SECON 2015 to bring Asia's security leaders together
SECON 2015 to bring Asia's security leaders together
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Asia’s Security Industry to face dramatic changes

A large number of leading security companies in Asia will attend the International Security Exhibition and Conference 2015 (SECON 2015) SECON 2015 scheduled for March 18-20, 2015 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Seoul, where global trends and technologies will be presented. This was disclosed by SECON 2015 Organizing Committee Spokesman Sydney Suk at an interview with The Korea Post on Jan. 30, 2015.
Participating companies will exhibit existing and new security technologies from video security devices, entrance/exit control systems to biometric authentication solutions. The personal information protection tools are also covered as well as anti-terrorism equipment, AI traffic safety systems and IoT-related security solutions. They are there for user trial and experience.
The annual feast is backed up by central and local government bodies such as MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning), MOSPA(Ministry of Security and Public Administration), MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), Gyeonggi-do Council and so on, both in terms of administration and co-ordination of various seminars and conferences during the run of the event. Simply put, SECON 2015 will be a hot spot for information exchanges and clear path to up-to-date knowledge, with the most recent SECON 2014 as a proof.

SECON 2014 which was held in the first quarter of this year rewrote the history of SECON with the exhibitors like Samsung S1, ADTCaps, Samsung Techwin, LG Electronics, Kolong Benit, HIK Vision, Panasonic, Tyco, Kumahira, Gunnebo, Optex, Advantech, FLIR Systems, Artec Group and many more who all showed off their remarkable innovations. The year was also marked by Panasonic's world-first surveillance camera technology.
It is no surprise that both the exhibitors and the audience did not hesitate to express their satisfaction. They responded in the survey from the organizer as follows : 28% made a new deal; 20% saw their sales record rise; 17% said they had meetings with potential buyers; in the end, more than 85% assessed 'Very satisfied' or 'Satisfied'; and 53% submitted the application form for 2015's SECON before the event came to conclusion.
Some of the reasons for such high satisfaction include, as written by the respondents themselves: a chance to learn new trends and get to compare new technologies; enlightening seminars and conferences which illuminated social issues in the light of security; and shocking innovations and ideas.
The trend setting SECON in 2015 will also be crowded with 450 or so local and international enterprises over 900 booths who seek opportunities to advance into the socially expanding security market. The expected number of audience, calculated from the growth pattern over the past years, is 45,000.
A quick peek: S1's Comprehensive Security Solution including Smart Home System and Vehicle Control Management System called UVIS; ADTCaps' energy-saving and secure building management solution ADT Site Cube; and many more will be unveiled.
Another quick peek : cutting-edge, highly competitive security systems from entrance/exit control, building control to detection devices developed by multinational brands such as Samsung, LG Electronics, LG CNS, HID Global, Honeywell and Optex; the DVR market leader HIK Vision's DVR and NVR products; Panasonic's high-resolution network camera products; FLIR Systems' thermal cameras; and Gunnebo and Kumahira's newest entrance control systems.
The competition between the Korean brands and the international ones may also provide an interesting perspective, too, as the Korean companies are catching up with the international level and see the March event as a stepping stone towards the global market. Samsung Techwin strengthened their network camera line up with 3 Megapixel S302 series. The similar effort and results will be displayed by IDIS, 4NSYS, Cellinx System, Webgate, UDP, Win4net and HKCT.
The entrance/exit control system is also to be heated by competition. Gunnebo and Kumahira were the prominent leaders in this market, but the position is about to be threatened by Korean companies. Face recognition and iris scan technologies will be the two major categories in the field of biometric authentication.

Interesting case studies are ready, too. MOSPA's Civil Complaints Service, e-Government's Data Protection System and various information and security-related activities run by the local government of Gyeonggi-do are to be highlighted.
A total of 10 or so big and small conferences and seminars including 'e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2015' and 'e-Discovery Symposium' are also an important part of the 3-day-long event. For the first time in the history of SECON, 'IoT Security Hall of Experience' will be set up in which they get to actually handle IoT-related security devices and tools.
SECON 2015, which will mark the commencement of a new 'security year' invites all who would like to step ahead in the ever-evolving land of security where IoT, convergence and cyberspace security are on the rise.
Contact: Sydney Suk, Tel : +82-2-70-5031-5309, e-mail :

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