The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, March 30, 2018

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S. Korea condemns Japan for claiming sovereignty over Dokdo in textbook guidelines

South Korea voiced strong protest with Japan for claiming its sovereignty over Dokdo in guidelines it endorsed on Friday for use in writing high school textbooks."The government strongly condemns Japan for adopting the guidelines that contain its inappropriate argument about Dokdo and call for its immediate withdrawal," the foreign ministry said in a statement issued in the name of its spokesman."Dokdo is our inherent territory from a historic and geographical perspective, as well as in the eyes of international law, and the government makes it clear again that it will sternly deal with any provocation on this matter," it added.Earlier, the Japanese government endorsed its revised high school textbook guidelines, whose draft version had been up for public review since mid-February.

EU-N.K. trade plunged last year amid sanctions: Eurostat

The European Union's trade with North Korea nose-dived last year as it significantly toughened sanctions on the North's continued nuclear and missile provocations.According to data released Friday by Eurostat, the EU's statistical office, the trade volume between the EU and the North stood at 17.73 million euros last year, down 26.7 percent from 24.20 million euros the previous year.The EU exported 12.64 million euros worth of goods to the North and imported 5.09 million euros from it, the data said. The figures represented drops of 32 percent and 9.3 percent on-year, respectively.Germany, among the EU member nations, was the biggest exporter to the North with 3.86 million euros, trailed by Denmark with 1.96 million euros and France with 1.77 million euros.

GM Korea CEO urges union to accept wage offer by March

The chief executive officer of GM Korea Co. has called on its labor union to conclude ongoing wage negotiations by the end of March to help turn around the ailing carmaker, industry sources said Thursday.GM Korea and its labor union have made little progress in the wage talks deemed crucial to the normalization of the automaker, which is on the brink of bankruptcy due to ballooning losses.The company demands that the trade union accept a wage freeze and no bonuses as part of efforts to cut costs and help the firm stay afloat. Unionized workers insist that they can only accept the wage freeze and no bonuses on the condition that General Motors Co. withdraws its plan to shutter one of its four plants here.



Top Office Official Voices Opposition to Applying Libya Example to N. Korea

A senior official at the presidential office has expressed a pessimistic view on applying the example of Libya to the North Korean nuclear issue.The presidential official told reporters on Friday that it's a personal opinion, but it will be impossible to apply the Libyan example to North Korea.The official said that the North Korean nuclear issue has been going on for 25 years, and it does not end just by announcing a comprehensive package deal. The official added that it would be realistic to take steps in due order to dismantle the nuclear weapons and verify the dismantlement. The U.S.' newly appointed national security adviser John Bolton has referred to the case of Libya as a means to denuclearize Pyongyang.

Trump Threatens to Hold up KORUS Trade Deal until N. Korea Talks

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that he may delay the implementation of a renegotiated trade deal with South Korea until after planned talks with North Korea.Speaking about infrastructure in Ohio on Thursday, Trump said that he may "hold up" the deal until after meeting with North Korea, “because it's a very strong card” and he wants to make sure everyone is treated fairly.He added that the U.S. is moving along very nicely with North Korea and will see what happens.The comment came just a day after he hailed the renegotiated trade deal with South Korea, perhaps in a move to gain more leverage in planned talks with North Korea amid renewed ties between Pyongyang and Beijing.

S. Korean National Security Adviser Meets with China's Special Envoy

President Moon Jae-in's national security adviser has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy to discuss joint coordination regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. During a meeting with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi at a Seoul hotel on Thursday, National Security Office chief Chung Eui-yong welcomed this week's successful meeting between President Xi and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Beijing. Chung assessed Kim's reaffirmation of his country’s will for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula as being "very significant," as well as his intent to hold back-to-back summits with the South and the U.S.In return, Yang said Kim’s visit to China will help resolve Korean Peninsula-related issues and lead to denuclearization, which could guarantee peace and security and promote political negotiations and discussions.


Yonhap (

Probe into military's alleged political intervention drawn out

South Korea's defense ministry said Friday it will continue a probe into the military's alleged intervention in domestic politics under previous administrations in the coming months.The military is suspected of having mobilized the nation's cyberwarfare command to help spread politically sensitive online messages supportive of the conservative Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments between 2010 and 2014.Some troops and agents belonging to the Cyber Command, created in 2010 to counter North Korea's hacking attempts and other cyberattacks, allegedly posted replies, critical of the liberal opposition bloc, to Internet news and other writings.The Defense Security Command, which has a mission to collect security-related intelligence and investigate anti-state activities, is also alleged to have intervened in politics since 2008.Following the launch of the left-leaning Moon Jae-in administration in May last year, the Ministry of Defense formed a task force involving civilians to look into the allegations.

Veteran civic activist nominated to lead financial watchdog

South Korea's top financial regulator on Friday nominated a veteran civic activist and former lawmaker to head the Financial Supervisory Services (FSS), officials said.Kim Ki-sik, 52, who had served various posts at the nongovernmental organization People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy until 2011, was tapped for the post, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) said in a statement.

KORUS FTA unrelated to currency deal: commerce minister

A recently revised free trade deal between South Korea and the United States is totally unrelated to bilateral talks to improve the transparency of the currency market, Seoul's commerce minister has said.South Korea said earlier in the week it will further open its auto market to the U.S. in exchange for an exemption from steel tariffs during negotiations to amend their free trade agreement (FTA).Washington later claimed the revised FTA will include a side deal prohibiting both countries from deliberately devaluing their currencies for trade advantages, sparking speculation here that South Korea has caved in to U.S. pressure on the currency market in order to win an exemption from steep steel tariffs."The exchange rate is a totally different issue," Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Un-gyu said in a meeting with reporters Thursday. "A misunderstanding may have arisen as the two talks took place at the same time in Washington."


The Korea Herald (

Trump warns he may freeze S. Korea trade deal for NK talks

President Donald Trump on Thursday threatened to hold up the trade agreement his administration finalized this week with South Korea in an effort to gain more leverage in potential talks with North Korea.Speaking on infrastructure in Ohio, Trump highlighted the recently completed renegotiation of the Korea-US free trade agreement. But he warned: "I may hold it up until after a deal is made with North Korea." The announcement comes as the two Koreas have announced plans to hold bilateral meetings next month in advance of a possible meeting between Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un by the end of May.Trump noted the "rhetoric has calmed down" with North Korea, but added he may put a hold on the first trade agreement concluded by his administration, "because it's a very strong card and I want to make sure everyone is treated fairly."

Inter-Korean summit to be held April 27: Unification Ministry

South and North Korea agreed Thursday to hold an inter-Korean summit on April 27 at the truce village of Panmunjeom, a joint statement released by Seoul’s Ministry of Unification said. “The South and North will hold the 2018 inter-Korean summit at the Peace House at the southern side of Panmunjeom on April 27, according to the will of the leaders of both sides,” the statement read. The upcoming meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be the third North-South summit since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. The first was held between President Kim Dae-jung and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il on June 15, 2000, and the second was held between President Roh Moo-hyun and the same Kim on Oct. 4, 2007.

S. Korea’s first stealth fighter unveiled

Following its first public debut of F-35A fighter jets, South Korea kick-started its efforts to deploy the fifth-generation stealth fighters amid growing uncertainty over the security landscape ahead of its summit with North Korea. US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin unveiled its first batch of F-35A fighter jets to be delivered to South Korea on Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The event was celebrated by the allies’ senior acquisition and defense officials, including South Korea’s Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo-suk. Starting from this year, a total of 40 fifth-generation stealth fighters are to be delivered by 2021 for operational deployment. A plane is reportedly priced at around 120 billion won ($112 million). The South Korean military is considering procuring 20 additional F-35A jets sometime in mid-2020.


The Korea Times (

N. Korea's pretty-face diplomacy... is it working?

Was it a ruse to distract our attention from the beast with beauty?There is no doubt that Ri Sol-ju, who accompanied her husband, North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un on his recent surprise visit to China, certainly turned heads. Her smart, elegant looks distracted attention from her overweight, grumpy-looking husband who is infamous for many heinous acts: allegedly killing his elder half-brother and uncle, and purging his supposed close lieutenants. The North Korean first lady indeed made her husband appear more human. That obviously is helping Kim before two important events that may well determine the fate of the communist country ― the inter-Korean summit in April and one in May between North Korea and the U.S.

Trump says could 'hold up' Korea trade deal for N.Korea issue

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to "hold up" a renegotiated free trade agreement with South Korea until he reaches a deal with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program.Calling the trade deal a "very strong card," Trump hinted it could be used as leverage to get Seoul to do more to denuclearize the North."I may hold it up 'til after a deal is made with North Korea," he said during a speech on infrastructure in Ohio. "Does everybody understand that? You know why, right? You know why? Because it's a very strong card."Seoul and Washington announced Wednesday that they had agreed "in principle" on a revision to the KORUS trade deal. Among other things, the revision calls for further opening South Korea's auto market to the U.S., and comes with an agreement to exempt South Korea from new U.S. tariffs on steel imports. Instead, South Korea will face a quota on its steel exports to the U.S.

Korea condemns Japan for claiming sovereignty over Dokdo in textbook guidelines

South Korea voiced strong protest with Japan for claiming its sovereignty over Dokdo in guidelines it endorsed on Friday for use in writing high school textbooks."The government strongly condemns Japan for adopting the guidelines that contain its inappropriate argument about Dokdo and call for its immediate withdrawal," the foreign ministry said in a statement issued in the name of its spokesman."Dokdo is our inherent territory from a historic and geographical perspective, as well as in the eyes of international law, and the government makes it clear again that it will sternly deal with any provocation on this matter," it added.Earlier, the Japanese government endorsed its revised high school textbook guidelines, whose draft version had been up for public review since mid-February.


Chosun Ilbo (

Seoul Welcomes Kim Jong-un's China Visit

Seoul on Thursday cautiously welcomed North Korean leader Kin Jong-un's recent visit to China but made no comment on Kim's proposal of a "phased and simultaneous" approach to denuclearization. Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said Kim's "announcement of his willingness to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula" is "highly significant." He added that having China on board in fresh negotiations would help achieve stability on the Korean Peninsula.Cheong Wa Dae prefers a "package settlement" of dealing with the nuclear issue and establishing a peace treaty, while the U.S. wants "complete, verifiable and irreversible" steps to ending the North's nuclear program first. Moon has promised U.S. President Donald Trump that he would make "thorough preparations" to ensure that past mistakes during nuclear dismantlement talks with North Korea are not repeated.But Kim's opening gambit in the negotiations sounds very much like the salami-slicing of small concessions and rewards that proved a dead end during the rule of his father Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-un Plays All Ends Against the Middle

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is playing all ends against the middle with a surprise visit to Beijing whose aim seemed to be to further fracture international cooperation over North Korea. Kim may also be trying to boost his leverage in upcoming summits with South Korea and the U.S. in April and May by mending fences with his sole ally. Kim is proving an adept manipulator, driving a wedge between South Korea and the U.S. and taking advantage of China's fierce trade dispute with the U.S. China is unlikely to halt sanctions against North Korea immediately, but they will inevitably be eased once relations with Pyongyang improve since there are so many possible backdoors. The fact that China invited Kim demonstrates how cleverly he had managed to sideline the country that was once the global driving force in dealing with the North. Instead he focused on inter-Korean and U.S.-North Korean dialogue, sparking concerns in China that Beijing may be losing its influence.

Moon to Meet Kim in DMZ on April 27

President Moon Jae-in will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the Peace House in the truce village of Panmunjom on April 27, the two sides decided on Thursday.Senior officials from the two Koreas met at Panmunjom and also discussed the agenda of the summit, including denuclearization, but decided not to include it in a joint statement afterwards.Another round of working-level talks early next week will discuss details of wording that they were unable to iron out.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Inter-Korean summit to be held on April 27

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will hold a summit on April 27 at the Peace House in the Panmunjeom Joint Security Area. Following high-level talks between South and North Korea at the Tongilgak building in Panmunjeom on Mar. 29, the two sides issued a joint press in regard to the April summit.The press release stated that, “the 2018 inter-Korean summit be held at the Peace house on the South Korean side of the Panmunjeom Joint Security Area on Apr. 27.” It also stated that the two sides will hold working-level talks on Apr. 4 on the South Korean side of the JSA to discuss protocol, security, and press access for the summit.In addition, the two sides announced that they would agree to continue deliberations through the exchange of documents related to practical issues.

Kim Jong-un expresses willingness to denuclearize through “gradual and simultaneous” steps

North Korean and Chinese state-run media uniformly reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had visited China with his wife, Ri Sol-ju, on Mar. 25 to 28 on the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and that Kim and Xi had held a summit on Mar. 26. Kim announced his commitment to denuclearization in line with the “final wishes” of his grandfather Kim Il-sung and his father Kim Jong-il and told Xi that the problem of denuclearization could be resolved if South Korea and the US took gradual and simultaneous measures to bring about peace.

Xi sends message to Trump following summit with Kim Jong-un

In connection with the North Korea-China summit on Mar. 27, the White House disclosed that a personal message from Chinese President Xi Jinping had been delivered to US President Donald Trump. “Received message last night from [Xi Jinping] of China…that [Kim Jong-un] looks forward to his meeting with me,” Trump wrote on his Twitter feed. Depending on its content, observers say that Xi’s personal message could have an impact on the summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.In a statement made shortly after the official announcement by Chinese and North Korean authorities, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "The Chinese government contacted the White House earlier on Tuesday [Mar. 27] to brief us on Kim Jong Un's visit to Beijing.” The first possibility is that Xi’s personal message was about the location of the North Korea-US summit. China has used official media and experts affiliated with the government to express its hope that the North Korea-US summit will be held in Beijing or Shanghai.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Third inter-Korean summit set for Apr. 27

The leaders of South and North Korea will meet on April 27 for the first inter-Korean summit since 2007, officials from both countries agreed Thursday in a high-level meeting. A joint press statement released by South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which handles relations with North Korea, said that a working-level meeting between the two countries discussing protocol, security and press coverage for the summit will be held next Wednesday on South Korea’s side of Panmunjom, which straddles the border.A working-level meeting discussing telecommunication systems used during the summit will be held separately, with a date and venue to be announced later. South Korea’s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, who led a three-member delegation to the latest high-level talks, said another high-level meeting between the two Koreas could be held next month “if necessary” to further discuss key agenda items for the summit.

Xi envoy gives briefing on meeting

The Blue House on Thursday welcomed the summit meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Xi Jinping of China on Monday, taking particular note of Kim’s remark on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. “It carries special meaning that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his resolution for the denuclearization of the peninsula as well as for the upcoming South-North and the North Korea-U.S. summit meeting,” said Blue House Spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom in a statement. He said this week’s meeting could provide momentum for the denuclearization of the peninsula. He hailed Beijing’s contribution to helping achieve regional stability and peace. The presidential office’s official response came Thursday, two days after Kim left Beijing.

Gov’t to scrap notorious banking certificates

A complicated banking security system that confounded and infuriated foreigners and Koreans alike will soon be shut down.The public certification system, considered one of the most cumbersome processes in Korean online banking, could be scrapped later this year, according to the Ministry of Science and ICT Thursday.The system is due to be abolished as part of a proposed amendment to the Digital Signature Act. The ministry will gather feedback on the amendment from experts and the public over the next 40 days.The public certification system, which makes it mandatory for online or mobile banking users to install an authentication certificate on their computers and phones in order to access banking services, has been criticized for its complexity. The system was initially implemented in 1999 to enhance security in the verification process for online transactions. At the time, the government insisted that only a single type of digital certificate could be used - the “public” system. Insiders believe that this lack of flexibility obstructs technological development and prevents the Korean banking system from truly advancing beyond its late-’90s roots.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

A Meeting with Choi Soon-sil, Two Phone Calls, and a Hairdo: That Is How the 7 Hours Passed

The chief of the National Security Office urgently wants to speak over the phone." "Does he?" It was around 10:20 a.m. on April 16, 2014 when former President Park Geun-hye first received a report that the Sewol was sinking. It was already past the "golden time" for rescues, which ended at 10:17 a.m. After the report, former President Park made a couple of phone calls; held a meeting with the "secret heavyweight" Choi Soon-sil and the "doorknob trio"ormer secretaries Jeong Ho-seong, Ahn Bong-geun, and Lee Jae-manuring which she decided to visit the Central Disaster Safety Relief Headquarters; and had her hair and makeup done for the visit. That is all she did during the seven hours after the sinking of the Sewol.

The Fall of Chung Bong-ju's Political Career: Chung Retires from Politics

On March 28, former lawmaker Chung Bong-ju admitted that he had given a false explanation on an allegation of sexual assault, withdrew his bid for Seoul mayor, and declared that he would retire from politics.On March 7, after Pressian reported an allegation of sexual assault raised by a woman seeking a career in journalism, Chung denied the allegation saying, "I have never been to the place where the incident occurred, and I have never even met the victim," but he eventually fell to his knees after it was revealed that his explanation was false. The controversy surrounding Chung left nothing but scars. It led to secondary damage, after some of his enthusiastic followers dug up the personal information of the victim and undermined the sincerity of the #MeToo campaign.

Lee Myung-bak Arrested: Fourth Former President to Be Prosecuted

Former President Lee Myung-bak (77) was arrested on March 22 for allegedly receiving 11 billion won in bribes and embezzling 35 billion won. This day, the former president expressed his intention not to attend the hearing on his arrest warrant and was later arrested at his home and detained at a detention center when his arrest warrant was issued.Thus former President Lee has become the fourth former president to be arrested for corruption during his term in office following former presidents Roh Tae-woo, Chun Doo-hwan and Park Geun-hye. Former President Lee was arrested a year after former President Park's arrest for the abuse of state authority, and now the decade under the conservative governments of Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye will go down in history disgraced, as a time of regression.


AJU Business Daily (

Shinsegae heir unveils world's first self-driving smart shopping cart

Acting his reputation as a well-known tech-savvy early adopter, the de facto head of South Korea's retail conglomerate Shinsegae unveiled "Eli", an autonomous smart shopping cart under development, through his Instagram on Thursday.The smart shopping cart made its sudden debut in cyberspace a day after group vice chairman Chung Yong-jin said at a job fair in Seoul that he would develop a shopping cart with innovative features to provide easy shopping experiences.Chung claimed Eli would be the world's first autonomous smart cart. Eli will be ready at E-Mart Traders, Shinsegae's mega-sized discount store chain, and Starfield Hanam, a gargantuan shopping mall complex in a satellite city of Hanam, in three years, he said.

Inter-Korean summit set for April 27 in border truce village

The two Koreas agreed to hold their summit on April 27 between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the border village of Panmunjom, officials said Thursday.There was no mention on the agenda for the Panmunjom summit in a joint statement released at the end of inter-Korean talks. The April 27 summit will focus on how to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, establish peace and develop cross-border relations, Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, the South's chief delegate, told reporters, adding the two sides had sufficient discussions on the agenda.

S. Korean military elated by roll-out of its first F-35A stealth jet

Lockheed Martin's first F-35A Lightning II jet for South Korea was unveiled in Texas Thursday for delivery next year, inaugurating the era of strategic fifth-generation stealth combat aircraft in Northeast Asia.South Korean military officials hailed its first stealth jet, which will be deployed in March next year under a 2014 deal to buy 40 F-35As by 2021, as a milestone in its air defense because it can attack nuclear and other crucial military facilities in North Korea and probably beyond the Korean peninsula. "I feel good to expect that the security of the Korean peninsula will not be threatened by anything in the future," Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo-suk said in a statement at a rollout ceremony at Lockheed Martin's assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Hyundai Mobis approves reorganization plan to rationalize operation and ownership

South Korea’s second largest conglomerate Hyundai Motor Group has begun rationalizing complex business and ownership structure through inside equity transactions starting with its parts making unit. Hyundai Mobis Co., the group’s auto parts unit, held a board meeting on Wednesday to approve spinoff of its module and after-service parts businesses to place them under Hyundai Glovis Co., the group’s logistics unit. “With the spinoff, we can better focus on our core auto parts business to enhance competitiveness and respond rapidly to changes in the auto industry at home and abroad,” the company said in a disclosure.

Muan Airport in South Jeolla Province expands international flights

South Korea’s Muan International Airport in South Jeolla Province, which had been struggling to keep international traffic, is gradually restoring its reputation as an international airport thanks to China Eastern Airlines’ decision to resume regular flights between the airport and Shanghai. According to South Jeolla provincial government on Thursday, China Eastern Airlines has resumed regular flights from Shanghai in China to Muan on Wednesday after its flights between the two cities were suspended due to the diplomatic row between Seoul and Beijing over the deployment of a U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system. The reopening of the route has led Muan International Airport to handle the largest international flight capacity since its opening in 2007. With the resumption of China Eastern Airline’s Shanghai-Muan route, Muan International Airport now serves as a gateway to eight regular international routes including those to and from Osaka in Japan, Danang in Vietnam, and Bangkok in Thailand, operating 25 times a week.

DSME wins order from Greece to build 2 LNG carriers

South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. (DSME) has won a $370 million order from Greek ship owner Alpha Gas S.A. to build two liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, the company said on Thursday. DSME said it will build the tankers at its shipyard in Okpo in Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province, and aims to deliver them by the end of 2020. According to the company, the two 173,400 cubic meter LNG carriers will be loaded with M-type, electronically controlled gas injection (MEGI) engines and a full re-liquefaction system, which help to enhance overall energy efficiency by about 30 percent compared to existing LNG carriers and reduce emissions by more than 30 percent.


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