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Zen Buddhists of Jogye Order host World Assembly of Meditation Masters 2015With an estimated 35,000 persons participating

The Chambul Seonwon (Zen Meditation Institute) of the Korean Buddhist Jogye Order is hosting a ‘World Assembly of Meditation Masters (WAMM) 2015 at the High 1 Resort Kangwon Land in Gangwon Province on July 18-24, 2015 with the participation of seven prominent Buddhist leaders from around the world. This was disclosed by Ven. Gaksan, chair of the Preparatory Committee of the WAMM, at an interview with The Korea Post in Seoul on Jan. 26, 2015.

▲Ven. Gaksan, chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the World Assembly of Mediation Masters 2015 explains to the Buddhist leaders about the Assembly.

Then prominent Buddhist leaders attending one of the nation’s largest Buddhist meetings include Buddhist leaders from Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia.
Following the Meditation Healing Camp at High 1 Resort Kangwon Land on July 18-24, there will be a large-scale Buddhist service for the awarding of the Buddhist Commandments at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on July 25 and this will be followed by Buddhist lecture meetings at BEXCO in Busan and Donghwa-sa Buddhist Temple in Daegu on July 26-27, 2015, respectively. Ven. Gaksan predicted that an estimated total of over 35,000 persons are expected to attend the Zen meditation and lecture meetings.
Ven. Gaksan studied Buddhism under Ven. Bogwang at the Haein-sa Buddhist College and from the Zen Buddhist Master of Myanmar, and continued his Buddhist studies in Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Australia, China and India for the past 10 years.

▲Ven. Gaksan (right) shows an Agreement of Cooperation with President Seunghuie Ham of High 1 Resort Kangwon Land concerning the venue of WAMM 2015.

Then he opened Chamseon Zen Mediation Institute in Gangnam District south of the Han River in Seoul and at the Haeundae District in Busan last year for the spread of Zen meditation among the people living in the big cities. Ven. Gaksan poses a sharp contrast with the fact that most of the Buddhist temples and estates are located in high mountains in remote localities.
Present at the interview meeting with The Korea Post were a number of persons related with WAMM 2015, who included President Seunghuie Ham of High 1 Resort Kangwon Land, which is the main venue of the large Zen Buddhist meditation meeting.
The WAMM 2015, in fact, is the third such Buddhist meeting after the successful one in 2013 and 2014.
The seven world-famous Buddhist leaders will personally offer a guide for the Zen meditation meetings for the benefit of the townsfolks who are spiritually tired of the worldly things and worries.
“No matter how well one might be versed in Zen mediation in theory,” disclosed Ven. Gaksan, “one might not be completely emancipated from worries of the secular world if one does not actually involve oneself in meditation.”

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