‘The 12th Grand Hilton Seoul’s Oktoberfest has successfully completed’
‘The 12th Grand Hilton Seoul’s Oktoberfest has successfully completed’
  • Kim Sua
  • 승인 2018.09.13 11:27
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Oktoberfest attracts a lot of guests

Ambassadors Stephan Auer of Germany, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Barragan of Colombia and Daul Jesus Enrique Martute Mejia of Peru were among the distinguished guests attending the 2018 Oktoberfest at the Grand Hilton Seoul on Sept. 8, 2018 hosted by the Hotel led by General Manager Bernhard Brender.
An estimated total of over 1,000 Korean, German and other international guests attended the largest beer festival of Germany, the largest in Korea.

Ambassador Stephan Auer of Germany and General Manager Bernhard Brender of the Grand Hilton Seoul (left and second from left) sing an Oktoberfest song together with important guests.

The guests came from all walks of life, including the media who included Publisher-Chairman of The Korea Post media with his Korean-language star writer, Choe Duk-ha.
The large hall in front of the venue was literally packed to the brims with wonderful food, goodies and plenty of German beer! Among all brands of beer in Korea, German products are rated to be the best among many beer lovers in Korea.
Ambassador Auer, General Manager Brender and other German celebrities ‘leading’ the festival were all clad in traditional German festival wear with short plats which impressed the Korean guests deeply.

The Oktoberfest, which, in fact, was held from 6 pm on September 8th to 1 am on the 9th, was conducted with Ayinger Brauweisse, Germany’s best brewery, and a variety of traditional German dishes which were prepared by the head chefs of the Hotel.
This event, according to the Grand Hilton public relations, has been evaluated as a successful venue of Culture exchange which led different nationalities to gather and enjoy several events including the live German band invited from Munich, impressive prizes that include Lufthansa airline tickets to Germany, Munich Hilton Voucher, and SNS event at the Photo Zone which was organized by a collaboration with the global doll brand Hansa Toy.

One of visitors who joined to experienced the real German traditional festival, stated that “I felt as though he was actually there at local Oktoberfest due to the lively atmosphere with German-style interiors, exciting live music, chilling beers with traditional foods, and people dressed in traditional costumes; also mentioned that it was a “great time to experience German culture”.
Another visitor said, “Drinking beer, dancing together on the stage and being or making friends with strangers, was refreshing and a totally new experience.”




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