Five-star hotels offer packages
Five-star hotels offer packages
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Hotel lobby

Weekend winter package at Lotte Hotel Seoul:
Lotte Hotel Seoul offers a winter weekend package for the guests to have their fill of relaxation and comfort in the heart of the Metropolis.
It is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and runs through the end of February.
The prices are KW260,000 for Dissert Package and KW350,000 for Brunch Package.
The Dissert Package includes a one-night deluxe room with a welcome wine and an afternoon tea couple set. The Bruch Package has a corner or junior suite with a welcome wine and an in-room brunch for two persons.

JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul has a Doljanchi program:
JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul celebrates the first anniversary of its opening in an promotion event at the Hotel.
As part of this celebration, the Hotel officers a package valid until the end of February a Doljanchi (a child’s first birthday) program where a ‘First Birthday Table’ (valued at KW500,000) is offered free of charge to a guest who makes reservation for a ‘First Birthday’ party.

Oakwood Premier Coex Center Seoul features Pororo:
Oakwood Premier Coex Center Seoul offers a Pororo package for the children and parents during the winter school vacation.
The program offers a one-night stay at a residence hotel room equipped with a kitchen, children’s admission ticket for the Pororo Lounge and a gift box with various Pororo daily necessity items.
The Hotel has a ‘Kids Play Zone’ where the children can have their fill of excitement.

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