The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, April 2, 2018

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

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S. Korean art troupe performs in Pyongyang with N.K. leader in attendance

A South Korean art troupe held a historic performance in Pyongyang on Sunday with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife in attendance.A 160-member art troupe, including celebrated K-pop musicians such as Cho Yong-pil, Red Velvet and Seohyun, performed for about two hours before a North Korean audience in the fully packed, 1,500-seat East Pyongyang Grand Theatre.It marks the first performance by South Korean artists in the North Korean capital since 2005, when Cho, a contemporary K-pop legend, held a solo concert there. The North Korean leader was seen watching the show and clapping while sitting in the center of the second floor seats, according to the show's cast members. Kim and his wife Ri Sol-ju sat next to South Korean culture minister Do Jong-whan.

S. Korean, U.S. troops begin joint field training

A combined field training of South Korean and U.S. troops got under way Sunday as scheduled, defense officials said amid a nascent peace mood on the divided peninsula.More than 11,500 service members, including thousands based outside of Korea, plan to participate in the four-week Foal Eagle training, along with around 300,000 South Korean soldiers.The allies often kick off their largest annual military exercise in late February or early March for a two-month run. This year, however, they waited until the end of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games here.The duration of Foal Eagle has been shortened to a month, with no major U.S. strategic assets such as supercarriers and nuclear subs expected to show up.

S. Korea's exports rise 6.1 pct on-year in March

South Korea's exports rose 6.1 percent last month from a year earlier to mark the largest monthly tally for March, government data showed Sunday.Outbound shipments reached US$51.58 billion in the one-month period, up from $48.64 billion a year ago, according to the data compiled by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.They increased for the 17th consecutive month, with the total being the highest for all March figures.Imports gained 5 percent on-year to $44.72 billion.South Korea's trade surplus came to $6.87 billion, marking 77 straight months in which the country's exports have exceeded imports, the ministry said.



Kim Jong-un Attends Rare Performance by S. Korean Pop Stars

A South Korean art troupe that included ten K-pop singers and girl band Red Velvet put on a two-hour show before an audience of about 15-hundred at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater on Sunday evening.

Kim watched the performance with his wife, Ri Sol-ju, his sister Kim Yo-jong and top North Korean officials.Kim met with the performers after the concert, shook their hands and posed for photos. According to South Korean performers, he said that the two Koreas should hold cultural performances more often, proposing another event is held in Seoul around fall under the title "Autumn Comes." Sunday's concert was held under the title "Spring Comes."

Two Minor Parties to Launch Joint Floor Negotiation Bloc Sunday

Two minor liberal parties will launch their joint floor negotiation bloc on Sunday in a move to strengthen their parliamentary clout.The center-left Party for Democracy and Peace (PDP) and the progressive Justice Party will hold a ceremony at the National Assembly on Sunday afternoon to mark the launch of a joint negotiating bloc named "the Assembly of Lawmakers for Peace and Justice.”The PDP and Justice Party, which have 14 and six lawmakers, respectively, have been excluded from key legislative negotiations, as each party alone cannot form a negotiating bloc with the required minimum of least 20 legislators.The joint bloc plans to engage in legislative activities in earnest from Monday beginning with a meeting of the heads of parliamentary negotiating blocs.

S. Korean Art Troupe, Taekwondo Team to Perform on Sunday in Pyongyang

A South Korean art troupe and taekwondo athletes will perform in North Korea on Sunday ahead of an inter-Korean summit set for late this month.The art troupe, including celebrated K-pop artists such as Cho Yong-pil, Red Velvet and Seohyun, will put on a two-hour concert at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.A joint performance with North Korea is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Tuesday at the Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju are expected to watch the joint performance.The South Korean taekwondo team will hold an hour-long performance at the Pyongyang Taekwondo Hall on Sunday, followed by a joint performance with North Korea at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Monday.


Yonhap (

Regulator finds 32 cases of alleged hiring irregularities at KEB Hana Bank

A three-week probe by South Korea's financial regulator found 32 cases of alleged hiring irregularities at KEB Hana Bank in 2013, the regulator said Monday.The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) launched a probe on March 13 after its former governor, Choe Heung-sik, resigned over allegations that he was involved in hiring irregularities at the bank for which he served as president. The probe confirmed that Choe asked KEB Hana Bank, which was known as Hana Bank at the time, to hire the son of a colleague in 2013, who then landed a job at the bank. Hana Bank acquired Korea Exchange Bank in 2015, becoming KEB Hana.

Gov't R&D spending to focus on AI, smart factory, renewable energy

The government will spend its research and development budget mainly on strengthening artificial intelligence (AI), smart factory, renewable energy and seven other key sectors, Seoul's finance ministry said Monday.According to the ministry, the R&D budget will be also allocated to autonomous driving and drone technology.The ministry said it will set up task forces comprised of government officials, researchers and private companies to draw up detailed investment roadmap.In particular, private researchers and companies will be allowed to participate in development projects for autonomous driving and smart city, according to the ministry.

Total monthly value of Kakao Pay transactions surpasses 1 tln won mark

Mobile payment platform provider Kakao Pay said Monday that in March its total value of monthly transactions exceeded 1 trillion won (US$938 million) for the first time since its launch.A total of 1.13 trillion won worth of payments was made though the one-click payment system last month, the company said. The service was officially launched in April 2017 as a separate entity from South Korea's top mobile messenger operator, Kakao Corp."I am elated that the critical monthly transaction number has been reached," said company CEO Ryu Young-joon.The platform is similar to American online payment service PayPal, as users pre-register their credit or debit cards and make transactions by logging into their messenger IDs. Kakao has been rolling out various services, capitalizing on its 40 million local users of KakaoTalk mobile messenger service.


The Korea Herald (

S. Korean musicians rock on in front of Kim Jong-un

Standing in front of 1,500 spectators -- including the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife -- in the East Pyongyang Grand Theater, the visiting South Korean art troupe delivered a message of peace and hope for unification through musical performance.The Pyongyang concert was originally slated for 5:30 p.m., South Korean time, but was delayed for 80 minutes due to Kim’s sudden decision to attend the concert himself with his wife Ri Sol-ju. With it, he became the first North Korean leader to attend a concert by South Korean musicians.

South Korea in efforts to rescue sailors kidnapped in waters off Ghana

South Korea has deployed an anti-piracy naval vessel to the sea off Ghana, and is cooperating with other nations to rescue three South Korean sailors supposedly kidnapped by pirates, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said late Saturday.The ministry said unidentified pirates appeared to have kidnapped the three Korean sailors, along with one Greek national and one Ghanaian national, on Monday (local time) and used a speed boat to take them away. An official from the ministry told The Korea Herald that the ministry is yet to identify the whereabouts of the speed boat and the Korean sailors, as well as what the pirates want and who they are, as of Sunday. South Korean President Moon Jae-in sent Munmu the Great, a South Korean anti-piracy warship which has been operating in waters off Oman’s Port of Salalah, to the nearby area in the search and rescue effort. It is scheduled to arrive in the nearby sea on April 16.

Over 20 percent of air quality predictions last year incorrect: report

Over 20 percent of air quality predictions in Seoul issued by the Environment Ministry‘s National Institute of Environmental Research last year were incorrect, said Rep. Choi Do-ja of Bareun Mirae Party, who obtained the data from the ministry Sunday. According to Choi’s press release, 487 of the 2,384 predictions for the next day’s PM10 and PM2.5 density levels -- density of particulate matter smaller than 10 and 2.5 micrometers in diameter, respectively -- were incorrect in the country where air quality often deteriorates to hazardous levels.


The Korea Times (

Kim Jong-un enjoys K-pop concert in Pyongyang

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju attended a concert put on by South Korean performers at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Sunday.South Korean entertainers performed in the North's capital for the first time in 13 years, presenting a wide variety of South Korean music to the reclusive regime.The concert, titled "Spring Comes," was intended to signal a change in relations between the two countries ahead of an inter-Korean summit April 27, and a North Korea-United States summit planned for May.Kim originally planned to see the South-North joint performance on April 3, but changed his mind and came to see the first concert on April 1. Due to Kim's unexpected visit, South Korean joint press corps reporters were escorted out of the theater, except for a videographer.

N. Korea beefs up crackdown on S. Korean entertainment viewers

Youngsters are being sent to labor camps in North Korea after being caught secretly watching South Korean entertainment ― including movies and soap operas ― according to sources familiar with Pyongyang.The sources said the authorities were cracking down on clandestine viewing of South Korean media amid fears that it will harm the Kim Jong-un regime's "ideological purity." The young people still risk being sent to re-education labor camps for using illegal memory cards for entertainment."Those who are caught are sent to youth labor-reform centers and kept there for about a year for re-education," a source said.

Pope Francis expresses hope over inter-Korean talks

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed hope over prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula, as Seoul and Pyongyang recently launched efforts for a possible reconciliation."We implore fruits of dialogue for the Korean peninsula, that the discussions underway may advance harmony and peace within the region," the pope said during Easter speech."May those who are directly responsible act with wisdom and discernment to promote the good of the Korean people and to build relationships of trust within the international community," he added.The remark was apparently aimed at the inter-Korean summit slated for April 27, along with the U.S.-Pyongyang talks slated for May.The pope visited South Korea in April 2014, which was his first Asian destination after he became the bishop of Rome.


Chosun Ilbo (

Kim Jong-un Attends S.Korean Pop Concert with Wife and Sister

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended a concert by South Korean musicians in Pyongyang on Sunday with his wife Ri Sol-ju and sister Kim Yo-jong. Other dignitaries in the audience included titular head of state Kim Yong-nam, Choe Hwi, chairman of the country's National Sports Guidance Committee and Ri Son-kwon, chairman of the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. Meeting the dozens of South Korean performers, Kim said, "Cultural performances must be held often. The South put on a concert this time, so let's have a concert in Seoul in the fall."

Minimum Wage Hike Prompts Restaurants to Give up Deliveries

A growing number of restaurants are charging customers delivery fees or halting deliveries as they struggle with the minimum wage hike.Hwang Doo-hyun (31), who lives in northeastern Seoul, has had to cut down on ordering in because few restaurants will deliver cheap meals. "I can only have food delivered if I order two portions or pay for the delivery," he said.Han Min-young (25), a university student in eastern Seoul, said, "These days, restaurants refuse to deliver food if you order a dish costing less than W12,000. For people living alone like myself, having food delivered to your home has become a luxury."

Samsung to Set up AI Research Center in Paris

Samsung will set up an artificial-intelligence research center in Paris as part of its global push to gain the edge in the burgeoning market. French President Emmanuel Macron and Samsung Electronics chief strategy officer Young Sohn met at the Élysée Palace on Wednesday and announced the plan, according to the company.The AI center will initially employ 20 staff and expand the number eventually to some 100. Samsung's aim is to hire talented AI experts in Europe and develop services to target the European and African markets.Google, Facebook and Naver also have AI research centers in France.Samsung has set its sights on AI as a new growth engine. It operates 34 research centers around the world and has been aggressively acquiring companies specializing in AI technology and hiring experts in the area.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

US culpability for the bloodshed on Jeju Island

Visitors to the Jeju April 3 Peace Memorial in Jeju City’s Bonggae neighborhood on Mar. 24 finished their stop by leaving signatures in a book calling for the US and UN to undertake responsible measures and issue an apology. Since Oct. 2017, around 50,000 people have taken part in the “100,000-person signature campaign” by the Association for the Bereaved Families of 4/3 Victims, the Pan-National Committee for the 70th Anniversary of Jeju April 3, the Jeju Council, and other groups to call for “responsible measures” from the US and UN on the events of the uprising. Why are they demanding an apology from the US?

South Korean government protests US assertion that exchange rate discussions linked to KORUS FTA

The South Korean government emphatically stated that exchange rate discussions with the US took place separately from discussions on the two sides’ Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and sent a message to Washington strongly protesting their presentation as having been linked.“The South Korea-US FTA negotiations and exchange rate discussions were entirely separate,” a senior Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) official said at a Mar. 29 briefing.

South Korean companies' treatment of workforce in ASEAN countries raising concerns

After South Korean President Moon Jae-in declared that he would create a close trading and investment relationship with the countries of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) through his New Southern Policy, concerns are being raised about South Korean companies violating workers’ rights in ASEAN countries.On Mar. 29, South Korea’s two national trade unions (the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and Federation of Korean Trade Unions), the South Korean offices of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation held a press conference at the Francisco Building in downtown Seoul to call on the Moon administration to consider human rights issues in its New Southern Policy and to institute laws and policies that ensure that South Korean companies moving into ASEAN countries guarantee human rights and labor rights.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Red Velvet and rock stars perform for Pyongyang

K-pop idols and rockers hit the stage in Pyongyang on Sunday in the first performance by South Korean musicians in the North in 13 years. The 11 different groups performed an eclectic mix of contemporary K-pop and ballads that were more popular during the 1980s and ’90s. The musicians include legendary singer Cho Yong-pil; girl group Red Velvet; Seohyun, a member of Girls’ Generation; YB, a five-member band; Kim Kwang-min, a pianist; and rock star Kang San-ae.The concerts are a response to the North’s performances in the South two months ago right before and during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.There are almost 190 delegation members, including a 22-member taekwondo team, 10 journalists and 20 government officials along with support staff and technicians. They are led by the South’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Do Jong-hwan.

Joint drills begin after delay for PyeongChang

The United States and South Korea kicked off their annual joint military exercises Sunday after a month-long delay due to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, a major concession to Pyongyang that led to a rare rapprochement between the two Koreas. An official from South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said that the annual Foal Eagle drill was launched with the start of the Ssangyong joint military exercises, participated in by U.S. and South Korean Marines and Navy.Ssangyong is expected to last until next Sunday, while the entire Foal Eagle drill will run for four weeks, down from last year’s eight-week program, which kicked off on March 1. Foal Eagle will be participated in by some 300,000 troops from South Korea and 11,500 from the United States.

Kumho Tire’s union agrees to sale

Ahead of a critical meeting today on Kumho Tire’s fate, the struggling tire maker’s union voted Sunday to sell the company to the Chinese firm Doublestar.According to Kumho Tire, 60 percent of the 2,741 voters were in favor of the sale to the Qingdao-based tire company. Over 90 percent of the company’s 2,987 union workers participated. Eight of the company’s creditors, led by the state-owned Korea Development Bank (KDB), are expected to sign an agreement to sell 45 percent of their stake in Kumho Tire for 646 billion won ($609 million) to Doublestar today. The stake held by the eight creditors will shrink from 42 percent to 23.1 percent as a result, and Doublestar will take the helm as the company’s largest shareholder. The union workers reversed their opposition to the Doublestar sale after President Moon Jae-in’s administration repeatedly confirmed that it would not use public funds to save the company. On Friday, Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon said there would be no political solution to the Kumho situation.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

North-South Korea Summit to Be Held at Panmunjom on April 27

President Moon Jae-in and Chairman of North Korea's State Affairs Commission Kim Jong-un will meet in the South's side of Panmunjom on April 27. This inter-Korean summit will be the third following the summits on June 15, 2000 and October 4, 2007. The two Koreas held a meeting of senior-officials at Tongilgak in the North's side of Panmunjom on March 29 and adopted a joint press release including three items centered on these details. In the press release, the two Koreas announced, "North and South Korea decided to hold the 2018 inter-Korean summit at the House of Peace in the South Korean side of Panmunjom on April 27 according to the wishes of the two state leaders." Chairman Kim will be the first North Korean leader to cross the Military Demarcation Line and set foot on South Korean soil.

Hyundai Motor to Reduce Cross Holding; What Is Samsung Doing?

On March 28, Hyundai Motor Group released plans to reform its corporate ownership structure, which will suspend all four existing "cycles" of cross shareholding and place Hyundai Mobis at the top of the group. More specifically, the group will divide Mobis into two divisions: the investment and key parts division, they will keep, while separating the module and after-serve parts division and merging that with Hyundai Glovis. Then, Chung Mong-koo, chairman of the group, and Chung Ui-sun, vice chairman, will sell their shares of Glovis to purchase shares of Mobis owned by other affiliates. If things go as planned, the father and son will own 30.2% of Hyundai Mobis shares and the corporate ownership of Hyundai Motor will be simplified in the order of the father and son, followed by Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Motor Company, and Kia Motors.

A Meeting with Choi Soon-sil, Two Phone Calls, and a Hairdo: That Is How the 7 Hours Passed

The chief of the National Security Office urgently wants to speak over the phone." "Does he?" It was around 10:20 a.m. on April 16, 2014 when former President Park Geun-hye first received a report that the Sewol was sinking. It was already past the "golden time" for rescues, which ended at 10:17 a.m. After the report, former President Park made a couple of phone calls; held a meeting with the "secret heavyweight" Choi Soon-sil and the "doorknob trio"ormer secretaries Jeong Ho-seong, Ahn Bong-geun, and Lee Jae-man뾡uring which she decided to visit the Central Disaster Safety Relief Headquarters; and had her hair and makeup done for the visit. That is all she did during the seven hours after the sinking of the Sewol.


AJU Business Daily (

N. Korea's Kim voices excitement at concert by Red Velvet and other artists

K-pop girl band Red Velvet and other South Korean artists captured the hearts of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and other fans at a concert in Pyongyang ahead of an inter-Korean summit, according to pool reports.Kim gave an enthusiastic response to the concert on Sunday night saying he was so excited and impressed as it brought "the spring of peace" to the two Koreas, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)."I hope the South Korean art troupe's visit to Pyongyang will be a meaningful opportunity to show off the unity of North and South Korean people," Kim said. He became the first North Korean leader to attend a performance by South Korean artists.

Inter-Korean summit set for April 27 in border truce village

The two Koreas agreed to hold their summit on April 27 between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the border village of Panmunjom, officials said Thursday.There was no mention on the agenda for the Panmunjom summit in a joint statement released at the end of inter-Korean talks. The April 27 summit will focus on how to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, establish peace and develop cross-border relations, Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, the South's chief delegate, told reporters, adding the two sides had sufficient discussions on the agenda.The meeting in Panmunjom in the middle of the Demilitarized Zone which splits the Korean peninsula followed a summit this week between Kim and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

S. Korean military elated by roll-out of its first F-35A stealth jet

Lockheed Martin's first F-35A Lightning II jet for South Korea was unveiled in Texas Thursday for delivery next year, inaugurating the era of strategic fifth-generation stealth combat aircraft in Northeast Asia.South Korean military officials hailed its first stealth jet, which will be deployed in March next year under a 2014 deal to buy 40 F-35As by 2021, as a milestone in its air defense because it can attack nuclear and other crucial military facilities in North Korea and probably beyond the Korean peninsula."I feel good to expect that the security of the Korean peninsula will not be threatened by anything in the future," Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo-suk said in a statement at a rollout ceremony at Lockheed Martin's assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Kumho Tire avoids bankruptcy after union okays Doublestar Tyre’s acquisition

South Korea’s cash-strapped Kumho Tire Co. has avoided the worst-case scenario of heading to bankruptcy court and China’s Doublestar Tyre is finally cleared to own its bigger Korean rival on a second attempt.Kumho Tire labor union said on Sunday that 2,741 unionized workers of the country’s second-largest tire manufacturer cast the ballot, and 60.6 percent of them voted in favor of a plan to sell the company to Doublestar Tyre. It said 38.4 percent turned down the plan. The vote was held after Kumho Tire labor union on Friday agreed with management on the company’s normalization plan by accepting the creditors’ demand to put Doublestar Tyre’s takeover plan to a vote, just three hours before the company’s creditors’ voluntary agreement ended. The agreement was reached during an emergency meeting among the company’s management, labor union, and government and creditor officials.

Funds for Vietnamese stocks turn lucrative on expectation for growth

Equity fund products for investment in Vietnamese stocks are generating handsome returns in South Korea thanks to the Southeast Asian country’s economic growth potential and buoyant stock market. According to a fund evaluation firm KG Zeroin on Sunday, the products that invest in Vietnamese stocks delivered the highest average return of 14.72 percent for the past three months of this year in Korea. The fund investing in Brazilian stocks offered a 10.31 percent return rate, followed by Russia with 6.72 percent, South American countries with 5.6 percent and Southeast Asian countries with 4.95 percent.

S. Korea’s export growth slows to single digit again in March

South Korea’s exports has been in upturn for the last 17 months but the growth pace slowed to a single digit again in March, adding to worries about the country’s trade outlook amid growing trade protectionism in the U.S. and China. According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Sunday, the nation’s exports in March gained 6.1 percent on year to $51.58 billion, increasing by single digit against year-ago number. Daily shipments remained robust, up 8.3 percent on year to average $2.2 billion, the highest-ever for March. Seven out of the country’s 13 mainstay exports items were up from a year ago. Shipment of semiconductor and computer increased by double digits against year-ago numbers.


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