‘We aim to expand, offer total service, satisfy all needs of foreign dignitaries’
‘We aim to expand, offer total service, satisfy all needs of foreign dignitaries’
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Interview with CEO Han Sang-Soo of DS Limousine Company Ltd.

The following are details of an interview with CEO Han Sang-soo of the DS Limousine Company, Ltd. recently conducted by the Korea Post media.-Ed.

Question: We understand that DS Limousine is rated as a very competitive company in your field. Please introduce your strong points.

Answer: Currently, even though we are a company focusing on transportation for foreigners, our aim for the future is to expand the range of services to include planning for international programs and providing a total service where we aim to satisfy all the needs of foreign dignitaries who visit the Busan City and other areas of the Gyeongsangnam-do province.

DS Limousines for special guest and VIP protocol at 2018 KOAFEC (The Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Conference)

Q: Since you started this business, you must have had some important experiences. Could you introduce them?

A: I love this job because it is one where I meet and deal with many people who are interesting for my job. I have had several interesting experiences. Here are a few examples:

When a container vehicle capsized on an expressway and the road was blocked for 2 hours, I had to carry two traveling suitcases of a passenger with both hands and run in the rain with the passenger for more than 10 minutes till we came to a general road where I helped the passenger take a taxi to the Gimhae Airport.

In 2016, during the naming ceremony of a vessel at the Geoje Samsung Heavy Industries, after departing from a hotel in Haeundae and arriving at the Geoje Samsung Heavy Industries, I received a notification from a ship owner that a person had been left behind. So, I immediately organized an additional transportation to bring the person from Haeundae to Geoje.

DS Limousines for special guest and VIP protocol at 2018 KOAFEC (The Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Conference)

In 2017, during the Ulsan Hyundai Heavy Industries’ naming ceremony of a vessel, just before I arrived at the company after departing from Haeundae, I received a notification that a person had been left behind. I arranged an additional vehicle to bring the person to Ulsan.

In 2017, when I had the honor to offer a drink for Her Highness the Princess of Belgium she visited Busan Port Authority and received a souvenir and gift from the Port Authority. After we completed our schedule, she thanked me and gave me the souvenir and gift.

Q: Would you like to introduce yourself in detail for our readers?

A: I am Han Sang Soo, the representative director of DS Limousine Company Ltd. I was born on February 9, 1975, in the Yeongdong County of the Chungcheongbuk-do province.

I attended Dongguk University and graduated from the Department of Trade. My desire for business as well as my desire to satisfy a need that had been neglected by the market in the services industry led me to establish the DS Limousine Company, Ltd. As indicated in the initials of our company, DS, we represent a desire to always welcome our customers with a ‘Smile’ and to ‘Serve’ them to the fullest extent of their satisfaction.

CEO Han Sang-soo of DS Limousine Company Ltd.

Q: Can you tell us a little more in detail as to what the motive for the establishment of DS Limousine Company Ltd was?

A: Even though the market we are involved in is one marked with fierce competition, I found an opportunity where I could generate additional value and create my own special niche. The initial players of the market were highly complacent and only fixated at outmoded mannerisms and cumbersome processes. Therefore, DS Limousine Company Ltd. is a company I formed with the support of several people when I decided to use my own differentiated methods in this market where the already established businesses were complacent to the realities of the market and were only concerned with mannerisms.

Q: What are the points at you company telling you apart from you competitors?

A: The biggest differentiating factor of my company is that I run it with the mindset that it is not just a transportation business but also more importantly that it is a services enterprise. In addition, we make use of expert service manuals to train our workers and actively engage in collecting feedback after the provision of our services for the purpose of improving our services. At DS Limousine, as is expected of any service enterprise, the satisfaction of the customer is our ultimate focus and this drives us to take care of every detail in rendering our services to provide the best possible service to our valued customers.

DS Limousine VIP service of the airport

I. Details of company:

-Name of company: DS Limousine Company Ltd.
-Business registration number: 661-86-00546
-Representative director: Han Sang Soo (Mr.)
-Address: Room 226, 152, Jwadong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea.
-Telephone Number: 051.702.2892
-Fax: 051.702.2893
-Homepage : www.dslimousine.com

Note: By the initials of our company DS, we represent a desire to always welcome our customers with a SMILE and to SERVE them until the point of SATISFACTION.

II. Fields of service:

Special guest and VIP protocol: undertake protocol activities for the Head of State and executives of companies
Airport pickup and sending service: support the entry and exit of foreigners
Bus services for international conferences, conventions and exhibitions bus services for broadcasting recordings and shooting advertisement: CF, broadcasting, English recording, support for red-carpet award ceremony
Busan city tour, Gyeongnam tour service
English guide, Japanese guide
Foreigners’ only casino and transportation to hotel

DS Limousines for special guest and VIP protocal at Busan international Film Festival

III. Vehicles available:


Number of persons who can ride: 5 persons

Number of persons who can ride: 5 persons

Equus limousine
Number of persons who can ride: 4 persons

Number of persons who can ride: 5 persons

Number of persons who can ride: 5 persons


Number of persons who can ride: 9 persons

Number of persons who can ride: 11 persons

Number of persons who can ride: 15 persons

Starex van
Number of persons who can ride: 7 persons

IV. List of international programs participated in

-2016 Protocol of Prime Minister of Czech Republic’s visit to Busan Gyeongnam:
21st Busan International Film Festival

-2017 Busan contents market
Protocol of Princess of Belgium’s visit to Busan
Asia-Pacific Estate Agent International Conference
International Joseon Ocean Festival
22nd Busan International Film Festival

-2018 Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society Conference
African Development Bank Annual General Meeting
Busan International Motor Show
6.25 UN Peace Keeping Forces Veteran Memorial Ceremony

V. Main business partners:

-Ghana Embassy
-Paradise Busan Casino
-GKL Seven Luck Casino
-Bureau Veritas (France classification)
-Volvo Construction Equipment Korea
-Bayer Korea
-Hyupseong Shipping Co. Ltd.
-River marine service
-Three shipbuilders (Samsung Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Hyundai Heavy Industries)
-Park Hyatt Hotel
-Western Joseon Beach Hotel
-Best Western Haeundae Hotel
-The Mark Haeundae Hotel
-Centum Premier Hotel
-Tower Hill Hotel

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