Samsung gas, induction electric cooktops win highest scores
Samsung gas, induction electric cooktops win highest scores
  • Park Byung-uk
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Selected by U.S. Consumer Report

Samsung Electronics' gas and induction electric cooktops received the highest scores from the U.S. Consumer Report, this was reported by Korean-lnguage media on Sept. 23, 2018.
Samsung's gas cooktops, which are 30-inch and 36-inch models, were seleced as two of the five top-performing models for this year, they said.

The report cited Samsung's 30-inch NA30K7750TS/AA model as expensive but worth the price for its Wi-Fi-enabled connection with smartphones, as well as Bluetooth function.
The 36-inch NA36K7750TG/AA model is a larger version of the 30-inch Samsung. Both models have five burners, but the 36-inch model's wider profile provides the user room to spread out.
Separately, Samsung's NZ36K7570RG/AA 36-inch electric cooktop also was selected as one of the best cooktops of 2018 along with a model from Kitchen Aid. The report said the model packs in everything as it has five burners, two of which are high-powered.

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