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Send us your stories and pix (even gripes) for publication

I have already published in this column the following information concerning the five news publications we publish at The Korea Post media:

Korean-language Internet edition: http://www.koreapost.co.kr
English-language Internet edition: http://www.koreapost.com
Korean-language print newspaper:
English E-daily: http://www.koreapost.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=8020

Why do I do this all the time?

It is because all the time I fail to attract enough attention from our esteemed readers, especially the ambassadors as well as the leaders of the government, business circles and other segments of society of Korea and in all parts of the world.

There is a famous saying in Korea concerning the best-loved Dutch Soccer Coach Guus Hiddink.

This statement of his is very famous in Korea: “I am hungry for goals!”

Obviously it means that the Korean soccer plays in this team are not making enough goals, that is, as many goals as he wishes his Korean players get.

I am VERY HUNGRY for the exposure of what I have in all publications (3 in English and 2 in Korean) mentioned above.

So, dear readers, please visit our website (in English and Korean) and read our articles as well as see the pictures.

We are now planning to increase the publication frequency of our Korean-language newspaper (20 pages each time) to four times a month, almost weekly.

Gus Hiddink mentioned afore was a manager of a variety of national teams. Korea regards him as a hero for his contributing to the enhancement of the image of Korea as a ‘Country of Soccer Games.’

Also, The Korea Post solicits contributions Korea in English and/or in Korean from the students in Korea and/or any expatriate citizens in Korea.

We present one year’s free subscription to the English magazine and the Korean-languae newspaper to each contributor.

You can also dump your ‘gripes,’ if any, as the five media outlets, 3 in English and 2 in Korean (as mentioned above), are more than ready and willing to publish them to meet the public interests of Korea and all the countries of the world.

Please send your stories and pictures to edt@koreapost.com and/or pub@koreapost.com.

Lee Kyung-sik  edt@koreapost.com

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