Hanwha collaborative robot to debut in Europe
Hanwha collaborative robot to debut in Europe
  • Hillary Kang
  • 승인 2018.06.26 15:01
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CEO Yeon-cheol Kim in charge

Hanwha Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (CEO Yeon-cheol Kim) conducted a partnership day on June 21 in Munich, Germany, to sign contracts with six European distributors. Hanwha Precision Machinery Development Overseas Sales/Marketing Representatives, including Dr. Woo Sok Chang and Head of Robotics Business, attended the event and signed a contract with Comher of Spain and agents of European countries such as Dugard of UK, Engram of Poland, HB Turkey of Germany, Mactech of France, and Origo of Hungary. To celebrate this event, the first European distributor, Dymato of the Netherlands, also attended the ceremony.

Photo of Hanwha employees and 7 European distributors. The seven European distributors are, second from left at front row: Macijej Klosowicz of Engram (Poland), Peter Borbely of Origo (Hungary), Luis Barnadas of Comher (Spain), Jean-marc Bouverat of Mactech (France), Theo Coffeng of Dymato (Netherland), Eric Dugard of Dugard (UK), and Hubert Bach of HB Turnkey (Germany).

Starting new business with these European distributors, Robotics Division of Hanwha Precision Machinery launched its robot brand name as “Hanwha Robotics,” with the intention of obtaining a position in the robot market. Europe is the most active market for collaborative robots and is the hub of the global robot industry. Hanwha Robotics is entering the European market in earnest through the signing of this agency.

Willem van Dam of Dymato, Hanwha Robotics’ first European distributor, shares opinions on robotic business with Hanwha.

Meanwhile, the collaborative robots market is one of the most popular products in the paradigm of the 4th industrial revolution, with a high growth rate of 55% or more per year. Hanwha Robotics has entered the domestic, Chinese and Southeast Asian markets and is expanding its position in the collaborative robots market. Recently, it has established a manufacturing joint corporation in Singapore and is spurring business.

“We are pleased that Hanwha Robotics has entered the European market through this ceremony,” said Dr. Woosok Chang, the head of Hanwha Robotics. “We are planning to establish a sales office in Germany within the third quarter of this year. We will continue to expand our global market through continuous investment in robotics business.” (Hillary Kang)

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