Czech Cultural Center hosts a traditional puppet show
Czech Cultural Center hosts a traditional puppet show
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The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Seoul (the Czech Cultural Center) hosted a traditional Czech Puppet Show with the Puzzle Czecho Puppet Theater of Korea at the Darak Theater in Seoul on Dec. 10, 2014.

Attending the show, among other guests, were Ambassador and Mrs. Tomas Husak of the Czech Republic and Ambassador Milan Lajciak of the Slovak Republic, Representative Ms. Linda Yoon of the Korean-language Internet Daily of The Korea Post with Producer Moon Soo-young, Director Moon Soo-ho and Actors Jakub Kaplan and Honja Klas.

Ambassador Tomas Husak (second from right) gives a congratulatory speech to the guests. From right, Actor Jakub Kaplan, Ambassador Husak, Director Moon Soo-ho of and Actor Honja Klas

Ambassador Husak of the Czech Republic spoke to the guests introducing the Czech puppet show. Excerpts follow:
I am very glad that you have managed to come here today, despite of start of winter weather and I would like to thank you for your coming. It is my honor and pleasure to be with you here tonight, shortly after my arrival to Seoul and shortly after my handing over my credentials to Her Excellency President Park.
When coming to Korea, I was well aware of the fact, that relations between our two countries are best ever. Representatives of your government are frequently visiting Praha, starting with Foreign Minister and Deputy Speaker of National Assembly, on the other side several Ministers of the Czech Government and delegation of our National assembly visited Seoul this year.
But it is not only visits of representatives, what makes our relation special. What makes our relation special is human interaction, it means visit of tourists, student exchanges and mainly cultural exchange and cooperation.
Muppet theatre has a long history in my country. Everybody knows the most famous of them, Spejbl and Hurvinek, which is based on two main actors, father and son and which was established at the beginning of last century. Generations of children enjoyed it, but not only that. It was theater for children during the day and theater for adults of all ages during evening performances. As it may be surprise for Korean public, Muppet theatre in our country is not for children only. And I am sure, that today’s performance will be up to our Czech tradition. I wish to actors of this theatre, who all studied their art in Praha best luck and success, as they are opening first permanent Czech theatre in Seoul. To all of you I wish exceptional artistic experience.

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