‘Old Boys’ of The Korea Herald, Herald Business have a spring reunion hiking
‘Old Boys’ of The Korea Herald, Herald Business have a spring reunion hiking
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Chairman Yun reminisces the good old days

By Ms. Sua Kim, staff reporter

Some 60 members of the Old Boys Club (OBC) of The Korea Herald and its sister Korean-language business daily Herald Kyungje had their summer reunion meeting in the form of tracking and walking up to the top of the Cheonggye-san Mountain in the wooded southern outskirts of Seoul on May 19, 2018.

Chairman Yun (seventh from left, front row) poses with the members of the Old Boys Club in front of a large tree near the Sodamchae Restaurant, the luncheon venue.General Manager Lee Mun-hee of the Club is seen standing fifth from left, rear row, with Publisher-Chairman Lee of The Korea Post media (standing second from right, rear row).Seated third from right, front row, is former Business Editor Min Byung-il.

Taking part in the picnic-like tracking were retired executives, editors and reporters of the leading English daily and Korean-language business daily of Korea. They included Chairman Yun Ik-han of the OBC; Secretary General Lee Mun-hee; former Directors Min Byung-il and Han Dong-hee; former HB Editor Kim Ban-seok with former HB Deputy Editor Han Yang-dae, and former KH Cultural Editor Lee Kyung-sik (now publisher-chairman of The Korea Post media).

Chairman Yun Ik-han of the Old Boys Club of The Korea Herald and Herald Kyungje is flanked on the right by former Desk Editor Lee Yeo-cheon of The Korea Herald and former Cultural Editor Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Herald (now publisher-chairman of The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean-language media outlets)

Most of the participants in the tracking made it to the summit of the Cheonggye-san Mountain 618 meters high from the sea level, but some of the older members went about half way up the hill, took a long break there and were joined by the early climbers who had made their way back down to the bottom.
Then they all met at the Sodamchae Restaurant at the foot of the hill and had their lunch together—joined also by those who either came late or did not want to risk their skill or strength to make it all the way up to the top of the hill.

Chairman Yun (right) introduces Old Boy Lee Sang-seok (now president of Seoul Business TV).

Speaking to the meeting at the luncheon, Chairman Yun cited the God-favored weather on the day as it had been rather nasty the day before and a few days in a row before it. True! It was all but a miracle that the sun shined brightly from morning to all day long posting a striking contrast with the night before and the several days aback. His remarks, as always, were impressive. He said in part:
“The dreary, cold winter had gone and the blooming spring was coming. But now, alas, an early summer of yellowish green is already here.

Chairman Yun (standing in the center) speaks to the Old Boys at the luncheon meeting. Standing at left is Secretary General Lee Mun-hee of the Old Boys Club.

“Unlike the balmy weather and season, the political climate over the Korean peninsula is not all that tranquil. The situation is moving and changing so fast. There have been relay meetings summit meetings and there are high hopes that there might come a period of peace on the Korean peninsula.
“We, members of the Old Boys Club, all have lived a life and spent a career filled with all sorts of turbulent ups and downs with the result that we are all very sensitive to the changes occurring around us.

Publisher-Chairman Lee of The Korea Post media (front). The air in the Cheonggye-san Mountain area is considered to be among the cleanest in the capital region.

“Today, we are all together again in a happy reunion and I am sure that all of us will have our fill of talks and chats—all bringing us back to the good old days when we were all together at our ‘old home’ at The Herald.
“They say that happiness comes from a relationship of harmony where we all live together sharing the warmth of heart with one another. When we were all together at The Herald as if bound by destiny, we all had an unfathomable depth of friendship and affinity. I hope that we will all continue to have and enjoy the same warm ties of friendship and caring for one another.

‘Old Boy’ Han Hong-kyo sings songs at the request of the members.Han carries a nick-name, ‘A star singer.’

“I hope that with the passage of time, our reunion meetings will be participated in by more and more members.”
The lunch consisted of steamed chicken, rice, mountain greens, pancakes—and, of course, soju liquor and beer.
The Korea Herald is a daily English-language newspaper founded in 1953 and published in Seoul. The editorial staff is composed of Korean and international writers and editors with additional news coverage drawn from international news agencies such as the Associated Press.The Korea Herald is operated by Herald Corporation.

Posing in front of the Sodamchae restaurant, the venue of the luncheon, are Deputy Business Editor Chung bong-uk of The Korea Herald (left) and Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post media (former Cultural Editor of The Korea Herald).

Herald Corporation also publishes The Herald Business, a Korean-language business daily, The Junior Herald, English weekly for teens, The Campus Herald, a Korean-language weekly for university students. Herald Media is also active in the country's booming English as a foreign language sector, operating a chain of hagwons as well as an English village.The Korea Herald is a member of the Asia News Network

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