Chairman Lee of Woojung Foundation pays scholarships to Asian-African students
Chairman Lee of Woojung Foundation pays scholarships to Asian-African students
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2.2 billion won (US$2.12 million) so far paid

Chairman Lee Joong-Keun of the Woojung Educational-Cultural Foundation of the Booyoung Business Group presented scholarships Asian and African students in Korea at the International Conference Room of the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Seoul on Aug. 29, 2014. The scholarships, totaling 408 million won (US$384.4 thousand), were given to a total of 102 foreign students studying in Korea from 13 different countries of Asia and Africa.

The presentation ceremony was attended, besides Chairman Lee, by former Prime Minister Han Seung-su (former chair of the United Nations General Assembly), ambassadors and other diplomats from the 13 countries and other officials of the Foundation, who totaled over 300 persons.

Presenting the scholarships, Chairman Lee said, “I hope that the scholarships would be of help to the students in their effort to realize their dreams and that they would perform the role of a bridge between Korea and their countries.”

The Woojung Educational-Cultural Foundation is a public foundation established in 2008 with fund donated by Founder Chairman Lee Joong-keun of the Booyoung Business Group, and has been presenting scholarships to the Asian-African university students twice every year.

Since last year, the Foundation has increased the number of recipient students and the amount to 8 million won each year. So far, the Foundation has paid a total of 2.2 billion won (US$2.12 million) to a total of 586 students.

The number of students and amount of scholarships allocated to each country are

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