The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, April 23, 2018

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Trump says 'long way' from conclusion on N. Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday that the North Korean nuclear crisis is far from over, but the regime's willingness to denuclearize is "great" for the world."We are a long way from conclusion on North Korea, maybe things will work out, and maybe they won't -- only time will tell," Trump tweeted. "But the work I am doing now should have been done a long time ago!"He lashed out at an NBC news anchor for alleging that the U.S. had given away a lot in negotiations with North Korea in return for nothing, saying, "Wow, we haven't given up anything & they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for World), site closure, & no more testing!" U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday that the North Korean nuclear crisis is far from over, but the regime's willingness to denuclearize is "great" for the world.

Police trying to break up sit-in by anti-THAAD protesters

Riot police are trying to remove protesters from a bridge leading to the base of the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system in southeastern South Korea on Monday, sparking clashes between the two sides.About 200 residents and activists have been occupying the Jinbat bridge in a sit-in aimed at blocking construction vehicles from entering the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense base in Seongju, some 300 km southeast of Seoul.About 3,000 riot police were mobilized to break up the sit-in.

North Korean leader shifts policy focus to economy

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to be shifting his policy focus to lifting the North's threadbare economy, amid brisk diplomacy that could lead to sanctions relief and security assurances, experts here said Saturday.during Friday's plenary central committee meeting of the North's ruling Worker's Party, Kim vowed to focus on boosting the economy, while suspending nuclear and missile tests and closing a key atomic experiment facility, according to the North's Korean Central News Agency.The measures could mark Kim's strategic course correction after incremental global sanctions have crippled his country's economy, eroded public support and loyalty from the elites, and fueled diplomatic friction with China, its key economic patron.The announcement came ahead of Kim's summits with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on April 27 and United States President Donald Trump in May or early June.



Two Koreas to Hold Working-level Talks Monday

With just four days to go until the inter-Korean summit, South and North Korea will hold a third round of working-level talks to discuss protocol, security and press coverage to finalize preparations.The talks are set to take place at the Tongilgak building on the northern side of the Panmunjeom truce village on Monday morning.The two sides are known to be discussing the exact time and manner in which President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet as well as whether they will hold a joint press conference.The presidential office said that the two sides could hold another high-level meeting before the summit, depending on the outcome of Monday's talks.

S. Korea Starts Bringing Construction Materials onto THAAD Site

The South Korean military on Monday started bringing construction materials and equipment onto the site of the U.S. THAAD antimissile system in Seongju, South Gyeongsang Province.The Defense Ministry said in a press release that it has decided to begin transporting personnel, materials and equipment necessary for construction in cooperation with police.The ministry said that it made the decision because it could not postpone any longer the construction of amenities and other facilities to improve the living conditions of more than 400 South Korean and U.S. troops stationed at the THAAD base. Police are trying to remove protesters from a bridge leading to the base. About 200 residents and activists are occupying the bridge in a sit-in to block construction vehicles from entering.

Victor Cha: N. Korea's Statement is about Being Recognized as Nuclear State

A former White House official has warned against excessive optimism regarding North Korea's announcement to suspend nuclear missile threats and shut down its nuclear test site.Victor Cha, who has been seen as a contender to become United States ambassador to South Korea, told U.S. news Web site Axios on Saturday that the North Korean statement was not a denuclearization statement, but a statement that it can be a responsible nuclear weapons state.Cha, senior adviser and Korea chair for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that North Korea had already stated that they would halt all testing while in dialogue and the latest statement formalizes that promise.He said that the statement talks about a test ban, no first use, and no transfer – all the trappings of a "responsible" nuclear weapons state – which is what they ultimately wanted to be accepted as.


Yonhap (

S. Korea halts propaganda broadcasts along border with N. Korea: ministry

South Korea announced Monday that it has stopped propaganda broadcasts over the border ahead of inter-Korean summit talks this week, saying it's expected to help boost the reconciliatory mood on the peninsula."The Ministry of National Defense halted the loudspeaker broadcasts against North Korea in the vicinity of the military demarcation line (MDL) at the start of Monday," the ministry said in a statement.It's aimed at "reducing military tensions between the South and North and creating the mood of peaceful talks" on the occasion of the summit talks, the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement. The talks are scheduled to take place at the truce village of Panmunjom on Friday.

Starbucks launches cashless stores in S. Korea

Starbucks Coffee Korea Co., the local unit of the U.S. coffee giant, said it began a test run of cashless stores at three of its outlets on Monday amid rising use of credit card and mobile payment systems in the country.The stores at major office districts -- Gangnam and Guro in Seoul, and Pangyo, just south of the capital -- began trial testing the system. The global coffee giant launched its first cashless store in Seattle, the company said.Paying with cash has been constantly declining at Starbucks stores in South Korea, from 31 percent of the total in 2010 to 15 percent in 2013 and 7 percent last year, the company said.According to government data, daily credit card spending in South Korea hit a record-high average of 1.76 trillion won (US$41.65 billion) last year.

S. Korea's exports soar 8.3 pct in first 20 days of April

South Korea's exports rose 8.3 percent on-year during the first 20 days of April on the back of brisk sales of semiconductors and petrochemicals, customs data showed Monday.The country's outbound shipments reached US$32.82 billion in the April 1-20 period, according to the data from the Korea Customs Service.The customs office said that daily average exports, which reflect working days, grew 4.9 percent on-year to $2.05 billion.The country's exports have been growing since November 2016.By product, outbound shipments of semiconductors surged 49.5 percent, with petrochemical and autos rising 37.2 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively.On the other hand, ships and mobile communication equipment saw their shipments decline 57.6 percent and 34.8 percent, respectively.


The Korea Herald (

Korean Air chief apologizes, fires daughters over 'water rage'

The head of the nation’s flag carrier Korean Air on Sunday apologized for causing public concerns over the escalating “water rage” scandal involving his youngest daughter, and vowed to dismiss his two children from their executive posts, effective immediately.“I would have Korean Air Senior Vice President Cho Hyun-min step down from all of her posts within Hanjin Group, as well as Cho Hyun-ah, president of KAL Hotel Network, resign as well,” said Chairman Cho in a written statement, released by the group’s communication office.

Inter-Korean summit to be more transparent than before

When North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong-il met with his South Korean counterparts during the previous two summits in 2000 and 2007, the events were shrouded in secrecy as they took place at the reclusive state’s capital, Pyongyang.
The upcoming third inter-Korean summit, however, could be quite different. Not only is the summit to be held on South Korean territory at the truce village of Panmunjeom, the event will be broadcast live and relayed to the public online.
Following a series of preparatory talks with North Korea, presidential office Cheong Wa Dae Sunday announced a plan to have the audience at home and abroad watch the summit through mobile devices in real-time.

THAAD base construction needed for welfare of allies' troops: USFK

The planned construction of some facilities in the new THAAD missile defense base in South Korea is meant to reduce the inconveniences of both American and South Korean troops stationed there, a US Forces Korea official said Monday.
"The THAAD deployment site is a former golf course, which will require some construction modifications to better accommodate the ROK-US troops based there," the official told Yonhap News Agency, requesting anonymity. "The morale and welfare of our soldiers is our top priority." The ROK is the acronym for South Korea's official name, the Republic of Korea.


The Korea Times (

Over 30 Chinese dead in North Korea tourist bus crash

Chinese tourists have been involved in a major bus accident in North Korea that caused a large number of casualties, China's state media and the government said on Monday, without giving a precise break-up.Chinese visitors account for about 80 percent of all foreign tourists to North Korea, says a South Korean think-tank, the Korea Maritime Institute, which estimates that tourism generates about $44 million each year in revenue for the isolated country.Chinese diplomats have rushed to the scene of Sunday's accident in North Hwanghae province, the foreign ministry said.In a Twitter message earlier on Monday, Chinese state television's English-language channel said a tour bus had fallen off a bridge, killing more than 30 people, but later deleted the message. State television's main Chinese-language news channel later showed images of a crashed blue bus with its wheels in the air, in footage taken in pouring rain in the dark.

Minor 'natural' quake near North Korea's closed nuclear test site

A minor 2.3-magnitude earthquake was detected near North Korea's closed nuclear test site in Gilju early on Monday.The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said the tremor took place at 4:31 a.m. 47 kilometers north-north-west of Gilju, North Hamgyong Province, at a depth of five kilometers. The tremor was believed to be natural, but could have been caused by the North's sixth underground nuclear test there in September, KMA officials said.Experts here have said the nuclear test weakened the underground structure around the site, leaving it vulnerable to natural collapse. There have been nine natural quakes in the area since the Sept. 3 test, they said."The quake's epicenter was within five kilometers of the test site," a KMA official said. "Various signs showed the quake was natural and different in many ways from an artificial one caused by an underground explosion."

Gov't to invest 669 billion won for nanotechnology

South Korea's science ministry said Monday it will spend 669.3 billion won ($626 million) this year on developing core nanotechnology know-how to improve the competitiveness of the country's industrial sector.The 2018 spending plan is up from 514.1 billion won earmarked in 2017 and aims to develop key technologies that can be applied in various industrial areas, the Ministry of Science and ICT said.Nanotechnology refers to the process of making nanometer scale materials to create more stable and precise products that also often have new and better characteristics. One nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter.Of the total, 572 billion won will be allocated to develop indigenous technologies and also to commercialize those that have already been developed to boost the global market share of local companies, the science ministry said.


Chosun Ilbo (

How Significant Is N.Korea's Surprise Nuclear Freeze?
North Korea on Friday announced it is halting all nuclear and missile tests and shutting down its nuclear test site, but that does not guarantee the regime will eventually give up its nuclear program altogether.U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed the announcement, calling it "very good news for North Korea and the World -- big progress!" He added, "Look forward to our summit." It is surprising for North Korea to make the announcement before planned summits with South Korea and the U.S. have even got underway. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made the announcement during a Workers Party Central Committee meeting and said the North will pursue economic growth and peace instead. According to the official Rodong Sinmun daily, Kim said his country no longer needs to conduct nuclear tests or test intercontinental ballistic missiles because it has fulfilled its goal of developing the weapons.

N.Korea's Nuke Test Site 'Already Useless'
North Korea on Friday announced a plan to close down its nuclear test site ahead of summits with South Korea and the U.S., but the site is in fact already unusable. As a result of the six nuclear tests from 2006 until last September, experts believe the Punggye-ri test site is now so unsafe and the ground so unstable that no further tests can be conducted there. Although the granite of Mt. Mantap, where the tunnels were dug for nuclear tests, is still stable, many tunnels caved in and there have been several alarming aftershocks.

Owner's Daughters Kicked out of Korean Air Over Scandals
Korean Air has fired both daughters of owner Cho Yang-ho after the latest scandal exposing what looks like congenital anger management problems in the troubled family.Cho apologized publicly on Sunday for the behavior of Cho Hyun-ah (44) and Cho Hyun-min (35), who have made worldwide headlines with their histrionics. "I would like to apologize to the public and staff of Korean Air," Cho said, adding his two daughters will "immediately step down from all posts within the group."Cho Hyun-min disgraced herself a couple of weeks ago amid allegations that she threw a bottle of water in an advertising staffer's face during one of the uncontrollable screaming fits to which it later emerged she is prone.

At the time she held seven executive positions in the airline's parent Hanjin Group, including senior vice president of budget carrier Jin Air and CEO of KAL Hotel Network.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Unifications Ministry report documents cases of North Koreans who floated south after dying at sea

41 of the 195 deceased persons with no surviving relatives who passed through Incheon Medical Center between 2001 and 2007 had met an unnatural death. 21 of them were North Koreans. Their bodies had drifted south on the sea after death for unidentifiable reasons. Based on a report received from the Ministry of Unification entitled ‘Handling of Corpses of North Korean Citizens from 1999 to February 2018,’ National Assembly member Kim Hyun-kwon of the Democratic Party of Korea traced the relationship between the sea, the deaths, the division of the two Koreas and politics. Records obtained separately by lawmakers that pertained to the handling of individual corpses added to the story of ‘unknown deaths in this divided land.’ This is the first time that statistics and details have been released about the people who, after death, were able to cross the DMZ over the last 20 years.

An in-depth look at the Panmunjeom Joint Security Area

It was a warm spring day as those of us in the Blue House press corps headed for Panmunjeom on April 18. The white blossoms of the cherry trees had already burst forth in the relaxing sunshine. In the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) south of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), dandelions bloomed along the ridges between the rice paddies farmed by the residents of the Daeseong-dong Freedom Village.The access road that leads into the Joint Security Area (JSA), where Panmunjeom is located, is part of Route 1. The road begins in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, and passes through Seoul, Gaesong, and Pyongyang on its way to its terminus in Sinuiju. But beyond Panmunjeom we cannot go.

Report indicates structural problems at root of chaebol leadership scandals

A new report claims that there are structural problems underlying the scandals involving chaebol leadership, including Korean Air senior managing director Cho Hyun-min’s (35) ‘water rage incident’ and the erratic behaviour of Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho’s family. One of the key issues is that there are no controls or checks and balances on the use of legal shortcuts or the illegal transfer of management rights.Cho Yang-ho’s three children were all promoted to executive positions within 3-6 years of joining the company, without proving their managing capability, and have recently been reinstated to their positions despite a history of illegal behavior. Experts believe that there will be similar incidents in the future unless there is a change in the attitude held by many of the chaebol family members that companies are “theirs to do with as they please”


JoongAng Ilbo (

North’s statement draws mixed reactions

North Korea’s announcement Friday that it will stop all nuclear and missile tests was welcomed by the South and the United States, but some critics say the statement didn’t actually indicate any interest in denuclearization from the recalcitrant state. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was quoted in a lengthy report released by the North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency Saturday as saying that no such tests were necessary anymore, “given that the work for mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic rockets was finished as the whole processes of developing nuclear weapons were carried out in a scientific way and in regular sequence.”Kim said North Korea, starting immediately, will never use nuclear weapons nor transfer nuclear weapons or nuclear technology under any circumstances unless the country faces a nuclear provocation or threat.

Korean Air CEO apologizes, says daughters will leave company

Amid nationwide rage against the Korean Air owners’ abusive and allegedly illegal activities, the company’s CEO Cho Yang-ho publicly apologized on Sunday and said that his scandal-prone daughters would give up their posts at the airline.
“As chairman of Korean Air and head of a household, I can’t help but feel terrible about the immature behavior that my daughter has done,” said Cho in a statement. “I am to blame for everything. I apologize to everyone.” Delivering his apology to employees and victims of “gapjil,” a Korean word that means abuse of power, Cho, who is also chairman of Hanjin Group, said that his two daughters would step down from “every post” within his business empire.Cho Hyun-min, his youngest daughter, is the protagonist of the latest “water rage” scandal. On April 12, Cho Hyun-min, a senior vice president at Korean Air, publicly apologized after allegations spread that she verbally abused and threw water at an employee

Blogger sent 5 million won to Rep. Kim’s aide: Police

During the ongoing investigations into the allegation that the ruling Democratic Party (DP) ran a systematic online opinion manipulation campaign via a blogger, police found DP Rep. Kim Kyoung-soo’s aide received 5 million won ($4,670) from the blogger.“The blogger surnamed Kim [who goes by the ID Druking] sent a Telegram message in March to Rep. Kim’s aide, mentioning a 5 million won transaction and threatening the aide with it,” Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on Saturday. Telegram is a mobile messaging app.Rep. Kim issued a statement on the same day confirming that his aide did receive the money.“The aide received 5 million won but returned it,” Kim said. “I also did not know about it. The aide must explain what happened to police. I hope investigations will be able to bring to light the facts.”


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

Redecorating the House of Peace below the Military Demarcation Line Only 10cm Tall
On April 18, nine days before the North-South Korea summit, things were generally calm at the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom. However, the House of Peace, the venue for the summit, was bustling with preparations in full swing. The House of Peace was completed in December 1989 and was renovated once last April. A vinyl curtain was installed at the entrance, and construction materials were placed in the area. The House of Peace is a three-story building, with a conference room and waiting rooms on the second floor. A military official said, "From what I know, North Korea visited the House of Peace for a prior inspection. I think North Koreans are coming down more often recently."

D-Day for Labor-Management Settlement at GM Korea: If Things Go Sour, Company Will Request Court Receivership
General Motors set April 20 as the deadline for management and labor to submit an agreement on voluntary recovery measures for GM Korea. If they miss the deadline, the U.S. headquarters will apply for court receivership of GM Korea. As of April 19, the eve of the deadline, no agreement has been reached.The labor and management of GM Korea began the eleventh round of negotiations on wages and collective bargaining at 2 p.m. on April 19. The labor union argued that priority should be on guaranteeing the employment of 680 workers at the Gunsan plant, who have not applied for voluntary retirement. They claimed that if this problem was solved, the company could cut an additional 100 billion won in welfare costs.

North and South Korean Leaders to Discuss the Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty
Cheong Wa Dae announced that the leaders of North and South Korea would discuss a transition from the armistice to a peace system on the Korean Peninsula during the summit on April 27. U.S. President Donald Trump acknowledged this and supported such efforts with his "blessings." Recently, Mike Pompeo, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and one of President Trump's closest aides appointed to secretary of state, made a secret visit to North Korea and met with Kim Jong-un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission, and preparations for the North Korea-United States summit is also well underway. A senior Cheong Wa Dae official met with reporters at the Cheong Wa Dae press room on April 18 and said, "We are reviewing and discussing various measures to develop the security situation on the Korean Peninsula ultimately into a peace system. We are contemplating the possibility and ways to switch the armistice into a peace system on the Korean Peninsula as an alternative."


AJU Business Daily (

Researchers develop high-performance thermoelectric module using rare mineral

South Korean researchers have developed a thermoelectric module which is more energy efficient than its predecessors, using skutterudite, a rare cobalt arsenide mineral containing cobalt, iron and nickel. Thermoelectric modules can retrieve waste heat and convert it to electricity.A thermoelectric module, also known as Peltier cooler, is a semiconductor-based electronic component which is basically a small heat pump and moves heat from one side of a device to another. Because of its ability to generate electricity, thermoelectricity technology is widely researched in the fields of automobiles, space engineering and heat generating, but materials are expensive and electric generation is not very efficient.

S. Korea turns off loudspeakers for cross-border propaganda broadcasting

In an effort to foster a peaceful mood ahead of this week's inter-Korean summit, South Korean troops stopped cross-border propaganda broadcasts using high-decibel loudspeakers which were switched back in early 2016 at the height of military tensions caused by North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile tests.The South's defense ministry said Monday that front-line propaganda loudspeakers were switched off along the demilitarized zone (DMZ), which bisects the Korean peninsula, as of midnight Sunday to ease tensions and create "a peaceful atmosphere" for inter-Korean talks.

Web giant Kakao to jump into delivery industry to compete against big rivals

Web service giant Kakao will add delivery service for restaurants to a smartphone app service, revealing its strategy to grab a bigger share in the food delivery market with more than 10 million active users."We plan to provide delivery service for local restaurants during the latter half of this year," Lee Seul-gi, a Kakao official, told Aju News Monday, adding her company would not operate independent delivery workers.Kakao owns 18 percent of CNT TECH, a food delivery platform and operators of Kakao Order featured in South Korea's most popular messenger app Kakao Talk. Kakao Order now provides food delivery services for large food franchises such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Ssangyong Motors’ operating loss more than doubles on year Q1

Ssangyong Motors reported a wider loss due to faltering exports, currency headwind and increased depreciation costs, adding gloom over the struggling Korean car industry with its bigger rival GM Korea teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
The carmaker owned by India’s Mahindra & Mahindra said its operating loss stretched a yawning 101.81 percent on year to 31.3 billion won in the first three months of this year on a consolidated basis. First-quarter sales gained 2.54 percent to 808.8 billion won, but net loss widened by 145.79 percent to 34.2 billion won over the same period due to stronger Korean won and increased marketing costs from the release of new models.

Korea’s GS25 speeds up expansion in Vietnam

GS Retail Co. that runs one of Korea’s largest convenience store chains is deepening partnership with Vietnamese producers to add local tastes to its brand offerings in the Southeast Asian country as it expands its retail presence there. GS Retail said it last week hosted “Partners’ Day” in Ho Chi Minh inviting 100 Vietnamese partners to jointly explore expanding supplies in Vietnam and Korea across the Korean convenient stores. The company has 12,000 GS25 stores across Korea and five in Vietnam after opening the first shop there August last year

E-Mart to introduce Crane’s home appliances in Korea

South Korea’s E-Mart Inc. will be offering U.S. home electronics label Crane’s humidifiers and other popular appliances across its big-box stores. E-Mart said Sunday that it signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Crane to market its products. Crane is best known for humidifiers but also sells other home appliance products like air purifiers and electric fans across the world. It is the second time for E-Mart to form an exclusive distributorship agreement to sell foreign product since it brought in Aptamil milk powder from Germany in 2017. The infant formula became E-Mart’s big hit and the company hopes to repeat its success through the American home appliance brand.


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