Don’t ask ‘What’s the temperature in Pakistan?’
Don’t ask ‘What’s the temperature in Pakistan?’
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When you are wondering how cold or warm it is in Pakistan, don’t ask a Pakistani, “What is the temperature in Pakistan?”

Third Secretary and Head of Chancery Asad Abbas Awan of the Pakistani Embassy in Seoul says, “We have all four seasons in our country all at the same time!”

Speaking with The Korea Post, he said, “Up in the north we have snow but in the south we swim in the river, lake and sea!”
Awan meant that the country is so long that it is difficult to tell the temperature.

So tell the location and ask.

He says that before Pakistan, Bangladesh and India were one country in the past but that it was divided like Korea was halved into the north and south.

The superpowers perhaps did not realize when they did it what kind of pain the affected peoples would have to suffer as a result.

There was a war between Pakistan and Bangladesh because of such a division and it also happened in Korea, too, for three years, and Koreans know the unbearable trauma.

Koreans feel that it is like their body being cut in half, and left bleeding.
The superpowers should think twice (and many more times) when they want to do it again to any region of the world.

With beards and whiskers, Awan looked like Abraham Lincoln, but a picture he had without them looked like a movie star.

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