Uzbek people have national, local assembly elections
Uzbek people have national, local assembly elections
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Equal time allocated for TV, radio print campaign

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, Dec. 19, 2014?The people across the Republic of Uzbekistan will be going to polls on Dec. 21 (local time) to cast their votes for candidates to the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament and local councils of People's Deputies.

The results of major preparations and conduct of elections were explained by Chairman Mirzo Ulugbek Abdusalomov of the Central Election Commission at a briefing for the diplomatic corps, representatives of international organization, foreign observers, local and foreign media at the National Press Center.

“In order to organize and conduct elections at the highest democratic level, the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan has carried out large-scale preparations in cooperation with state and public organizations,” said Chairman Abdusalomov. He said, “All activities within the campaign are carried out openly and transparently and in strict accordance with the law.” There are 135 electoral districts for the elections of people's representatives of the Legislative Chamber, 9035 polling stations, including 44 stations under Uzbekistan representative offices in foreign countries.

“As part of election campaign, the candidates have been assigned equal airing time on state TV, radio and print space in national and local print media for free,” he said.

All the polling stations are completely ready for voting. There are specially designed rooms with booths for secret voting and ballot boxes. Precinct election commissions have full lists of voters, which include more than 20 million people. All voters are informed about the time and place of voting. Early voting will begin on Dec. 11 and will conclude on Dec.19.

(The Korea Poster Reporter David Chung from Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

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