The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Trump should make no mention of Libya in summit with Kim: ex-U.S. envoy

U.S. President Donald Trump should not mention the example of Libya when he meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss the denuclearization of the regime, a former U.S. envoy said Tuesday.Robert King, former U.S. special envoy for North Korea human rights, was addressing recent talk about a Libyan style solution to the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons program, under which the North would be rewarded only after it completely dismantles the facility.He said the North's current vice foreign minister, Kim Kye-gwan, made it clear to him in a meeting in 2011 that Pyongyang will not follow the example of Libya, whose then leader, Muammar Gaddafi, was months away from being killed by rebel forces.

N.K. official hopes for continued inter-Korean reconciliation

A senior North Korean official expressed hope for continued reconciliation between the two Koreas as he thanked South Korean artists for performing in his country, according to pool reports Wednesday.Kim Yong-chol, a ranking Workers' Party official in charge of affairs with South Korea, hosted a dinner for the 160-member art troupe after they completed their second and last concert in Pyongyang Tuesday.In his opening remarks, Kim said he believes a sharing of hearts will lead to a sharing of will, and ultimately open a pathway, the pool reports said.

Sports ministers of Koreas agree to push for joint march at Asian Games

Sports ministers of the two Koreas on Monday agreed to push for a joint march by their athletes at this year's Asian Games.During their meeting at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang, South Korean Sports Minister Do Jong-whan and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Il-guk, discussed ways to expand inter-Korean sports exchanges. They also agreed to engage in more specific talks on a range of issues, including marching under one flag at the Aug. 18-Sept. 2 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, following the inter-Korean summit on April 27."If North and South Korea meet often for talks and come together in sports, we'll have no problem becoming the No. 1 in Asia, and we'll also be a force to be reckoned with internationally," Kim said.



S. Korean Art Troupe Returns after Joint Concert with N. Korea

A South Korean art troupe has returned home after a successful joint concert with North Korean musicians in Pyongyang.The 160-member South Korean art troupe, including eleven pop musicians and groups, put on a concert with the North Korean Samjiyon Orchestra on Tuesday afternoon at the fully packed 12-thousand-seat Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium.South Korean K-pop star Seo Hyun and a North Korean TV personality jointly emceed the 150-minute concert titled "We Are One." The format of the joint concert was similar to the South Korean art troupe's first performance on Sunday.

Foreign Ministers of N. Korea, China Meet in Beijing

The top diplomats of North Korea and China met on Tuesday to follow up on the recent summit between their leaders. China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho held their meeting in Beijing. According to the ministry, Wang said that since their summit last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have reached consensus on the development of Beijing-Pyongyang relations and the pursuit of a peaceful solution to the North Korean nuclear issue. Wang also said that maintaining and developing the two countries’ traditional friendship is “very important” for both nations given the current situation, and the two allies should strengthen diplomatic exchanges on every level to help the summit bear fruit swiftly and successfully.

PM Lee Calls for Thorough Gov't Management of Pending Issues

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon has called for the thorough and fair management of major government policies that draw significant public attention. Lee made the request during a meeting on Tuesday with two deputy prime ministers, Kim Dong-yeon and Kim Sang-kon, who also serve as finance minister and education minister, respectively. Lee said the government should stick to principles when dealing with the restructuring of major companies such as GM Korea and Kumho Tire without being bound by political considerations. Regarding efforts to revise the college entrance system from 2022, Lee emphasized the need for sufficient preparations and coordination. He also touched on the government’s plan to extend health insurance coverage, instructing the Health and Welfare Ministry to actively seek cooperation from the medical community.


Yonhap (

Returning from Pyongyang, S. Korean art troupe 'unbelievably moved'

South Korean musical and taekwondo delegations returned home early Wednesday after performances in Pyongyang, the latest in inter-Korean exchanges since the North's participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.The art troupe and taekwondo team, led by Do Jong-whan, minister of culture, tourism and sports, arrived at Incheon International Airport at 3:40 a.m.On Tuesday, musicians from the South and the North's Samjiyon Orchestra staged a joint concert titled "We Are One" at the fully packed 12,000-seat Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium in Pyongyang.

Elliott holds over $1 bln stake in Hyundai Motor Group affiliates

Elliott Advisors Ltd., a unit of U.S. activist hedge fund Elliott Management Corp., said Wednesday it holds more than US$1 billion worth of stocks in three major affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group, and requested greater efforts to improve corporate governance by the firms.Citing Hyundai's plan to streamline its complicated cross-shareholding structure through business spinoffs and mergers, Elliott Advisors welcomed the move as a first step towards an improved and more sustainable corporate structure."While this step is encouraging, more needs to be done to benefit the companies and stakeholders," Elliott said in a statement, calling for a detailed road map to further enhance the South Korean auto giant's governance structure.Last week, Hyundai Motor Group announced that auto parts supplier Hyundai Mobis Co. will spin off its domestic module and after-sales parts businesses and merge them with logistics affiliate Hyundai Glovis Co.

Top 10 pharmaceutical firms invested over 1 trillion won in R&D last year

Local pharmaceutical companies spent 1.02 trillion won (US$968.75 billion) in 2017 on research and development (R&D), an increase of approximately 3 percent from the year before, data showed Wednesday.Celltrion led the pack, allotting 227 billion won, equal to 23.92 percent of its sales. However, the total is down from 2016, when the company spent 264.7 billion won, or 39.47 percent of its sales. Company officials said commercialization of biosimilar products and cost differences according to the development phase of a new anti-flu drug were the reasons for the decrease.The data were compiled by business reports of drug and bio firms who ranked among top 10 in sales. The R&D level was measured by the amount spent in proportion to company sales.Hanmi Pharmaceutical came next, funneling 170.6 billion won, or 18.6 percent of its sales, to R&D. Dong-a ST came in third after investing 81.2 billion won, accounting for 14.6 percent of the sales.


The Korea Herald (

Japan’s Abe strives to stay relevant in denuclearization talks

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet US President Donald Trump this month, and the Japanese foreign minister will reportedly visit South Korea next week, as Japan struggles to remain relevant in the upcoming inter-Korean and North Korea-US talks. Abe will meet Trump from April 17-18 to discuss North Korea and trade ties at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida ahead of an inter-Korean summit scheduled for April 27 and planned talks between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before the end of May.The White House confirmed the plan, saying Trump and Abe “will discuss the international campaign to maintain maximum pressure on North Korea.”

Korea’s mobile payments market grows in both offline, online

Over the past year or two, Park Ji-yoon, a 28-year-old office worker in Seoul, has gradually stopped carrying her wallet when going to most places, be it a convenience store, a restaurant or a bar.There is no need to do so, Park says, as she is an avid user of mobile payment services that allow her to make transactions using just her smartphone, both in the offline and online world.“At offline retailers, I just have to activate my mobile pay service on my smartphone and place the device next to a card reader. When shopping online, I simply enter a passcode or scan my fingerprint to make a purchase. It’s super convenient,” Park said.Park is just one of many South Koreans hailing the simplified mobile payments business, led by smartphone manufacturers like Samsung Electronics as well as internet platform providers like Naver and Kakao.

Is there a ‘third option’ for resolving US-NK nuclear standoff?

Ever since North Korea rattled the international community with nuclear and missile programs in the late 1990s, there have been two competing approaches to addressing Pyongyang’s relentless pursuit of nuclear ambition: incremental implementation and comprehensive denuclearization. While the previous negotiations took an “incremental approach” in which North Korea made limited nuclear concessions in return for limited benefits from the US, the Trump administration denounces it as a delaying tactic to buy time and seeks to resolve the nuclear issue in a “comprehensive manner.” South Korea’s Moon Jae-in administration, which is committed to playing a meditator role between Pyongyang and Washington, appears to believe there is a “third option” to meet both parties half way: incremental implementation for comprehensive denuclearization.


The Korea Times (

The case for fewer babies

Korea's falling birthrate poses grave challenges for the future, from a shrinking labor force to rising healthcare costs. There is certainly much to worry about.But is having fewer or no babies at all also bad for individual members of society? Not really, according to Ronald Demos Lee, a professor of demography and economics at the University of California, Berkeley."The economic benefits of a low fertility rate are less visible and largely private, while the public costs of it, such as pensions and healthcare, are all very visible so they get much attention," Lee told The Korea Times.According to his 2014 research paper, "Is Low Fertility Really a Problem? Population Aging, Dependency and Consumption," moderately low fertility and population decline are good for individuals' living standards.

Woman wounds three at YouTube headquarters in California, then kills herself

A woman opened fire at YouTube's headquarters near San Francisco on Tuesday, wounding three people before taking her own life as employees of the Silicon Valley technology company fled into the surrounding streets, authorities said.Police did not release any further information on the suspect or her motives for the shooting rampage at YouTube, a video sharing service owned by Alphabet Inc's Google.MSNBC reported that police believe a woman in her 30s approached an outdoor patio and dining area on the campus around lunchtime and began to fire, before turning the gun on herself.Senior law enforcement officials believe the motive behind the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute, MSNBC and other media reported. There had no known connection to terrorism, a U.S. government security official told Reuters.

US threatens Korea's forex sovereignty

Amid concern the country will "lose sovereignty" in its foreign exchange market operations following an agreement with the United States to improve transparency, the Korean won is rapidly strengthening against the U.S. dollar, threatening the profitability of exporters. While the government says it will have no problem controlling foreign exchange fluctuations, analysts say the agreement is likely to be a shackleThe Korean won closed at 1,054.2 won per dollar, Tuesday, the lowest rate in more than three years. On top of the lessening geopolitical tension ahead of a summit with North Korea, the announcement that the country is negotiating with the United States to improve the transparency of its foreign exchange "smoothing" is pulling down the won/dollar rate.


Chosun Ilbo (

China Scrambles to Regain Lead in N.Korea Negotiation

Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to push his way back to the front in negotiations about North Korea's nuclear weapons.Xi swiftly invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Beijing when an inter-Korean summit and a U.S.-North Korea summit suddenly appeared on the horizon. China is the first foreign country that the reclusive North Korean leader has visited since taking power.In the meantime, U.S.-China relations are chilling rapidly. U.S. President Donald Trump has opted to warm up to Taiwan, signing a bill that permits officials of both sides to travel to each other's country. But by inviting Kim, China has tried to show that the North Korean issue cannot be resolved without its cooperation.

'Mastermind of Cheonan Sinking' Says Sorry to S.Korean Reporters

The head of North Korea's United Front Department on Monday identified himself as "what South Koreans are calling the mastermind of the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan sinking" in 2010.Kim Yong-chol was talking to South Korean reporters who were in Pyongyang to cover concerts by South Korean musicians there but had been kept out of the first performance on Sunday. In a hastily arranged meeting at the Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang, he apologized for keeping them cooped up in the lobby of the theatre where the performance was held. "It was wrong to restrict you from free media coverage and filming," Kim said. "Let me offer an apology or ask for your understanding." But he introduced himself as the "mastermind of the Cheonan sinking," apparently more in jest than in earnest.

Handsome Hunks Available for Rent as Tour Guides

Many fans arrive in Seoul hoping to see the streets of the capital crawling with the kind of sleekly styled young heartthrobs they love from soap operas or music videos but are disappointed by the drab reality.But some savvy entrepreneurs have launched a service that lets them down more gently by renting out handsome young tour guides whose hair and chins look nearly as good.It is called "Oh My Oppa" after the Korean word referring to an older brother or lover and used for stars, which is familiar to many from the global megahit "Gangnam Style." "Rent your very own 'oppa'" say the adverts.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Blue House suggests holding trilateral talks with US and North Korea following spring summits

Amid an ongoing debate over the “road map” for the Korean Peninsula’s denuclearization, the Blue House stated on Apr. 2 that an approach of holding trilateral talks with North Korea and the US prior to four-party talks with China would be “desirable.”“The proper sequence would be to have the inter-Korean summit first and North Korea and the US, which are parties [to the North Korean nuclear issue], followed by South-North-US, and South-North-US-China after that,” a key Blue House official said.“Things like declaring an end [to the Korean War] and signing a peace agreement will be possible once there has been an agreement on a broader framework with regard to denuclearization,” the official added.

Young generation learn a painful history

After lunch on Apr. 2, small groups of students filed into a pavilion pitched in front of the gymnasium at Jeju Girls’ High School. The pavilion contained a memorial altar for the Apr. 3 Uprising on Jeju Island, which the school had organized independently to mark the uprising’s 70th anniversary this year. Inside the tent is an explanation of the uprising and a literary exhibition complete with a “white stone monument” that the students made themselves.First-year students on the school’s Apr. 3 Day of Remembrance Committee came to school on Sunday, Apr. 1, the day before the event, to create the “white stone monument” by painting the wooden materials.“I took part to get a deeper understanding of the Apr. 3 Uprising. While taking part in this activity, I’ve come to think that peace and human rights are even more important,” said Kim Hyeon-ju, 17.

Former investigator taken into court custody in perjury case involving Zainichi Korean

Hon. Judge Lee Seong-eun: The charge is false testimony, but in its essence this is not a case that can be limited to perjury. There are too many people who do remember for you to say that you “don’t recall” [the torture]. You appear to need more time to offer an apology.It’s been a very difficult process, and the defendant must defend himself throughout the length of the trial. In recognition of the risk of flight and destruction of evidence, I have decided to enforce an arrest warrant. I imagine that the victims have had tens of thousands of times more difficult a time than the defendant. I also feel that with his memory, the defendant may be the key to helping the victims somehow escape their past suffering. Do you have anything you would like to say?


JoongAng Ilbo (

12,000 attend second concert in Pyongyang

South Korean artists held a second concert in Pyongyang Tuesday, this time alongside North Korea’s Samjiyon Orchestra, belting out hit songs from both countries to a crowd of 12,000.The concert, entitled “Spring Comes,” was held at the Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium, and included performances by 11 South Korean groups, including girl group Red Velvet. North Korea’s Samjiyon Orchestra, which visited South Korea last February to hold two concerts in Seoul and Gangneung, Gangwon, sang five songs with the South Korean artists, according to pool reports.Top North Korean officials in the audience included Kim Yong-chol, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, and Ri Son-gwon, chairman of the Committee of the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was not seen.

Park’s verdict will be televised live on Friday

The verdict for former President Park Geun-hye’s corruption and power abuse trial will be televised on Friday, the first time that an initial verdict in a criminal trial will be broadcast live.But whether Park will be in the courtroom is not yet known.“We decided to allow live broadcasting of the verdict, considering the needs of the public [to know],” said the Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday. “The courtroom cameras will be used to stream the sentencing.”Korean courts can decide whether to broadcast trials live since an amendment was passed last July to a regulation on court procedures. The hearing and broadcast will begin at 2:10 p.m. Friday.

Moon’s minimum wage policy gains more detractors

President Moon Jae-in is determined to deliver on his campaign promise of raising the minimum wage to 10,000 won ($9.50) an hour by 2020, but this year’s record increase has left many workers and employers dismayed.After the government raised the minimum wage by more than 16 percent to 7,530 won at the start of January, the outcomes have largely been unintended consequences: hiring cuts, business closures and job loss.Now, employees and employers alike are dreading future hikes to come.Last Friday, the minister of employment and labor asked the Minimum Wage Commission, which sets the amount, to begin deliberating on a minimum wage for next year. The commission has until June 29 to submit a proposal to the minister.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

A Non-owner CEO Turns out to Be the "Salary King" in South Korea: Chairman of Samsung Kwon Oh-hyun Earned 24.3 Billion Won

Kwon Oh-hyun (66), chairman of Samsung Electronics received a total of 24.3 billion won as his salary while serving as the vice chairman of the company last year. Kwon earned the highest salary among CEOs, including owners and non-owners. This was thanks to the semiconductor boom and Samsung Electronics' ousting of Intel to secure the top position among international semiconductor companies last year. Among the group owners, Shin Dong-bin, chairman of Lotte Group earned the most money with 15.2 billion won, followed by Suh Kyung-bae, chairman of AmorePacific with 11 billion won. As for the average salary of employees, the employees at the three oil-refining companies all earned on average more than 100 million won.

In Broad Daylight, a Student Taken Hostage at an Elementary School in Gangnam, Seoul: More Holes in School Safety

A man took a student hostage at an elementary school in Seoul. The police arrested him after an hour-long confrontation. The school allowed the man to enter the school without checking his identification, revealing how the school had failed to abide by the safety management manual. The school sheriff was introduced to our schools for tighter control on outsiders entering school grounds after the Gim Su-cheol incidentn 2010, Gim entered an elementary school and kidnapped and raped a female student. Yet access to the school was too easy once again.According to the police and school officials, at around 12:43 p.m. on April 2, A (25), an alumnus of the school held a knife to B (10), a fourth grader, demanding the teachers to call the press in the teachers

Spring Songs of Peace Touch the Heart of Pyongyang

On the afternoon of April 1, the South Korean art troupe and Taekwondo demonstration team in North Korea performed their first show in Pyongyang. The performance was a preshow to the inter-Korean summit scheduled for April 27 and was also in response to the performances in Gangneung and Seoul by the North Korean art troupe in February. Kim Jong-un, chairman of North Korea's State Affairs Commission was in the audience along with his wife, Ri Sol-ju. The South Korean art troupe composed mainly of popular singers opened the stage to the “Pyongyang Performance by the South Korean Art Troupe for Peace and Cooperation between North and South Korea” at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre at 6:20 p.m. (Pyongyang time) this day. The theme of the show was "Spring Is Coming."


AJU Business Daily (

Australian envoy urges cooperation to resist protectionism

Amid growing international concerns about a possible trade war between the United States and China, Australia is ready to take a leading role in advocating free trade and resisting protectionism, its top envoy in Seoul said."It's a great big concern for Australia," Australian Ambassador to South Korea James Choi said in an interview with Aju News, calling for cooperation between Australia and South Korea, which depend on free trade.Protectionism will backfire because protectionist measures and raising tariffs only harm the countries that implement them, he said.Australia supports the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), also known as TPP11, that would eventually involve the United States, he said. "Our hope is that this protective sentiment in the United States especially is a temporary phenomenon."

S. Korea envisions unmanned combat units using multi-purpose drones

South Korea's military envisioned the creation of unmanned combat units using drones that can carry out various missions from reconnaissance and suicidal exposition to bombing.At a military drone conference in the central city of Sejong, attended by senior field commanders, the army education command proposed the creation of a drone combat system for deployment by 2030.For preferred development, the command promised to select drones this year for eavesdropping, the bombing of grenades or liquid explosives, suicidal explosion, surveillance and reconnaissance, and artillery guidance. The command said it would test the operational performance of selected drones, their environmental adaptability and operational suitability, followed by actual experiments next year or later.

N. Korean leader's favorite ballad performed at concert in Pyongyang

A repertoire of songs performed at a historic concert in Pyongyang this week included a sad South Korean ballad from the 1970s that was personally requested by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un."Remorse Too Late" was originally sung by a brother-sister duo which debuted in 1975 and died one by one in 1990. At a concert in Pyongyang on Sunday, the song about a person in remorse of lost love was sung by Choi Jin-hee, a veteran female singer well-known for her hit songs in North Korea.According to pool reports, Yoon Sang who led South Korean artists to the concerts in Pyongyang said: "Remorse Too Late is a song loved by North Koreans fans. The atmosphere was great when it was performed on the stage."


Maeil Business News Korea (

GM Korea sales in Korea halve on year amid bankruptcy concerns

Sales of domestically made General Motors (GM) cars more than halved last month in Korea against a year-ago period amid jitters about the fate of the producer. GM Korea said on Monday it shipped total 41,260 cars in March, down 18.9 percent from a year ago. Sales in the Korean market plunged 57.6 percent on year to 6,272 units last month, and outbound shipments fell 3 percent to 34,988 units, it said. GM Korea’s combined sales in January to March period declined 15.8 percent on year to 120,386 units. The fate of GM Korea is in limbo as the management and union failed to settle collective bargaining terms by March 31 deadline, reducing the likelihood that the Detroit-based automaker could ready self-rescue outline to submit to the Korean authorities and state-run Korea Development Bank by April 20 for tax reprieve and financial aid for new investments. GM, which holds 77 percent in GM Korea (formerly Daewoo Motor), warned that it won’t extend maturities on the loans the headquarters lent to the Korean unit and inevitably will file for bankruptcy if the union does not agree to streamlining outline by then.

New financial product to lure venture funding to be launched this week

Korea’s 57 asset management firms are scheduled to launch a total of 64 new tax-deductible funds for two days from Thursday, Korea Financial Investment Association announced on Tuesday. Those financial products dubbed Kosdaq Venture Funds will allocate more than half of fund assets to buy stocks, bonds with warrant or convertible bonds from startups or young mid-sized enterprises listed on the secondary stock exchange, allowing a direct capital inflow into small and innovative companies. In particular, more than 15 percent of those fund assets will be invested into newly issued stocks and bonds from eligible companies. Fund investors will be given 10 percent tax deduction on up to 30 million won ($284,000) of their investment and preferential treatment in IPO stock allocation.

Korean business delegation to visit Washington

A South Korean delegation of business leaders will visit the United States to discuss with their American counterparts the impact of the revised bilateral trade pact that widened market access for American automakers while providing Korean steelmakers relief from U.S. tariffs in exchange for quotas. Korea International Trade Association (KITA) said on Tuesday its chairman would join a delegation of leaders from 17 companies on a four-day trip to Washington D.C. from April 15. The list includes blue-chip companies such as Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Co. and Hyundai Motor Co. that invest heavily in the U.S. Also on the roster are steelmakers like Posco, Posco Daewoo Corp. and Seah Steel Corp. and the Korea Iron & Steel Association. Hanwha Q Cells Corp., whose solar cells and modules were hit with U.S. safeguard measures, and Hyosung, whose power transformers were subject to huge tariffs, will join the delegation for the first time.


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