Hiring by S. Korea's top 30 companies gains 2.3 pct on-year in Q1
Hiring by S. Korea's top 30 companies gains 2.3 pct on-year in Q1
  • Kim Jung-mi
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The number of new employees hired by South Korea's top 30 companies moved up 2.3 percent on-year in the first quarter, data from a local corporate research firm showed Sunday.

According to CEO Score, companies belonging to such conglomerates as CJ, Samsung and SK recruited 21,361 people into their ranks, putting the total employment figure at these large companies at 969,397 as of late March.

The numbers are for 260 companies affiliated with business groups that released quarterly reports on employment.

Among the businesses examined, food and entertainment conglomerate CJ saw a 49 percent spike in employee numbers equal to 9,784 people. Samsung, South Korea's largest family-run conglomerate, reported a 3.9 percent increase totaling 7,300 workers, and SK reported a 10.1 percent rise in new employees.

This image shows logos of South Korea's leading business groups. (Yonhap)

Samsung Group's increase reflects the opening of a new chip production line by its flagship Samsung Electronics Co. in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometers south of Seoul.

Hyundai Motors, which had been struggling with weak sales, said it hired 2,259 people in the cited period for a 1.5 percent gain. Daelim's numbers rose by 27.9 percent.

On the other hand, 11 large businesses such as Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Kumho Asiana -- groups that have been hit hard by the recent downturn related markets and internal spinoffs -- reported reductions in employment.

HHI and Kumho Asiana combined shed 9,300 workers.

By industry, the information technology and electronics sectors saw gains in employee numbers, while shipbuilding, machinery and industrial parts firms struggled to hold onto workers, the latest findings showed. (Yonhap)

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