Envoys hear health lecture, sample Korean herb medicine
Envoys hear health lecture, sample Korean herb medicine
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Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital

Ambassador Tissa Wijeratne of Sri Lanka and a number of other ambassadors and senior diplomats attended health lecture with their spouses at the Diplomatic Center in Seocho-dong in Seoul on Nov. 12, 2014, and had a tour of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital just across the street from the venue of the lecture.

Director Dr. Seo Hyo-seok made a welcome speech and this was followed by presentation of a Plaque of Appreciation to Dr. Seo by Ambassador Wijeratne of Sri Lanka on behalf of the ambassadors and other senior members of the Diplomatic Corps attending the lecture.

At the lecture, Director Dr. Seo spoke on the importance of tonsils and lungs which were essential in the healthy function of the human body.
All kinds of diseases, including cancer and other intractable diseases, had a measure of connection with tonsils and lungs and that healthy tonsils and lungs protected the body from the intrusion of pathogenic bacteria. (See excerpts from the lecture at the end of this Article.)

The lecture was followed by a question-and-answer session where Charge d’Affaires Gathoga W. Chege of Kenya presented a series of serious questions on details presented by Dr. Seo.

Following the post-lecture luncheon at the ballroom of the Diplomatic Center, the guests had a tour of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital across the street, and sampled Pyunkang-tang Korean medicine that was supposed to keep the tonsils, lungs and various other respiratory organs in good health, which performed an essential role to protect the human body from the infiltration of diseases.
Excerpts from the health lecture follow:

Excerpts from the lecture:
When we get sick, we look for medicine to get better. We look to achieve two things. First, we want the medicine be effective and second, we want the medicine to be quick. Thus, drugs which have been developed with these two things in mind can rapidly lower the blood pressure and glucose level. They can stop asthma attacks almost immediately, like magic. However, once we start taking these drugs, we’re binding ourselves to them for the rest of our lives. Maybe we begin taking the medicine because it seems to ‘cure’ us magically, but the fact is we’re becoming enslaved to this ‘magic’. We must free ourselves from these shackles. We must live “Free from Chemical Medicine”.

“Free from Chemical Medicine” is an ideal way of healing and caring for the body. Rather than relying on chemicals, we should encourage our bodies to heal itself by nurturing and strengthening our immune systems. At the foundation of being “Free from Chemical Medicine” lies our lung health. Once our lungs become healthy and strong, our tonsils will become healthy and strong. This will naturally reinforce immunity. Healthy tonsils can begin to prevent the common cold within two months, treat rhinitis in three months, and eventually totally eradicate asthma. It is possible to achieve a substantial amount of changes within the first four months of fostering the lungs and tonsils.

Furthermore, once our lungs become healthy, our skins will be able to breathe better. What this allows is for us to treat atopic dermatitis, because our lungs are the main respiratory organ while the skin is a minor one connected to the lungs. Once rhinitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis disappear, we can be certain that our lungs, tonsil and our overall immune system have been reinforced. This is the first step to longevity because our aging and eventually dying are actually results of the lung degradation process, when we see a drop in the number of pulmonary cells. This process is manifested in three symptoms, namely, pulmonary emphysema which perforates the lungs; pulmonary fibrosis which hardens the pulmonary cells; and bronchiectasis which fills the lungs with phlegm. People of the past have died because they lacked the knowledge of even the existence of these diseases. Nowadays though, these conditions can easily be detected by MRI or CT checks. Yet we still see people die from these diseases because of our inabilities to treat the conditions correctly.

Behold, as we have discovered the method of preventing the lungs from weakening and the pulmonary cells from reducing. This discovery is to be “Free from Chemical Medicine” and strengthening the lungs. An additional lifespan of thirty years will become available to those of us who prevent the aforementioned symptoms, which are called the ‘angels of death’. I would like to proclaim the era of good health and longevity accomplished through healthy lungs and tonsils. I propose to refer to the people who understand the importance of lungs and tonsils and their effects on the principles of treatments, and those who enjoy healthy longevity as the ‘Pyunkang Beings’, and the location where these beings live together as the ‘Pyunkang Paradise’. Once we create new lives by strengthening our lungs and tonsils, we will prove wrong the words of Tu Fu, “Men seldom live to be seventy years old”. It shall be “Living a hundred years of life is no longer a dream”.

Let us open the doors to the “Pyunkang Paradise” and start celebrating not only our 70th birthdays but our 100th birthdays. Let us understand and accept the Pyunkang way, and live “Free from Chemical Medicine”.

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