Resource Plant emerges as a promising mining equipment developer
Resource Plant emerges as a promising mining equipment developer
  • Kim Jung-mi
  • 승인 2018.06.07 18:24
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Led by Chairman Steve Chung

With an ambitious vision of growing into one of world’s top 5 mining equipment developers by 2025 through innovation and technology, Resource Plant Co., Ltd. (RP) (Chairman: Steve Jung), a young technology-oriented company based in Korea, is committed to developing sustainable eco-friendly mining equipments. RP’s green technology aims to improve lives of people by protecting the environment from destruction due to continued resource development, pollution and climate change.

Chairman Steve Jung of Resource Plant

Undeniably however, the resource development industry is placing emphasis on efficiency at the expense of the environment. Under the situation, RP has steadily been seeking more ecological alternative. It developed and patented the Dry-type Ore Concentrator, an eco-friendly equipment for separating impurities (tailings) from target mineral stones in post-processing stages of mined ores. Along with the ore concentrator, it is also trading other eco-friendly mineral industry equipments, including the Standard Coal Crusher, Gold Dust Concentrator and Iron Sand Concentrator.
Unlike conventional flotation-type concentrators that account for dominant share of the current market, RP’s dry-type concentrator can separate impurities from mineral stones and process efficiently and cost-effectively by employing wind energy. It also can be installed in any regions regardless of poor water supply and freezing temperature. While the flotation-type concentration technology generates waste water and hazardous chemicals, the dry-type concentrator is an eco-friendly integrated control system that emits little pollutants by using natural wind energy. Compared to the flotation-type concentrator, the dry-type concentrator requires only about 78% of costs, such as investment, energy, maintenance and chemical reagents, of those for flotation-type concentrator. For maintenance cost alone, the dry-type concentrator requires 50% of that for the other.
Leveraging these benefits with the goal of achieving US$120 million in sales of its concentrator in 2019, RP is aggressively marketing its patented equipment in the global market, including Asia, Africa such as Ethiopia, East Europe, and Americas. It will start volume production of the concentrator in 2019.

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