Insanga makes 'bamboo salt,' runs health-promoting facilities
Insanga makes 'bamboo salt,' runs health-promoting facilities
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World? first Bamboo Salt Co. and Insan Food founded by Dr. Insan Kim Il-Hun

Insanga Co., Ltd., established in 1987, produces Jukyeom (literally, Bamboo Salt), which is very popular in Korea for its health-promoting effect. However, Insanga is better known for a health promotion program that includes a health tour of various facilities at the Insanga Estate noted for clean air coming from dense forest and a village of traditional Korean nobilities of the past dynasties.

▲Insanga has many health-promoting facilities and operates various interesting programs aimed for the enhancement of health of the people.

Insanga is a legendary company in terms of development and production of Jukyeom (Bamboo Salt). It was the first company in Korea to make Jukyeom.

Insanga also makes a variety of traditional Korean fermented sauces. Together with Jukyeom, the annual turnover of Insanga totals 16.5 billion won (US$1.54 million) and the number of members total 110.

▲Insanga secures salt materials from sun-dried natural salt field for the health of consumers.

Insanga also operates Insan Training Center, Jiri Mountain Trail Lodge and a Cultural Center in Insan-dong Antique Street in the heart of the Capital City of Seoul.

are preserved for fermenting and storage.

There are many other institutions operated by Insanga and they include Insan Life Science Institute where various products of Insanga are tested for highest product quality.

In a recent interview with The Korea Post, Chairman & CEO Kim Yun-se of Insanga said that Insanga was the ‘Home of Bamboo Salt’ and that the dream of Insanga was to help people live 100 years and beyond, which was the corporate philosophy of Insanga. Here are excerpts from the interview:

▲Insan Bamboo Salt Building

Insan Food was established on Aug. 27, 1987 by Master Insan Ilhun Kim (his father) to pass on the wisdom and philosophy aimed at the promotion of health of man.

Q: What was the occasion for commercializing the bamboo salt-
Insanga started commercializing the bamboo salt with the belief and evidence that salty foods are good for health only if and when the foods are made with good quality salt. We developed, produced and commercialized our bamboo salt with that aim.

▲photo shows the statue of Founder Kim Ilhun of Insanga standing by a Buddhist temple building.

Q: We understand that you have a number of interesting programs for the promotion of man’s health.
Yes, we have the Insan Training Institute which is designed to help the participants recover from the ill effects of physical and mental fatigue. At the same time, they can benefit from good healing effect deriving from company, friends and family members.

▲photo shows a kiln where salt is burnt in bamboo canes.

Q: Please explain a bit more on Insanga-
Insanga is the home of Bamboo Salt. It is Korean-style ‘Green Company’that is based on traditional Korean ideals. It is predicated on the innovative idea that “it is good to take in certain amounts of high-quality Salt.” This is a significant challenge to the world's conventional idea that salted food has harmful effects to the human body.

the health of the people coming for healing practices. Bamboo Salt is used in all foods that are served to the guests.

We have taken steps to further the science concerning the consumption of natural Korean-made elements and this is in pursuance of principle of late Dr. Kim Ilhun, the founder of Insanga. Insanga began commercializing the world's first Bamboo Salt in 1987.

Q: Would you elaborate on the development of Bamboo Salt-
Since its establishment, Insanga has been placing great emphasis on using the best quality products and continue technical development so as to ensure perfect quality and safety of products.

Dana-Farber Cancer Center at Harvard University, the world's foremost cancer authority, and a wide range of other researchers have proved the safety and effectiveness of Insan Bamboo Salt.

▲ photo shows Bamboo Salt after burning inside bamboo canes.

Insanga had already recommended consuming useful foods, focusing on the anti-cancer effects of garlic even before the establishment of company. We have developed Garlic-Bamboo Salt and Traditional Bamboo Salt Pastes, which contribute to the improvement of health of the people.

Insanga continues to make strong effort in research and production to maximize the value of natural products of Korea.

History of Insanga:
March: Received Halal certified by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM) in March

▲Salt is collected from sun-dried salt farm.

November: Was awarded with Grand Prize for Korea Venture Business by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

▲Only firewood is used for heat-treating salt.

April: CEO Kim Yunse appointed as an MOU Professor at the Alternative Medical Department at Gwangju University

October: Acquired LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) certification by KSA (Korean Standards Association)

March: Cited for Excellent Products by KSA (Korean Standards Association)

December: Exported products to U.S. valued at US$244,085.
March: Received ISO9001 by KSA (Korean Standards Association)

December: Received Certificate for Technical Innovation of Small Businesses from Dec 2009 to Dec 2010

September: Exported products to Taiwan(US$22,868).

July: Established Insan Biotech Co., Ltd. for research and development of bamboo salt, soy sauce, such as specialized in the production

February: Received the best quality product certificate from the Korean Standards Association

December: Received Certificate as an INNOBIZ entrepreneur.

November: CEO Kim Yun-Se appointed as a visiting professor Alternative Medical Department for the College of Alternative Medicine at Jeonju University

July: CEO Kim Yun-Se awarded with Gyeongnam Excellent Technician Award

December: Received Certificate of ISO9001 for environmental management system.

August 1987: Dr. Insan Kim Il-Hun establishes the world’s first Bamboo Salt Company and Insan Food.

June 1986: Dr. Kim publishes a book entitled ‘Wonder Drugs.’

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