The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, April 13, 2018

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Mayor Jeon Dong-pyeong (4th from left, front row) poses with the visiting members of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. In the picture are Ambassadors Petar Andonov of Bulgaria (3rd from left), Mihai Ciompec of Romania (2nd from right), Antoine Azzam of Lebanon (3rd from right) and Daúl Matute-Mejía of Peru (2nd from left, front row). Then there are Defense Attache Col. Mario Gutierrez Martinez of Mexico (2nd from right, rear row) and Second Secretary Jorge Vinicio Anrango Cabascango of Ecuador (far left, front row). Chairman Park Young-bae of the County Council of Yeongam is seen at far right, front row.

Ambassadors, spouses visit Yeongam, attend 2018

Wangin Culture Festival

Mayor Jeon Dong-pyeong of Yeongam County at the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula said, “One thousand and six hundred years ago, Dr. Wangin (Dr. Wani in Japanese) went over to Japan in the spirit of communication, co-existence and co-prosperity, and became the starter of the Asuka Culture of Japan.” Wangin took with him Cheonjamun (One Thousand Chinese Characters) to Japan and spread it there for the first time, which the Japanese people still use even today. (For further details, visit:


Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

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Ambassadors, spouses visit Yeongam, attend 2018 Wangin Culture Festival

Mayor Jeon Dong-pyeong of Yeongam County at the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula said, “One thousand and six hundred years ago, Dr. Wangin (Dr. Wani in Japanese) went over to Japan in the spirit of communication, co-existence and co-prosperity, and became the starter of the Asuka Culture of Japan.” Wangin took with him Cheonjamun (One Thousand Chinese Characters) to Japan and spread it there for the first time, which the Japanese people still use even today.Speaking to an estimated 3,000 Korean and international guests at the Yeongam Auditorium in Yeongam County, South Jeolla Province, on April 5, 2018, Mayor Jeon stated that the Wangin Culture Festival, which represents the history and culture of Yeongam, has won the honor of “Promising Festival of the Republic of Korea” for four consecutive years that it has firmly established its place as Korea’s representative ‘Personality Festival. (See excerpts from his speech toward the end of this report.)

Pompeo rules out giving rewards to N. Korea before denuclearization

The United States will not reward North Korea before the regime "permanently, irreversibly" dismantles its nuclear weapons program, the nominee to be the top U.S. diplomat said Thursday.Mike Pompeo, the nominee for U.S. secretary of state, told his Senate confirmation hearing that the Trump administration does not plan to repeat the failures of past negotiations that provided Pyongyang with economic aid before its nuclear program was undone.

S. Korea's top security adviser makes surprise visit to U.S.

South Korea's top national security adviser visited Washington on Wednesday to meet with his U.S. counterpart, John Bolton, the White House said.The surprise trip by Chung Eui-yong, head of the presidential National Security Office, came ahead of the South Korean and U.S. presidents' separate summits with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.South Korean President Moon Jae-in is set to meet with Kim on April 27, while U.S. President Donald Trump has said his meeting will be in May or early June.



Top Security Advisers of S. Korea, US Meet ahead of Summits

The top national security advisers of South Korea and the U.S. held a meeting in Washington ahead of their leaders' planned summit talks with North Korea. South Korea's National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong and his U.S. counterpart John Bolton held a meeting for an hour on Thursday morning at the White House.Departing for Seoul right after the talks, Chung told reporters at Dulles Airport that the two sides had very useful discussions. He said that the success of both the inter-Korean summit and the North Korea-U.S. summit is important, so Bolton and he had extensive discussions on various ways to make the meetings a success and peacefully achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Pres. Office Launches Situation Room for Inter-Korean Summit

South Korea's presidential office has launched a special situation room to prepare for the upcoming inter-Korean summit. Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom announced the launch of the inter-ministerial entity in a written media statement on Thursday. He said Yun Kun-young, director for the top office’s standing situation room, will head the ad-hoc body, and officials from the top office and related ministries will work together there. The launch comes after President Moon Jae-in ordered officials to make thorough preparations for the summit during the fifth preparation committee meeting on Wednesday. The president instructed the ministries to use the special situation room to update their preparatory efforts on a daily basis and to share the results with other agencies.

More than 600 Reports of Sexual Violence Made via Gov't Special Centers

The government has collected more than 600 accusations of sexual harassment and sexual violence since it opened special reporting and consulting centers last month. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said on Thursday that its special center had received 404 reports of sexual harassment or violence at workplaces between March eighth and Tuesday, including 252 cases in the public sector. Including reports made via centers installed in other government agencies, including the Ministries of Labor, Education, and Culture, a total of 620 reports were gathered. The government said it will operate the special centers for the next several weeks, but may extend their mandates or keep them open permanently, if necessary.


Yonhap (

Economic recovery pace maintained by robust exports

South Korea's economy is maintaining its current recovery pace on the back of brisk exports and increased private spending and investment, a government report said Friday.However, a weaker job market, rate hikes in the United States and ongoing trade issues are likely to weigh on Asia's fourth-largest economy, the finance ministry said in its monthly economic assessment report."Industrial output, consumption and investment are maintaining their expansion backed by robust exports, and the current recovery pace is also continuing," the ministry said.The report, called the "Green Book," is based on the latest economic indicators of such key factors as output, exports, consumption and corporate investment, which provide clues as to how the economy has been faring in recent months.

Most sexual violence in public sector workplaces unreported: survey

The majority of recent sexual harassment cases within public sector workplaces supposedly went unreported, a government poll showed Friday.A blind survey on sexual violence in the public sector conducted by the gender equality and family ministry showed that 67.3 percent of alleged victims did not report their experience to their respective institutions.The online poll was open to 569,000 public sector workers from March 12-April 6. Of those, 40.8 percent, or 232,000, participated in the survey.Among the respondents, 6.8 percent said they had experienced sexual harassment or violence at least once in the past three years. Among the alleged victims, 23.4 percent said they sought personal help from close colleagues, while only 4.5 percent sought help from senior workers.Only 3 percent directly reported their incidents to appropriate officials within their workplaces, the poll showed.

U.N. needs $111 mln budget for humanitarian aid to N. Korea this year: report

The United Nations has said it is in need of a US$111 million budget for humanitarian aid to North Korea this year, Radio Free Asia reported Friday.Citing the world body's March 2018 Needs and Priorities plan, the U.S.-funded broadcaster said the World Food Program and four other U.N. bodies operating in Pyongyang, and five European civic bodies plan to engage in humanitarian aid to 13 million North Korean residents who are in chronic food insecurity.The budget comprises $38.5 million in nourishment projects, $37 million in health projects, $26 million in food security projects and $9.5 million in water hygiene projects.The report also said the U.N. received only 30 percent of a $114 million budget for last year's humanitarian aid to the North as international sanctions on the North contributed to a decline in donations that it needs to support vulnerable North Korean people. The U.N. planned to provide humanitarian aid to 18 million North Koreans but only 6.5 million North Koreans benefited from it, it said.


The Korea Herald (

Top security advisers of S. Korea, US meet ahead of NK summits

The top national security advisers of South Korea and the United States met in Washington Thursday as both sides prepare for summits with North Korea.Chung Eui-yong, head of the presidential National Security Office, made a surprise visit to the US capital Wednesday to meet with US National Security Adviser John Bolton.South Korean President Moon Jae-in is set to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on April 27, while US President Donald Trump has said his meeting will be in May or early June."We had very informative discussions," Chung told reporters at Dulles Airport as he departed for Seoul. "The success of both the inter-Korean summit and the North Korea-US summit is important, so we had a wide-ranging exchange of views on various ways to make them a success and peacefully achieve denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."

Electrified Kona, Jaguar debut in Korea’s sizzling EV market

South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor unveiled the world’s first electrified compact SUV on Thursday at an exhibition in Seoul to highlight the growing interests in electric vehicles here.Named Kona Electric, the latest green vehicle by Hyundai is certified by the Seoul government to drive 406 kilometers per charge, more than the 390 kilometers range the carmaker had expected when it started to receive preorders, the company said.The vehicle was debuting at the exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Environment to promote the use of green cars.

Finance minister tells US Seoul irrelevant to currency manipulation

South Korea’s chief economic policymaker on Thursday underlined to his US counterpart that the country does not fall under the currency manipulator list, while vowing to keep control over its own foreign currency policies, according to officials.In a 15-minute phone conversation with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin earlier in the day, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon contended that given the trade and account balance figures, Seoul does not qualify for a currency manipulating country as defined by Washington.While underlining Seoul’s autonomy in its currency policy, Minister Kim also added that the country’s trade indexes fall short of the US currency manipulator designation standards, citing the trade balance and account balance figures from last year.


The Korea Times (

Pompeo rules out giving rewards to N. Korea before denuclearization

The United States will not reward North Korea before the regime "permanently, irreversibly" dismantles its nuclear weapons program, the nominee to be the top U.S. diplomat said Thursday.Mike Pompeo, the nominee for U.S. secretary of state, told his Senate confirmation hearing that the Trump administration does not plan to repeat the failures of past negotiations that provided Pyongyang with economic aid before its nuclear program was undone."It is the intention of the president and the administration not to do that this time to make sure that before we provide rewards, we get the outcome permanently, irreversibly, that it is that we hope to achieve," said Pompeo, who currently serves as director of the Central Intelligence Agency."It is a tall order, but I am hopeful that President Trump can achieve that through sound diplomacy," he said.

Foreign residents miss out on new recycling rule, face fines

Foreign residents of Seoul have not been properly informed of a new rule on plastic recycling and run the risk of being fined. From April 1, vinyl and Styrofoam are not being collected, but the rule is not available in English on websites of any of Seoul's districts. Many apartment complexes where foreigners live only have the notice in Korean."We have foreign residents but have not bothered to set up the sign for new recycling rules because the Korean signs are good enough," the manager of the Kumho Richensia Hannam apartment complex in Yongsan-gu said.

K-pop craze stirs fan migration

K-pop has gone viral among some fans in North America, Europe and the Middle East, paving the way for a music craze in regions where K-pop once was perceived as a foreign novelty.Korea's "cultural invasion" into the late-blooming K-pop regions, ironically, has spurred rare demographic changes in Korea _ foreign students here have increased and their nationalities are more diverse. About a decade ago, Asians, mostly Chinese, dominated international student rosters. In 2017, France became one of the top 12 countries sending 1,000 or more students to Korea. K-pop migrants _ albeit their exact ratio is hard to quantify _ are behind the changing demographics on campuses. Inspired by the trendy music and attractive singers, some young K-pop fans are packing their suitcases to explore Korea, home to K-pop.


Chosun Ilbo (

Protesters Block Building Materials for THAAD Site

Protesters on Thursday blocked a consignment of building materials for the site of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery in southwestern Korea despite earlier assurances to the Defense Ministry that they would let it through. After negotiations they only agreed to let old construction equipment that had been piled up since last November pass through their barricades.On Wednesday, the ministry told the protesters it would bring a fresh batch of equipment into the base to repair and upgrade soldiers' accommodation at the clubhouse of the former golf course where the THAAD battery now sits. They agreed but demanded to watch the process to make sure no further military installations are put in place.

Smog Fears Keep More People Indoors

Walking was all the rage in Korea until a few years ago as a light, healthy form of exercise and a pleasant way to pass the time, but now fears of toxic haze are keeping more and more people indoors. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the proportion of regular adult walkers who head outside for at least half an hour a day more than five times a week stood at 41.3 percent in 2014, but fell to 39.1 percent in 2016. Deadly fine dust particles in the increasingly frequent haze played a role. The government first introduced a fine dust alert system in 2013 and began warning people about ultra-fine dust levels in 2014.

Teens Return as Powerful Box-Office Force

Teenagers are back as a major influence on the box office success or failure of movies in Korea. "Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum" topped the box office for two weeks in a row, attracting 2.3 million viewers as of Monday and becoming the second most successful Korean horror movie after "A Tale of Two Sisters" in 2003. It is a result that very few had expected, but the main audience were young people in their teens and 20s. They made up 72.7 percent of viewers on the day of its release, 15.4 percent of them being teenagers.In March last year, only 1.9 percent of cinema tickets were reserved by teenagers, and the received wisdom was that they had turned wholly to online entertainment.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

President Moon views inter-Korean summit as opportunity to take a firm step toward peace

“Right now, we’re standing at the beginning of a long journey toward peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. We’re seeking to take the lead in initiating a transformation of world history consisting of permanent peace and the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the sustainable development of inter-Korean relations,” South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Apr. 11.Moon made these remarks while presiding over a meeting of the preparatory committee for the inter-Korean summit. “We must prepare prudently and faithfully with an earnest heart while staying alert until the final moment,” he said.

South Korean Foreign Minister meets with her Japanese counterpart in Seoul

South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono agreed in bilateral foreign minister talks on Apr. 11 that the period ahead of scheduled inter-Korean and North Korea-US summits represents a “historic opportunity” and “shared the common goal of achieving [North Korea’s denuclearization] and establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula,” the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

Demonstrations continue against THAAD deployment

Residents and civic groups opposed to the THAAD deployment clashed with police at the Jinbat Bridge in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province on Apr. 12. On this day, the Ministry of National Defense was moving materials for the construction of facilities at the THAAD base. 3000 police were mobilized to stop the demonstrators from blocking the construction material entering the base. An emergency medical team was dispatched to the site of the demonstrations after one elderly woman injured her ribs during a scuffle with the police.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Blue House asks NEC to weigh in on Kim’s travails

The Blue House on Thursday asked the National Election Commission (NEC) to determine whether Kim Ki-sik, the beleaguered head of the Financial Supervisory Service, violated laws during his years as a lawmaker, rejecting the opposition’s calls for Kim’s dismissal. “The Blue House today sent an inquiry to the National Election Commission in the name of Presidential Chief of Staff Im Jong-seok. It is intended to have the NEC officially look into points of legal controversy surrounding Kim Ki-sik,” said Kim Eui-kyeom, the spokesman.

Construction at Thaad site blocked by protest

Tensions soared once more in Seongju County, North Gyeongsang, where the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) system is deployed, as the Ministry of National Defense attempted to send in construction equipment, clashing with villagers who blocked it. The Defense Ministry initially planned to send in 15 vehicles, including eight trucks of sand and gravel, for additional construction work at the site of the U.S. Forces Korea’s Thaad unit. They failed to deliver the equipment and material due to a fierce backlash by local protesters. Some 150 residents and members of civic organizations opposed to the Thaad deployment gathered starting at 4 a.m. to stage a sit-in around Jinbat Bridge, blocking the road leading to the entrance of the antimissile battery site, a former golf course.

Supreme Court orders telecoms to open books

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered telecom companies to be more transparent on their costs and billing systems - which could lead to lower monthly phone bills.The highest court upheld a ruling by a local high court, saying, “The people’s right to know is guaranteed by the Constitution and a public institution asked by the people to disclose information should follow unless there is a reason not to.”The ruling comes seven years after the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy filed a suit against the Korea Communications Commission, the telecom watchdog that later merged with the Ministry of Science and ICT, to urge three mobile carriers - SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ - to publicly share documents on profits and losses as well as business-related data and more detailed financial statements.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

June 13 Local Elections Two Months Away: Who Will Be the Face of the Party?

With the June 13 local elections just two months away, attention is on who will become "the face of the party" to promote the party in the election campaign. Each party is in a different situation, with one ready to conduct party primaries to determine the party's candidate, and another nearly finished selecting its major mayoral and gubernatorial candidates. However, the outline of the competition is slowly coming into view.

Education Ministry Tosses the Difficult Task of Reforming the College Admission System to the National Education Council

On April 11, the Ministry of Education released a plan for changes to the college admission system, which will be implemented beginning 2022. Students currently in the ninth grade will be subject to the revised system. The ministry will toss the plan to the National Education Council, directly under the president, which will finalize the college admission system in August after public deliberation. The key issue in the new system is the grading method for the college scholastic ability test (CSAT) and a possible increase in the number of students accepted by the regular admission process. The education ministry suggested three options to assess the CSAT scores: a shift to an absolute grading system of nine levels for all subjects, maintaining the subjects currently graded with a relative grading system, and adopting the original CSAT scores. An absolute grading system for all subjects would mean that the grading system for subjects such as language, math, social studies and science, which had been subject to a relative grading system, would change. Last year, the education ministry had proposed this method when considering changes to the CSAT for 2021, but the proposal was suspended due to opposition.

What Will Become of the Ban on Short Selling? Over 200,000 People Sign Cheong Wa Dae Petition Due to Samsung Securities Incident

More than 200,000 people signed a Cheong Wa Dae petition on the "ghost stock" accident at Samsung Securities. When the number of people supporting a Cheong Wa Dae petition exceeds 200,000 in a month, a Cheong Wa Dae senior secretary or related minister has to give an official response.According to the Cheong Wa Dae petition website on April 10, the number of people supporting the petition to "Ban Short Selling and Regulate the System at Samsung Securities," which was submitted on April 6, reached 207,000. The person who proposed the petition claimed, "Samsung Securities can issue up to 120 million stocks, but a total of 2.8 billion stocks were distributed thousand stocks for every stock owned by Samsung employeesnd five million stocks were sold on the market. That the company can distribute stocks that are nonexistent and sell stocks that are nonexistent means that people can short sell stocks without borrowing the stocks." He further argued, "This means that a securities firm can issue and sell shares whenever they want, but this is fraud," and demanded, "We ask that the authorities abolish the short selling system, which only preys on ordinary people. "


AJU Business Daily (

Singapore advocates 'rules-based' multilateral trading system

Singapore and South Korea, which are dependent on external trade, should advocate a "rules-based" global economic system and diversify their trading partners to cope with growing protectionism and reduce the risks of unexpected events like trade conflicts between the superpowers, the Southeast Asian country's top envoy said.Singapore and South Korea, which share similar perspectives on many issues, have common interests in advocating "a rules-based global economic system and ensuring freedom of navigation in international waters", Ambassador Yip Wei Kiat said in an interview with Aju News."Like many other trade-dependent economies, we are concerned about any escalation in the cycle of expanding tariffs as it will have a negative impact on global trade and growth," he said.

Samsung releases smartphone capable of making phone calls only

Samsung Electronics, known for premium products, has created a weird phone to meet the desire of many South Korean parents for their children to concentrate on their academic achievement at schools instead of being distracted by smartphone fun things.On Friday, Samsung released Galaxy J2 Pro, a budget Galaxy smartphone targeting students who should study hard for their college entrance exam. Its price was set at 199,000 won (186 US dollars), about 20 percent of Samsung's new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9.

Investors grumble about unexpected fall in Korean Air shares

Grumblings are growing among Korean Air investors after its shares suffered an unexpected fall over an arrogant behavior by the youngest daughter of Hanjin Group patriarch Cho Yang-ho at a business meeting.Korean Air, a key Hanjin Group unit, lost 6.55 percent to close at 33,550 won (31.3 US dollars) on Thursday. In early trading on Friday, the country's top flag carrier gained about 1.2 percent.Thursday's fall followed news reports that Cho Hyun-min, who is Korean Air's marketing executive, screamed and splashed water on the face of a manager from an advertising agency during a meeting last month. She allegedly lost her temper because she was unhappy with answers to her questions about a commercial.


Maeil Business News Korea (

KDB oks revised rescue plan, saves STX Offshore from bankruptcy

In a dramatic u-turn, South Korea’s cash-strapped shipbuilder STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. avoided falling under a bankruptcy court after its main creditor Korea Development Bank (KDB) on Wednesday accepted the company’s delayed self-rescue plan. The state-run lender held off its decision to refer the shipbuilder to the bankruptcy court this week after outside experts including its auditor found the self-rescue scheme plausible. The troubled shipyard was re-headed towards court receivership nine months after exiting the court-led restructuring in July 2017 after the union vehemently resisted creditors’ demand for shedding labor costs by 75 percent to bring down fixed costs by 40 percent.

BASF SE adds plastic production line in Yeosu to double output

Germany-based leading chemical producer BASF SE has kicked off the operation of the expanded production lines in its Korean factory to make it the company’s second largest production base in the world.BASF said on Wednesday that it has embarked on the operation of the newly added lines to its Korean factory in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province. Following the expansion, the Korean facility has become BASF’s second largest production post in the world with an annual high-temperature resistant thermoplastic output of about 12,000 tons, doubled from the previous production. Its biggest global manufacturing site is located in Germany.

BOK stays pat, revises down inflation target to indicate slower rate move

The Bank of Korea (BOK) on Thursday kept the policy rate steady at 1.50 percent and indicated subdued inflation and growing uncertainties from the clashes of the world’s two largest economies could slow additional hike moves. The central bank suggested that its policy decision would be guided by inflation movement more than the U.S. rate actions and household debt increases after revising down this year’s forecast for consumer prices to annualized gain of 1.6 percent from 1.7 percent estimated in January. It kept its estimate for economic growth unchanged at 3.0 percent.


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