KOEM renews pledges to preserve
KOEM renews pledges to preserve
  • Kim Sua
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Observing 23rd Ocean Day

Observing the 23rd Ocean Day on May 31, Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM) took pains to publicize the significance of protecting the marine environment. KOEM set up a Marine Environment Promotion Booth during a special Ocean Day event which took place at Incheon Inner Port Pier 8. It also exhibited special devices related to ocean environment protection.

CEO Park Seung-gee of KOEM (center) poses with the staff on the Ocean Day on May 23, 2018.

The Ocean Day event, hosted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries with the theme of "seas to be managed together,” and “seas to live together,” was attended by nearly 2,000 people including officials of government agencies and marine fisheries organizations. The event featured a marine and fisheries special exhibition with six themes and an the experience of riding maritime police and naval ships. Visitors had the opportunity to see and experience various exhibits including virtual experience (VR).
KOEM exhibited a mobile classroom vehicle on marine environment and a gravel washing machine model, both developed by the marine environment agency. Moreover, KOEM publicized its major ocean protection projects including designation and management of protected oceans and conservation of marine life, which enhanced the public’s awareness of the protection of ocean environment. Of note, the KOEM booth, which showed off spotted seals among others, drew a lot of interest from visitors.
CEO Park Seung-gee of KOEM observed that KOEM will step up the efforts to preserve the marine environment in observance of Ocean Day. “From now won, we will take the lead in the promotion of public awareness of the significance of ocean environment and ecosystem conservation activities, while going the extra mile to create a clean and rich ocean and healthy marine ecosystem,” said CEO Park.
In order to fulfill its vision, “A Public Corporation Dedicated to Creating Future Values of Healthy Oceans,” KOEM has sought to preserve Korean oceans for 23 years since its inception. As the only marine environment management organization in Korea, KOEM carries out various projects such as disposing of marine litter, restoring of the marine ecosystem, management of Marine Protected Areas(MPAs) and response to oil spills.
Aiming to offer total solutions for the marine environment, KOEM is seeking to create future growth engines and new jobs for young professionals by continuously managing ongoing projects such as marine environment preservation and oil spill response, alongside development of new projects such as aggregate extraction site management and marine climate change response.
KOEM aspires to play a pivotal role in turning the country into a strong maritime power as well as become a leading public oriented organization that is committed to providing high social value in areas such as human rights, safety, environment, and job creation. KOEM, a leading organization of management and policy support in the field of marine environmental conservation, seeks to promote cooperative ties with international organizations to combat climate change. It maintains training programs for globalizing domestic maritime technologies and securing skilled human resources.
The Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM) has established the Sea Love Volunteers Corps in order to create a beautiful world based on its founding vision of creating a beautiful ocean environment. Every year in Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok holiday, KOEM conducts charitable activities involving environmental and social welfare sectors.

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