Yangpyeong county villages were honored with Presidential Award
Yangpyeong county villages were honored with Presidential Award
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Dedicated to enhancing happiness and quality of living

Two villages in Yangpyeong- gun (county), Gyeonggi Province have been awarded the coveted Presidential Award in the government-sponsored contest which aims to create the “villages filled with happiness.” The honored local communities are Yeomul-li village in Cheongun-myeon and Johyeon-ni village in Yongmun-myeon.

“The outstanding achievement was made possible as the village people have shown a lot of enthusiasm to make the villages of happiness and hope. I understand that they have managed to enhance their sense of pride and achievement with the prizes,” said Yangpyeong Mayor Kim Sun-kyo.

A total of 1,981 villages across the country had applied for the “First Contest to Create the Villages of Happiness,” which was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Among them, 27 villages were finally selected as outstanding communities. Of particulate note, village residents participated in the selection of outstanding communities, along with agricultural experts.

In the contest, Yeomul-li village in Cheongun-myeon was honored with the Presidential Award (Gold) in the field of income and communications. Johyeon-ri village in Yongmun- myeon received the Presidential Award (Silver) in the culture and welfare area. The Yeomul-ri was given a cash prize of 30 million won, while Johyeon-ri received 20 million won. Yangpyeong-gun is the only local community to gain the Presidential Award in two fields.

Yangpyeong officials said that the “First Contest to Create the Villages of Happiness” was conceived by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs as an initiative to award local communities dedicated to enhancing the lives of farmers and enhancing their sense of achievement. The contest was divided into three groups income/communications, culture/welfare and landscape/environment

Mayor Kim said Yangpyeong has been undergoing significant changes. “It is developing into an eco-city, where residents of metropolitan cities would like to live.” He went on: “It is a place that is filled with happiness where everyone can feel the kindness of their neighbors. An eco-city where there is a harmony of nature and people. A rich farming land that produces safe, eco-friendly agricultural products that result in high income for the hard-working farmers. A county of culture, arts and leisure sports with festivals that are held year round.”

In Yangpyeong, the mayor said there is no blind spot in welfare services for the marginalized groups. “It is Yangpyeong, where people can lead enriched lives. Whenever you are exhausted by the urban lifestyle, come along the cycling trail by the Bukhan River to Yangpyeong, where you can enjoy the kindness of people, breathtaking sceneries and delightful dishes. You will discover the true meaning of life and happiness.”

Yangpyeong has been chosen as a Special Zone for Environmentally Friendly Agriculture. It is a designated farming area with regulatory exemptions pursuant to the Environment-Friendly Agriculture Fosterage Act in an effort to overcome the regional limitations resulting from various regulations and to promote qualitative development of environmentally friendly agriculture. “We remain dedicated to promoting the qualitative development of the environmentally friendly agricultural industry,” Mayor Kim stressed.

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