Ambassador Fen of Uzbekistan, Chairman Kim of KUBC open Korea-Uzbek business center in Incheon
Ambassador Fen of Uzbekistan, Chairman Kim of KUBC open Korea-Uzbek business center in Incheon
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With the attendance of many Korean, Uzbek dignitaries

“Close cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea is very important and introduction of the new technologies and cooperation in that area between the two countries is also very important for the benefit of the two countries,” said Ambassador Vitaliy Fen of Uzbekistan in Seoul on Nov. 9, 2018 at the opening of the Korea-Uzbekistan Business Center (KUBC) in Songdo, Incheon, xx miles east of Seoul. The Korea-Uzbek Business Center was located 35.8 miles east of Seoul.

Ambassador Vitaly Fen of Uzbekistan in Seoul delivers a congratulatory speech.

The opening ceremony was attended by many distinguished Korean, Uzbek and other dignitaries, who included, besides Ambassador Fen, Representative Kim Chang-kun of the KUBC, the vice governor of the State of Perghni of Uzbekistan, Director-General Kim Jin-yong of the Office of the Incheon Free Trade Zone and representatives of various business organizations working for both Korea and Uzbekistan.

Trade Representative Kim Chang-kun makes a congratulatory speech.

Following the presentation of the National Anthems of the two countries, Representative Kim (concurrently CEO of Ever-green Motors) gave an address which was followed by congratulatory addresses by Chairman Shin Myung-jin of Korea Importers Association and Chairman Kim Seung-dong of EurAsia 21.
Then there were traditional culture-art performances by the performing artists of the two countries.

Ambassador Fen and Representative Kim (fourth and fifth from left, respectively) poses with other dignitaries at the opening ceremony.

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