy grew 2.9 percent from a year earlier, according to the revised data.For the fourth quarter of last year, the economy contracted 0.2 percent on-quarter, rapidly cooling down from a 1.4 percent gain in the third quarter. It grew 1 percent in the first three months of 2017 and increased 0.6 percent in the next three months.Facility investment soared 14.6 percent last year, the most in seven years, turning around from a 1 percent on-year contraction in 2016. Construction investment growth also lent support to the economy, adding 7.6 percent last year.

Big four accounting firms see lower share of workforce in 2017

The top four accounting companies in South Korea saw the share of their workforce edge down in 2017 from a year earlier as other industry players made strides, data showed Wednesday.The number of accountants with the big four -- Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers, Samjong KPMG, Deloitte Anjin and Ernst & Young Hanyoung -- stood at 5,196 at the end of last year, according to the data from the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants.The figure accounted for 26 percent of all public accountants in South Korea and was down from 26.8 percent a year earlier.After peaking at 35.5 percent in 2009, their share had been on the wane, decreasing to 29.5 percent in 2014 and 27.2 percent in 2015.


The Korea Herald (

North Korean leader meets Xi Jinping

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met Chinese President Xi Jinping during an official trip to Beijing, North Korean and Chinese media revealed Wednesday. According to Chinese media, Kim was invited to Beijing and met Xi during a trip lasting from Sunday to Wednesday. North Korea had earlier revealed that Kim made the trip accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju. Kim was also accompanied by Choe Ryong-hae, vice chairman of the North Korean ruling party’s central committee, and Kim Yong-chol. Kim Yong-chol is a ranking party official who is thought to have been the mastermind of a number of attacks on South Korea.

Denuclearization talks with NK won‘t follow template of Iran or Libya

Since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, the United States has struck various types of nuclear deals with countries seeking to develop their own nuclear weapons. The most well-known examples are negotiations with Iran and Libya. The former is the latest country with which the US signed a nuclear-freeze deal -- though it is being criticized as a “failure” by President Trump -- while the latter is touted as a shining example for denuclearization by hard-liners in the Trump administration With the cases of Iran and Libya emerging as competing models for denuclearization talks with North Korea, experts said neither can tell much about how the looming denuclearization process will unfold, as the reclusive country is in a completely different negotiating position from that of nuclear aspirant countries of the past.

President Moon returns from trip to Vietnam, UAE

President Moon Jae-in returned home Wednesday following his trip to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for talks on ways to improve South Korea's bilateral relations with the countries.The two-nation tour began Thursday when Moon headed to Vietnam for a bilateral summit with his Vietnamese counterpart, Tran Dai Quang. The two leaders noted their countries' relationship has steadily improved since the countries established diplomatic ties in 1992.They agreed it was time for the bilateral relationship to move onto the next stage, vowing efforts to further upgrade the countries' strategic cooperative partnership by expanding and deepening exchanges between their central and local governments, parliaments, political parties and social organizations.


The Korea Times (

Kim Jong-un says 'North Korea is committed to denuclearization'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told Chinese President Xi Jinping during a visit to Beijing that North Korea is "committed to denuclearization," the official Xinhua news agency reported.Kim made an "unofficial" visit to China from Sunday to Wednesday, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju and Choe Ryong-hae, a ranking party official, according to the North's state-run radio station. It marked Kim's first foreign trip since he took office in late 2011."It is our consistent stand to be committed to denuclearization on the peninsula, in accordance with the will of late President Kim Il-sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong-il," Kim said according to Xinhua.North Korea is "willing to have dialogue with the United States and hold a summit of the two countries," he added.

Tirebank's bid complicates sale of Kumho Tire

Tire retailer Tirebank declared a bid to acquire Kumho Tire, Tuesday, compounding the conundrum for creditors looking to dispose of the cash-strapped tiremaker.Chairman Kim Jung-kyu, who heads Korea's largest tire retailer, told reporters he could not watch Kumho be taken over by China's Doublestar Tires."We have decided to seek the acquisition of Kumho Tire, with a sense of duty to protect the pride of Koreans," the chairman said in a press conference at the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "The traditional manufacturer's downfall broke my heart. A Korean company should acquire Kumho Tire's factories in Korea at least."He vowed to develop Kumho Tire into the world's fifth-largest tiremaker, but maintained a cautious attitude toward a final decision on the acquisition, saying he will listen to the opinions of the public, creditors and the company's union.

Expats fight to compete in Pokemon tournament

Pokemon trainers will come together this weekend for the Pokemon Spring Korean League, competing for prizes and a chance to play in the World Championships. But expats who compete in the card and Nintendo 3DS events are fighting for their right to play. According to Rachel Stine, an American who has been playing Pokemon games for 20 years, Pokemon Korea has been attempting to prevent foreign players competing. She said every competitor with a foreign-sounding name received an email from Pokemon Korea that said competitors must be Korean nationals and must use software from Nintendo Korea."Nintendo 3DS consoles work in Pokemon tournaments regardless of which country they're region-locked to," Stine said. "They work in tournaments regardless of which language the player uses."


Chosun Ilbo (

Workers Complain of Lost Income Due to Shorter Working Week

A widespread culture of unofficially overworking staff has paradoxically led to complaints that shorter legal working hours deprive workers of much-needed off-the-books pay.In the research and development divisions of major conglomerates, which find it hard to hire qualified extra staff, workers often log in 52 hours on paper but actually work more than 60 or 70 hours a week. The previous permissible limit was 69 hours, the longest in the OECD after Turkey.Some employees resort to clocking off earlier to make it look like they went home on time. One R&D staffer at a major conglomerate said, "We still work the same long hours, but log in only 52 hours a week so we end up forfeiting not only overtime pay, but extra transportation allowance as well. This new measure makes no sense to me."

N.Korea Clamps Down on Foreign Influences

North Korean authorities have mobilized security forces and state media to prevent the spread of foreign cultural content ahead of a concert by scores of South Korean performers. One source said state security and police are clamping down on radio reception, foreign movies, storage devices and Chinese-made mobile phones along the border with China.Already a score of people were arrested in Onsong and Hoeryong in North Hamgyong Province in the two weeks since the crackdown started, the source added. Authorities are using cutting-edge eavesdropping equipment to ferret out people who make phone calls to the outside world.

Most Americans Favor N.Korea Summit

An overwhelming number of Americans support a Washington-Pyongyang summit scheduled for May but do not believe North Korea will give up its nuclear arms, according to a Fox News poll published last Friday. The poll was conducted among 1,014 adults on March 18-21. Sixty-three percent of respondents approve of U.S. President Donald Trump meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, compared to a mere 30 percent who disapprove. Far more Republican Party supporters (84 percent) than Democratic Party supporters (44 percent) approve of the summit.Some 42 percent believe Trump will get the better deal, compared to 26 percent who said Kim will. Some 19 percent said neither will get a better deal. But 76 percent believe that North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons, summit or no summit.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Kim Jong-un pays surprise China visit, holds first summit with Xi Jinping

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un paid a recent surprise visit to China and held his first summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.An investigation by the Hankyoreh confirmed that Kim was the unidentified “top-level North Korean figure” who visited China on Mar. 25–27. With this visit, Kim chose China as his first overseas stop in the seven years since he came to power as North Korean leader in 2011. The visit sent a strong signal that Pyongyang is mending ties with its traditional allies in Beijing ahead of anticipated inter-Korean and North Korea-US summits in the coming months.Kim met with members of the Chinese Communist Party leadership, including his summit with Xi on the evening of Mar. 26, sources reported.

South Korea scores symbolic victories in negotiations over KORUS FTA

While presenting results of the negotiations to revise the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) at the Central Government Complex in Seoul on Mar. 26, South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong said that South Korean negotiators had protected the nation’s interests. “We participated in the negotiations more with the aim of defending the national interest than of protecting the KORUS FTA. We gave ground where appropriate while securing our interests [in the agreement],” Kim told reporters.South Korea had found itself at a disadvantage in the negotiations because of the major divide between the two countries from the outset of the negotiations, which was compounded by American tariffs on steel. Despite these circumstances, Kim said, the negotiators managed to protect the South Korean market as best they could.

New US National Security Advisor wants a quick meeting with Kim Jong-un

John Bolton, who was recently appointed the White House National Security Advisor, has been taking steps over the past few days to get on the same page as US President Donald Trump. Given Bolton’s widely negative reputation as an extreme hardliner, some reports suggest that he may attempt an “image makeover” once he assumes his responsibilities.

On Mar. 25, Bolton said during an interview with The Cats Roundtable, a radio program on New York’s AM 970, that “the sooner we have the meeting and have a very straightforward discussion” between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the better. Bolton appears to be trying to get on Trump’s wavelength. In his first public statements about North Korean policy after being appointed national security advisor, he advocated holding the North Korea-US summit early.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Pyongyang VIP secretly travels to China

Media reports about a visit by a top-level North Korean official to China dominated the local news Tuesday, raising questions of whether it was North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. No official confirmation of who was leading the North Korean delegation was made as of press time Tuesday, but many wondered if it was Kim. If so, it would be his first known trip outside North Korea since taking charge of the Communist country in December 2011, when his father, Kim Jong-il, died. And it would signal a warming in Beijing’s attitude toward Kim. His father was a regular visitor to the Chinese capital but Kim has never been invited.“We are closely watching the situation in Beijing while keeping every possible scenario in mind,” said a senior Blue House official speaking on the condition of anonymity. The official added that a sign of improved relations between China and North Korea, which had been frosty in recent years despite the latter’s heavy economic dependence on its Communist ally, was a “positive sign” ahead of planned summit meetings between the two Koreas in late April and between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump subsequently.

Moon preparing plan to reform the criminal justice system

The Moon Jae-in administration’s reforms of the criminal justice system entered their final stage, as top officials discussed a plan to increase the police’s autonomy in investigations while reducing the oversight role of prosecutors. Reforming the prosecution after regular corruption and abuse of power scandals over the years is a key goal for Moon. He promised to realign the investigative powers of the prosecution and police, and speculation has grown that a draft plan is being finalized. Justice Minister Park Sang-ki, Interior and Security Minister Kim Boo-kyum and Senior Presidential Secretary for Civil Affairs Cho Kuk had several meetings this month to discuss the issue, but Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il did not participate, government sources said.

Beijing may vow to buy U.S. chips, not Korean

Conflict between the United States and China over trade is threatening Korea’s semiconductor industry. The Financial Times reported Monday that China is considering buying computer chips from the United States instead of Korea and Taiwan “in an effort to help reduce…trade surplus with the U.S.” The report cited “people briefed on the discussions” between Liu He, China’s vice premier, and Steven Mnuchin, the U.S. Treasury Secretary. A nascent trade war was sparked by the United States last week when President Donald Trump approved new tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of Chinese imports in order to compensate for China’s alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property. China retaliated immediately, announcing tariffs on $3 billion of imports of certain U.S.-made products.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

Clock Begins Ticking Toward a Constitutional Amendment on June 13: Deadline for National Assembly's Proposal May 4

This day, the arrow for constitutional amendments left Cheong Wa Dae's bow leaving the National Assembly with two options. It can propose a constitutional amendment based on an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties or it can put the president's proposal to a vote. So far, the four opposition parties have urged Cheong Wa Dae to withdraw its plans for the presidential proposal, but the minute President Moon approved the proposal and announcement of the amendment, the milk was spilt. Thus the ruling and opposition parties, which had been arguing the pros and cons of the amendment outside the National Assembly, agreed to begin negotiations on the amendment at a meeting of the floor leaders of the three negotiating bodies.

Reducing Fine Dust, a Task Authorities and Citizens Must Tackle Together

A high concentration of fine particulate matter continues to cover the nation these past few days. In particular, on March 25, Seoul and the Gyeonggi region recorded the worst concentration of PM-2.5 (24 hours average) since fine dust was first measured in 2015: 99㎍ / ㎥ (Seoul) and 102 ㎍ / ㎥ (Gyeonggi). This is because the air above South Korea remains still as the high pressure above the south coast has trapped the pollutants from China, which flow in on the warm southwest wind. Due to the thick fog, visibility is less than 100m and citizens are concerned as they lay exposed to the fine dust particles. Some voices claim that this is a catastrophe equal to toxic gas, which requires gas masks. The government plans to apply a much stronger standard for ultrafine dust than before, at a level equal to that of the U.S. and Japan starting on March 27. But alarming the citizens by strengthening environmental standards cannot be a fundamental solution.

Prosecutors to Question MB in Prison for the First Time, "We Won't Ask the Same Questions"

Former President Lee Myung-bak (77, photo) will be questioned at the detention center for the first time in three days since his arrest. Prosecutors plan to question him in prison several times during the former president's remaining time at the detention center. On March 25, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office announced that prosecutors would question former President Lee in the interrogation room at the Seoul Eastern Detention Center in Munjeong-dong, Seoul at 2 p.m. on March 26. Shin Bong-su, chief prosecutor of the High-Tech Criminal Investigation Department 1, and another prosecutor with some investigators will question the former president.Chief Prosecutor Shin has been investigating the former president's criminal allegations concerning DAS, including the embezzlement of 34.8 billion won of corporate funds.


AJU Business Daily (

Kakao vows to acquire foreign contents firms, develop blockchain platform

South Korea's web service giant Kakao unveiled an ambitious strategy Tuesday to become a global player by establishing an international blockchain platform or acquiring foreign contents providers by using ample funds and strong support from domestic fans.Under its new business vision called Kakao 3.0., Kakao plans to maximize synergy through an integration of Kakao services such as e-commerce, online games and online financial services, based on Kakao Talk, the most popular smartphone messenger app in South Korea."We will maximize our growth potential through synergy effects and aggressively challenge the global market," co-CEO Joh Su-yong told reporters.

Creditors negative over domestic company's sudden bid for Kumho Tire

Korea Development Bank (KDB), the key creditor of Kumho Tire, remained cynical over a sudden overture by South Korean tire retailer Tierbank to buy the debt-stricken tiremaker, saying it is unrealistic due to the lack of time.Tirebank chairman Kim Jong-kyu portrayed his company as a perfect alternative to save Kumho Tire because it can use its nationwide sales network to quickly raise sales."It's unrealistic," a KDB official told Aju News, expressing doubt about Tirebank's ability to mobilize a large sum of money in a short period of time. The state policy bank thinks Kumho Tire needs a quick injection of liquidity to avoid bankruptcy.KDB regards China's Doublestar as the sole candidate to buy a 45-percent stake in Kumho Tire. It has warned of court receivership unless Kumho Tire presents a self-rehabilitation package by the end of this month, but Kumho Tire's union has refused to accept Doublestar's ownership.

GM presses S. Korean workers to agree on cost-cutting program

General Motors has pressed unionized workers at its South Korean operation to agree on a cost-cutting rehabilitation package, warning of dishonored bills if it cannot win a fresh bailout from creditors.The warning came at a recent round of talks between GM Executive Vice President Barry Engle and union leaders, according to GM Korea officials on Tuesday. Engle suggested GM Korea needs some 600 million US dollars by the end of April for debt payment and retirement bonuses. Some 2,600 workers have applied for voluntary retirement.The American company described its decision on February 13 to close one plant in Gunsan by the end of May as inevitable for the restructuring of its global business. GM officials complained about excessive demands and union activities by workers.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Samsung to break ground for second memory line in Xian, China

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in memory semiconductor technology, will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday for its second memory fabrication line in Xian, China, according to industry sources on Monday. A total of 8 trillion won ($7.47 billion) will be invested in the construction, which would mark the largest ever corporate investment to be executed during President’s Xi Jinping’s second term. With the new production line, Samsung`s monthly output will increase to about 220,000 wafers from 120,000 wafers to make advanced NAND flash memory chips. The company aims to inject 8 trillion won in total to the second line by 2020. Commercial production will begin next year.

Local bidder Tirebank adds twist to Kumho Tire sale plan

A new local bidder came forward as the union of South Korea’s industry No. 2 Kumho Tire Co. persistently refuses to accept China’s Doublestar Tyre as its new owner despite the risk of the company going bankrupt. Daejeon-based tire retailer Tirebank offered to bid for Kumho Tire, which creditors are working to sell a majority stake to Doublestar Tyre. “It’s painful to imagine Kumho Tire going under a Chinese capital,” said Tirebank Chairman Kim Jeong-kyu during a press conference on Tuesday to declare a formal bid. Kumho Tire’s unionized workers, who have been strongly opposed to the planned sale to China’s Doublestar Tyre out of fear of massive job cuts and technology leakage, welcomed Tirebank’s decision, but its creditors doubt whether Tirebank has enough money to buy the country’s second largest tire maker.

Dongwon Systems to sell construction unit for $70mn

Dongwon Systems Corp., Korea’s largest producer of packaging materials under Dongwon Group, will sell Dongwon Construction Industries Co. for 75.5 billion won ($70.2 million) to shore up its finances and refocus its business in packaging. Dongwon Systems said Monday its board approved to sell its construction subsidiary to Dongwon Enterprise Co., the holding entity of Dongwon Group. Dongwon Construction Industries is a company engaged in property management services, overseeing the construction and maintenance of apartment buildings, offices, warehouses as well as infrastructure such as roads and harbors. It ranks 68th in the Korean construction industry with a revenue of 333.6 billion won last year.


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