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Hite Jinro launches 35 different wine gift sets for Lunar New YearIncluding wines served at an Official Dinner at White House

Hite Jinro has launched a total of 35 different wine gift sets on the occasion of the Lunar New Year holidays. Wine gift sets comprised a variety of products ranging from ‘award-winning wine sets’ that received multiple awards in Korea and other countries to ‘Grand Vin sets’ and ‘limited edition sets’. Hite Jinro will sell 50,000 sets of wines, including single identical-label wine sets and multiple-label wine sets. Their prices span from 40,000 won to 300,000 won.
Award-winning wine sets include ‘Viu Manent’ series, which are cited as one of top 3 wines in Chile, and ‘Thorn Clarke, William Randell Shiraz’ that won the highest award at the International Wine Challenge (IWC). Among them, ‘Viu Manent’ wine sets are popular products with reasonable prices and guaranteed quality, receiving the largest number of awards in Europe, including France, and Japan.

▲Some of the Hite Jinro gift sets for Lunar New Year

The artist wine sets are proudly produced by the winery of Cantine Leonardo located in the home town of the prominent Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. And the White House wine sets are special wines that were served at official dinners held at the White House during the period of President George W. Bush of the United States.
Meanwhile, Hite Jinro will also introduce limited edition sets of ‘Grand Crus Classe’ of Medoc winery in France for wine enthusiasts. The company will sell 5 sets each of 60 different brands brewed in 2009, which are recognized as the best vintage in the 21st century, for 27 million won (approximately $24,800) per set, and 61 different brands brewed in 2011, the latest vintage, for 17.9 million won (approximately $16,450) per set. Hyundai Department Store will start receiving orders in advance on February 2, 2015, and it will provide service of delivering wines and installing an 80 bottle-capacity wine cellar to purchasers. (By Linda Yoon)

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