Samsung Elect Co. showcases a new lineup of horticulture LED solutions
Samsung Elect Co. showcases a new lineup of horticulture LED solutions
  • Kim Sua
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optimized for greenhouses and vertical farming

Samsung Electronics Co. on Nov. 21, 2018 showcased a new lineup of horticulture light-emitting diode (LED) solutions optimized for greenhouses and vertical farming, which can help farmers improve produce quality.

The South Korean tech giant said the new products, including white full-spectrum packages and modules, as well as color LEDs, provide farmers with a broader spectrum of light that leads to healthier plant growth, along with reduced lighting system costs.

"Samsung's full-spectrum-based horticulture LEDs present a new way of using LED lighting to improve plant cultivation at reduced system costs," Samsung Electronics said. "We plan to further expand our horticulture offerings by integrating the latest in smart LED lighting technology, including Samsung's leading sensor and connectivity solutions."

Compared with narrow spectrum lighting, Samsung said the full-spectrum-based LEDs can help plants grow healthier by "stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value."

Samsung said the new solutions also help farmers spot plant diseases through bright white lighting.

Along with the full-spectrum white LEDs, Samsung also introduced blue, deep-red and far-red LEDs to meet different demands from horticulture lighting manufacturers.

"Built on Samsung's market-proven LED technologies, the new full spectrum and color LED lineups feature a high degree of reliability, making them well-suited to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels, as well as agricultural chemicals used in greenhouses and vertical farming," the company added.

Samsung said it will start supplying the new products this month to clients. (Yonhap)

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