Ssangyong Motor’s global sales record 10,321 units in Jan. 2015
Ssangyong Motor’s global sales record 10,321 units in Jan. 2015
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Ssangyong Motor, part of the Mahindra Group, has recently announced that the company sold a total of 10,321 units in January 2015--6,817 units in domestic sales and 3,504 in exports.
This was a decline of 11.3% compared to the same month last year since the company strategically reduced the shipments to the Russian market in response to the Ruble fall, while its domestic sales increased thanks to the newly launched Tivoli sales.

In the domestic market, its sales exceeded 6,000 units, up 25.2% from the previous year helped by the Tivoli, which has led the compact SUV market since its launch.
The Tivoli, launched on 13 January, became a sensation emerging as a core model in the compact SUV segment with deliveries of 2,312 vehicles to customers and over 7,000 bookings at the end of January.
Ssangyong’s exports in January declined by 43.4% year-on-year as the company strategically reduced its shipments to Russia in response to the Ruble crisis.
Ssangyong is seeking solutions to overcome the Russian market crisis in all aspects. It includes strengthening exports to the other emerging markets and European markets, as well as making efforts to launch the Tivoli successfully in the global market. Furthermore, the company plans to expand and secure production volume of the Tivoli to meet increasing demand.
Meanwhile, Ssangyong, a prestige SUV maker will conduct various customer participation events such as test-drive programs during holidays and outdoor activities to increase brand awareness of the newly launched Tivoli.
Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, commented, “The customer preference for compact SUVs has been increasing globally,” adding, “We will expand sales by raising the productivity as we now have competitiveness in growing compact SUV market thanks to the Tivoli launch. (By Linda Yoon)

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