Children’s Day Buffet at Cafe 395
Children’s Day Buffet at Cafe 395
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In celebration of Children’s Day on Saturday, May 5, Café 395 will host a special Children’s Day buffet. In addition to Café 395’s bountiful buffet offerings, on Children’s Day, there will be several additional stalls offering child-friendly foods.

On the Café 395 terrace, additional stalls will feature corn dogs, French hotdogs, tteokbokki, mini burgers, mini pizzas, spaghetti, noodles with black bean sauce, chicken wings, French fries, and so many more child favorites! For sweets, kids will delight in cupcakes they can decorate themselves, fun pizza cake, ice cream, waffles, and loads of candy! There will also be a popcorn maker and a candy floss machine!

While adults will also enjoy these fun and tasty offerings, the regular Café 395 buffet, featuring a wide array of gourmet and international delights, will also be made available!

In addition to the great food, there will also be several child-friendly activities including free balloons, face painting, and a photo station where children can take a picture with Milton, our cute and friendly Millennium Seoul Hilton mascot!

Make Children’s Day a memorable one by celebrating at Café 395! The special Children’s Day buffet is only available on Saturday, May 5 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. This buffet is priced at KW94,000 per adult and KW56,000 per child aged 12 and under.

Café 395 also offers its regular impressive gourmet buffet at lunch and dinner featuring fresh premium market-to-table ingredients and an extensive array of international delights. The buffet is priced at KW99,000 per person (KW60,000 for children aged 12 and under) at dinner and KW94,000 (adults)/KW56,000 (children) at lunch.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Café 395 at (02) 317-3062. Prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

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