AFT exhibits FluClean fluidized bed cleaning system
AFT exhibits FluClean fluidized bed cleaning system
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At KOPLAS 2015

AFT ( recently announced that they will exhibit FluClean Fluidized Bed Cleaning System at KOPLAS 2015 at Kintex on March 10-14, 2015. The System can remove all kinds of organic contaminants from the parts. Here are excerpts from the details provided by the Company:


Fluidized bed means smooth movement of aluminum oxide particles by air with constant pressure like a stream of water. Because fluidized bed is always able to maintain a constant pressure and temperature, it can lead perfect cleaning results, and are a patented technology. FluClean has the following features:
Safety Cleaning: Easy operation gives the safety to operator
Perfect Cleaning: Completely free of polymer and carbon residues, even in very small capillaries
Green Cleaning: Eco-friendly technology with state-of-the-art Afterburner
Lowest Cleaning: Low operation & maintenance cost
FluClean Application
Synthetic fiber Industry: Spinnerets, Nozzles, Spinpacks, Spinpumps, Breaker Plate etc.
Plastic & Rubber Industry: Dies, Molds, Nozzles, Hot Runner, Valves, Pump & Pipes, etc.
Paint Industry: Hooks, Jigs, Gratings, Hangers, etc.
AFT has cooperated with domestic and international companies for more than 28 years and focusing on Fluidized Bed Cleaning System only. The company has supplied FluClean to domestic synthetic fiber, yarn, plastic industries, etc., and also has exported the products to Vietnam and China.
AFT has participated in national and international exhibitions every year. As a result, FluClean has become well-known to overseas market more than domestic one. And export ration has increased every year. At present, the Company has more than 10 international sales agents in Europe and Asian countries.
In addition, AFT is developing an exhaust gas purification system using a catalyst in cooperation with the Ajou University since 2013. Once this R&D is finished, new product will be expected to be launched in second half of the year.
For further details, call: 82-31-768-0741.

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