Grand Hilton Seoul presents the ‘Relaxing Autumn Package’
Grand Hilton Seoul presents the ‘Relaxing Autumn Package’
  • Hillary Kang
  • 승인 2018.08.17 17:24
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Awaiting Autumn, a refreshing vacation in the cool breeze

Grand Hilton Seoul is presenting the ‘Relaxing Autumn Package’ during the autumn season for those who take satisfaction in the small pleasures within their ordinary everyday life.

From Saturday September 1 to Friday November 30, this package includes a one-night stay in a room overlooking the beautiful Baekryeon Mountain in its autumn scenery, 2 breakfasts at the Buffet restaurant, Grand Hilton Seoul’s PB brand H-Select’s Eco-bag and Picnic Mat.. Celebrating the 30th year anniversary of the Hotel, the H-Select’ Eco-bag's design was the winning design that was selected through a rigorous and selective process due to its impressive practical design and expressive lettering. The handle attached to the picnic mat makes it easier to carry around and as it is waterproof, it can be wiped and easily stored. Also, a Jenga set and 2 Mask Packs from Medical Cosmetic Brand ‘Doctor Gloderm’ will also be offered to ensure a comfortable stay.

Customers who purchase the package will be given free access to the Swimming pool and Fitness center as well as a 50% discount at Grand Hilton Seoul’s Sauna.

Song Na-kyung, Marketing Manager at Grand Hilton Seoul, said, "We prepared a package full of various benefits for those who would like to take advantage of the everyday pleasures as the fresh breeze of autumn approaches”. She also added “I recommend the ‘Relaxing Autumn Package’ as a hideaway from the heat and crowd of the summer season”

The price of the package starts at 163,000KRW (not including tax and service charges). For more information please refer to Grand Hilton Seoul’s official homepage ( or reach out to us on 02-2287-8400.

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