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United Pharma gives W10 million to needy, hard-working studentsOn the occasion of its 27th anniversary of founding

On Nov. 1, 2014, the Korea United Pharm (Chairman: Kang Duk-young), a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea, celebrated its 27th anniversary celebration ceremony at the Sejong Culture and Arts Center in Sejong City attended by the executive members and employees of the company as well as ranking government officials, including Mayor Lee Chun-hui of Sejong City and Superintendent Choi Kyo-jin of Sejong City’s Office of Education.

▲Chairman Kang (sixth from left) cuts celebration cake with Mayor Lee Chun-hui of Sejong City (fifth from left), Superintendent Choi Kyo-jin of Sejong City’s Office of Education (fifth from right) and executives and other members of the company.

▲Executives and employees of the United Pharma give a round of applause at the anniversary celebration meeting.

While celebrating its anniversary with music performance and chorus contest among employees, the Company donated a scholarship of 10 million won (approximately US$9,170) to the Sejong City government to cite students with excellent marks in low income families as a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The Company also concluded an agreement with the regional Office of Education to cooperate with each other in providing education of classic music to students to nurture them as global-level musicians. Chairman Kang Duk-young said, “Social contribution is the objective and responsibility of a company. Based on achievements accomplished during the past 27 years, we will continue growth and contribute to the society and families of employees.”

▲Chairman speaks at the company’s 27th anniversary celebration meeting.

▲Mayor Lee Chun-hui of Sejong City makes a congratulatory speech at the celebration meeting.

▲Police Chief Lee Ji-ha of Sejong City makes congratulatory remarks.

▲Superintendent Choi Kyo-jin of Sejong City’s Office of Education gives a congratulatory speech.

In addition to CSR programs in Korea, the Company is actively conducting social responsibility activities in other countries. Since 2002, it has been sponsoring a broadcasting culture festival for children of Korean residents in China to help them have pride as people originated from Korea. Programs of the festival include contests of writing essays, story-telling, singing songs and playing piano. Winners in each category are awarded with scholarships. The Company is also supporting scholarships to students in Vietnam jointly with IC Vietnam, its partner in that country. It recently paid 23 million won (approximately US$21,000) to over 160 students, including 90 college students, and 50 middle and high school students.

▲Chairman Kang Duk-young (right) presents one million won in scholarship to Superintendent Choi Kyo-jin of Sejong City’s Office of Education.

▲Chairman Kang (right) shows a certificate of cooperation in music education with Superintendent Choi Kyo-jin of Sejong City’s Office of Education.

As a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea established in 1987, Korea United Pharm is now producing more than 200 different drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and is supplying them to some 30 countries as well as Korea. It operates subsidiaries in Alabama, the United States, and Vietnam, and established a joint venture in Egypt. It also runs branches in the United States, Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar. Its prescription drugs include treatments for circulatory system diseases, liver diseases, osteoporosis, urinary system disorders, cancers, diabetes, respiratory organs disorders and antimicrobial agents. One of them is ‘Cilostzol CR’ tablet, an antithrombotic drug used for treating atherosclerosis, cerebral infarction, diabetes and chronic occlusive arterial disease. It also provides a number of OTC drugs, including ‘Alkafen’ and ‘Homtamin-A’.

▲Chairman Kang (fifth from left) at front row poses with long-term employees of his company after presentation of citations.

▲Chairman Kang (right) presents a cash gift of 2 million won to the winner of the chorus competition.

Since it established the central research institute in 1994, the Company has been putting strenuous efforts to develop high-valued active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished drugs by investing 6~7% of its sales in R&D, in pursuant of the best global healthcare company. The excellence of its advanced technologies and product quality was recognized by the government. In 2004, it was designated as an advanced technology center by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The Company was also selected as one of ‘Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion’ by Forbes in 2010.

▲Chorus competition in progress

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