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Korea, China has a common goal to keep peace in Korea, NE Asia

China is becoming an increasingly important partner of the Republic of Korea (South) in maintaining peace in Northeast Asia as well as on the Korean peninsula as the two countries share a common goal of keeping the Korean peninsula free from nuclear armament and seeking promotion of co-prosperity. In this regard, promotion of cultural understanding and exchange between Korea and China are considered to be very important in achieving the common aims.

Surveys show that nearly 70% of the people in Korea support the development of nuclear weapons to protect themselves from the nuclear attack and domination by North Korea that is fully armed with nuclear weapons and missiles that can deliver the nuclear warhead to remote targets (some capable of reaching the West Coast of the United States such as Los Angeles and California as well as Hawaii) as well as the short-distance targets in South Korea. Reports say that North Korea is now developing short-range missiles and mobile launching vehicles, which are a great threat to the lives of the people in the South. In this situation demand for the development of self-defense nuclear weapons is becoming stronger and louder in the South in spite of the efforts of the government against nuclear development.

Increased cooperation between Korea and China is essential for the promotion of peace in the region as well as on the Korean peninsula.

Development of cooperation and friendship between Korea and China started early, especially during the governments of former Presidents Kim Young-Sam and Kim Dae-Jung, has been continuing through the governments of Presidents Rohm Moo-hymn, Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye.

Here are some of the stories and photos when such efforts were made during the early days of their relations, especially when the first Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Zhang Tingyan who spoke the Korean language “better than Koreans” and who made many good friends in all segments of Korean society as well as in the government.

Here are some of the stories and photos in the back issues of The Korea Post in 1994 to 1997:

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