No corkage fridays at Taipan
No corkage fridays at Taipan
  • Kim Su-A
  • 승인 2019.01.21 17:20
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Taipan, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Chinese restaurant, will waive all corkage fees on Fridays at both lunch and dinner. Diners are invited to bring in their favourite bottles of wine to accompany their meal. Usually a corkage fee is charged, but on Fridays, the service will be offered for free.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience Chef Tiao Nai Hsing’s culinary expertise with the perfect wine pairing from your home collection.

Head Chef Tiao joined Taipan’s kitchen last September. He hails from both China and Korea, has had over 37 years of experience in the restaurant industry, including working at Baek Ni Hyang, an acclaimed Chinese restaurant at 63 Building for seven years, followed by 14 years working at Westin Chosun Hotel. Most recently, Chef Tiao was the Executive Chef at Dong Bo Seom (Gangnam branch), one of Korea’s highest rated Chinese restaurants.

Chef Tiao’s cooking ethos is one of sincerity, which he believes translates well to diners through his food. Chef Tiao works hard to create healthier dishes that aren’t heavy handed with salt, oil, and starch yet still maintain maximum flavour and enjoyment. Chef Tiao works hard to elevate the high standards of sauces and recipes in Taipan’s kitchen. He hopes that creating high quality dishes that diners will feel his sincerity and passion for Chinese cuisine at Taipan.

Taipan is renowned for its innovative cuisine that showcases the complex flavors of China with its extensive a la carte selection including seasonal delicacies. Taipan is set in a modern and elegant environment, and has private dining rooms that exemplify bright and undisturbed surroundings.

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