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Samsung gas, induction electric cooktops win highest scoresSelected by U.S. Consumer Report

Samsung Electronics' gas and induction electric cooktops received the highest scores from the U.S. Consumer Report, this was reported by Korean-lnguage media on Sept. 23, 2018.
Samsung's gas cooktops, which are 30-inch and 36-inch models, were seleced as two of the five top-performing models for this year, they said.

The report cited Samsung's 30-inch NA30K7750TS/AA model as expensive but worth the price for its Wi-Fi-enabled connection with smartphones, as well as Bluetooth function.
The 36-inch NA36K7750TG/AA model is a larger version of the 30-inch Samsung. Both models have five burners, but the 36-inch model's wider profile provides the user room to spread out.
Separately, Samsung's NZ36K7570RG/AA 36-inch electric cooktop also was selected as one of the best cooktops of 2018 along with a model from Kitchen Aid. The report said the model packs in everything as it has five burners, two of which are high-powered.

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