Samsung showcases new SSD for data centers
Samsung showcases new SSD for data centers
  • Hillary Kang
  • 승인 2018.06.21 13:10
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Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it released a new solid-state drive (SSD) designed for data centers with a storage capacity of a whopping 8 terabytes (TB).

The South Korean tech giant said it the 8TB NF1 NVMe SSD boasts the highest performance using the Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSMFF) format. The very high capacity allows users to store 1,600 movie files of 5 gigabytes (GB) each.

The company said the latest solution, measuring 11cm by 3.05cm, is significant as it has more than double the capacity of the M.2 SSD despite being a similar size. The M.2 is 11cm by 2.2cm and is widely used in laptops today.

The latest product comes with 16 512 GB units made by combining 16 layers of fourth-generation 256 Gb V-NAND products.

This picture released by Samsung Electronics Co. on June 21, 2018, shows the 8TB NF1 NVMe SSD. (Yonhap)

Samsung added that the new SSD boasts sequential read and write speeds of 3,100 MB and 2,00 MB per second, respectively.

"By introducing the first NF1 NVMe SSD, Samsung is taking the efficiency in data centers to new heights," the company said.

"We will continue to lead the trend toward enabling ultra-high density data centers and enterprise systems by delivering storage solutions with unparalleled performance and density levels," it added.

The company said the product also comes with 12 GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM, enabling faster processing of massive data.

The company said it will provide a warranty of up to three years for the new SSD. (yonhap)

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