Samsung Electronics Service exec arrested over alleged labor union sabotage
Samsung Electronics Service exec arrested over alleged labor union sabotage
  • Kim Jung-mi
  • 승인 2018.05.15 09:28
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A senior official of Samsung Electronics' after-services unit was arrested Tuesday over a suspected leading role in sabotaging its labor union, prosecutors said.

Choi Pyeong-seok, the executive of Samsung Electronics Service in charge of the human resources division, was taken into custody after the Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant for his arrest on the charge of violating laws regarding labor union and labor relations.

The court mainly cited the risk of him destroying evidence.

The photo shows the headquarters of Samsung Electronics Service in Suwon, south of Seoul, on April 18, 2018. (Yonhap)

The court refused to grant the arrest warrants for three other officials from the same company, saying enough evidence has been collected and that they are a low flight risk. Prosecutors requested the warrants last week.

Choi is suspected of spearheading an organized scheme to disrupt labor union activities among workers. He allegedly instructed his firm's subcontractors to hamper the establishment of the labor union and its activities, and to regularly report to him about the progress.

He is also suspected of carrying out an internal inspection of employees who engaged in union activities and even providing cash or other valuables to workers as an incentive for them to cut ties with the labor union.

Prosecutors have questioned company officials to find out if the alleged sabotage by the Samsung affiliate was handled by those in higher positions in the tech giant, possibly including Samsung Electronics' leadership or Samsung Group's now-disbanded control tower.

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