Chairman Park of Asiana (unduly) protected by govt, legal, media, company seniors
Chairman Park of Asiana (unduly) protected by govt, legal, media, company seniors
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Comic strip by Artist Park Sun-chan of Kyunghyang Shinmun Korean-language daily

This comic strip appeared in the popular Korean-language daily, Kyunghyang Shinmun, dated July 10, 2018. It was drawn by Comic Artist Park Sun-chan under the title, Jang Dori, which means a ‘Little Hammer.’

The first section shows stewardesses of Asiana Airlines chanting, “Dear Chairmen!” A man in black suit checks obviously to see who is the most enthusiastic in adoring the ‘Dear Chairman’ obviously alluding to Chairman Park Sam-koo of Asiana Airlines.

The second section features Chairman Park of Asiana Airlines is surrounding by young stewardesses who are admiring Chairman Park with roses. The caption reads Gibbeumjo, literally reading ‘Pleasure-presenting Team’ which is reminiscent of the identically named Gibbeumjo in North Korea, a group of rare beauties in North Korea formed to present ‘pleasure’ to the then Chairman Kim Jong-il, the father of the incumbent Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

The third section features a Seulpeumjo meaning a ‘Sorrow-stricken Team’ formed by ranking government officials, leaders of the legal circles, journalist leaders and business tycoons. The government leaders say, “You cannot cancel their business license blaming them for illegal business.” The legal circles leaders’ representative holding in his hands a document says “Arrest Warrant Request Rejected!” and is pleading with tears, “How can anyone arrest business chairmen!” The fourth man, obviously a business tycoon, says, “Yes, we are printing ‘ghost stocks’ all right, but you should publish only the low-ranking employees and turn a blind eye (to the owner chairmen).

The fourth and last section shows senior executives of the company obviously alluded to Asiana Airlines, who are crying in tears “Our Dear Chairman!” in expression of their deepest sympathy for the fate of the chairman, obviously Chairman Park Sam-koo.

Note: This is an unofficial translation and in the event of dispute over the accuracy of meaning, the Korean original prevails over the English translation.

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