Summer Eel: A Japanese Delicacy at Genji
Summer Eel: A Japanese Delicacy at Genji
  • Hillary Kang
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Genji, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant, is pleased to offer wild eel, a Japanese delicacy, at Genji throughout the month of August. Available in a stellar eight-course extravaganza, the eel will be prepared teriyaki-style and will be served along other fine Japanese dishes. Some of the courses will include: assorted sashimi, Orotson eel teriyaki, assorted vinegared seafood, assorted tempura, and more. The meal is priced at KW125,000 per person.

The eel for this special meal is Orotson eel, which is a wild, not farmed, eel found in the mud flats on the western coast of Korea. Highly sought after in both Korea and Japan, as well as other countries, this wild eel is a prized treat and the perfect showcase for this special eel meal.

In Japan, grilled eel is said to give stamina to people during the hot summer and is eaten often. In fact, there is even a special holiday in Japan when all the locals eat eel to restore their waning energies. A major source of protein and calcium, eel is rich in vitamins B1 and A and high in EPA (which lowers blood cholesterol) and DHA (which enhances mental acumen). Regarded as one of the best nutritious food for the human body, eel is also believed to enhance beauty, especially when consumed by women.

Genji offers the best in Japanese dining with its Sushi bar, impressive Teppanyaki tables, unique Tatami rooms and private dining rooms, all amidst an elegant and contemporary setting.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Genji at (02) 317-3240.

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